10 Amazing Facts About Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkies may be little, but these long-haired, toy dogs are full of vigor and confidence with a distinct air of self-importance. These pint-sized, playful pups are easily recognizable with their silky, long coats, and they are always ready for an adventure. Yorkshire Terriers are one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. This means they are usually classified as being a toy breed, although some kennel clubs call them companion dogs. Learn more about this toy breed in these 10 fun facts about Yorkshire Terriers!

Yorkies are one of the smallest dog breeds in the world

Do you know? Larger sizes of Yorkshire Terrier usually refer to medium to large sized breeds of toy dogs such as the Pomeranian and Bichon Frise. Trivia: The family name of the Pekingese is supposedly derived from the word “Yorkshire.” They look like little bears Yorkies are known for their expressive and loving personalities. They love to play and cuddle, and they have an undeniable affection for people. Since their long, silky coat keeps them warm, they love to curl up with their owners and enjoy life to the fullest. Yorkies can be mischievous Despite their adorable looks, these little pups sometimes like to get into mischief, such as chewing through cables or getting into trashcans. If they are not careful, they can cause damage and injuries.

Yorkies love to play

Being a toy breed means that Yorkshire Terriers can entertain themselves. They play outside and inside in the backyard or a cozy corner of your house. They love to be active and agile. For this reason, they are often mistaken for border collies, which are in fact, more active. The Yorkie is also known to play tug-of-war, fetch, or keep toys. These guys also enjoy riding in the car. Their small size often makes them feel as if they are the size of a pup! Yorkies are fun for families Yorkies may be little, but they are full of energy and zest. They are best suited for families who want a dog that can be active. They are great dogs for kids because they can easily climb on and hold them. They are playful and always on the lookout for new and exciting activities.

Yorkies are smart

Yorkies have large heads with rounded protuberances, short legs, and long, feathered tails. They are extremely smart. They’re known to be responsive to commands and to learn tricks quickly. Their intelligence, and their round, pointed faces, are what first makes a Yorkie appear as a little canine Charlie Chaplin. Yorkies are independent and resilient, and they enjoy helping out in the kitchen as much as playing with toys. Yorkshire Terriers have high levels of energy Because they are quite active dogs, Yorkshire Terriers need to be exercised regularly and maintained on a strict diet of high-quality food. With their good looks, smarts, and zest for life, these little dogs are highly sought-after.

They have gentle natures

In fact, these dogs are actually mild-mannered, easily-understood, and generally not a problem. Although they have very intelligent minds, they are also known to be very mellow and easy-going. They are the perfect family pet, and they know how to enjoy time together! They love to play Like most toy breeds, Yorkshire Terriers are playful, so they need exercise on a regular basis to keep them in good shape. They are known to be intelligent and adaptable and can easily adjust to new environments. They love to play! They love playing fetch In fact, this playful, muscular breed of dog is famous for being excellent at fetching and retrieving toys. These dogs are natural athletes, and this is what makes them the perfect walking companion!

They are always up for an adventure

Despite their diminutive size, Yorkies are full of vigor and confidence with a distinct air of self-importance. These pint-sized, playful pups are easily recognizable with their silky, long coats, and they are always ready for an adventure. They can easily survive in urban settings with their enthusiasm for life. They need lots of attention In addition to their sheer energy, a Yorkie also needs a lot of attention from their owner. These toy dogs have high expectations and they cannot settle down unless you shower them with affection. You should also provide plenty of toys, and Yorkies love them! In general, they are demanding, but they are cute and they can love you all day long! They can be noisy Don’t worry – this is a rare attribute for Yorkshire Terriers.

They have cute personalities

At first, Yorkies may appear very serious and interested in only their own needs. However, as they get to know you, they can be very playful and ready for an adventure. These little dogs love to snuggle up next to you when they’re getting comfortable, and they will do everything to keep you happy. Their big personalities will really shine when they are young. They have lots of personality People often think of Yorkies as a shy, reserved breed. This is probably the biggest misconception about these little dogs, especially because they have so many good qualities. The one thing you should know about them is that they are always eager to please. They are snuggly, loyal and quiet These dogs are so loving and sweet that people sometimes mistake them for lap dogs.

They are loyal

If you’ve ever owned a Yorkshire Terrier, then you know how devoted these dogs are to their families. They typically have a strong will and loyalty to them, and they show it by following their owners around all day long. They need a little company Yorkies aren’t good alone in their kennels. They need a little one on one attention so that they can feel safe and happy. You could even let them roam freely in the yard, as long as you’re sure they are not going to get into anything that could hurt them. These little dogs are content to sit on your lap all day long! They like their toys While you’re at it, you may as well buy them some toys for good measure! But don’t worry, they won’t try to chew them. They have a tough mouth, so they are less likely to do that, especially on softer toys.

They are playful

Yorkies may be small, but they are rarely shy. Many people think that the dogs are only interested in tug-of-war with their toys, but this is far from the truth! They also love to play fetch and will wiggle their adorable little bodies in excitement every time you throw the ball or toss a stick for them. Their love for food is almost frenzied Yorkies will be eager to grab anything that moves, including tasty treats. It’s not uncommon for a tiny pup to lose track of his dinner at times because he’s too busy concentrating on the delicious morsel in his mouth! They can be mischievous If they feel that you aren’t paying them enough attention, they will usually bark and prance around to get your attention.

They are courageous

Yorkshire Terriers are used to spending their days in open fields or on farms. If they’re not running around and chasing things, then they’re likely being fed, groomed, and pampered by their owners. What they don’t know won’t hurt them, right? The fact that they are so brave makes them a great choice for a pet for children. Many children who don’t have the disposition for a bigger dog find that they prefer a smaller Yorkshire Terrier because they can pet and love them and play with them without hurting them. They like to be social When compared to other toy breeds, such as poodles, Yorkshire Terriers are generally more playful and talkative. They are great with kids, and they can be very affectionate with other people.

They are trainable

Unlike some toy dogs, Yorkies are relatively easy to train. This means that they are great family dogs and friendly with people. They are also friendly with other breeds and can make great companions for small children and seniors. Read more about how to train your Yorkie in the following article. They are loyal and affectionate While Yorkies can be notoriously stubborn, they are always loyal and affectionate with their owners. They are excellent with children and adapt to anyone’s needs and quirks quite easily. They are also docile around their owners and always interested in physical activity and playtime. They’re strong and stubborn When they are not asleep, Yorkies are hard-working dogs who will do anything to please their owners.