10 Incredible Things About the Yorkie Poo

Yorkie Poo is among the most adorable crossbreeds that you’ll ever get.

These dogs with pedigrees are adored for their intelligent and boisterous temperament.

They’re tiny, cute, extremely cuddly, and they won’t shed dog hair on your sofa, car, or your clothes.


1.) A crossbreed between two breeds: a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle

Yorkiepoo is a designer dog that originated in America. The United States of America.

They are a crossbreed of two breeds: a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle preferred to be the Toy Poodle, which gives the dog its distinctive shorter height.

Yorkie poo has been bred over the past ten years, and they continue to be among the top designer dogs of people who live on their own or in families.


2.) Yorkie Poo’s height ranges between 6 and 15 inches

They weigh between 4 and 14 pounds which makes them light.

They are the ideal traveling companions.

They can also quickly adapt to a large family house in the suburbs or a small studio located in the center.


3.) Yorkie Poo can be around for between 10 and 12 years

The life span of Yorkie Poo is the same as that of the majority of designer dogs.

He is expected to live 10-12 years as long as he is taken care of properly.

He may even exceed the 15-year mark so long as he’s content and content.


4.) He hunts anything to practice

The Yorkiepoo may be small, but he’s a highly adventurous animal.

The idea comes from his parents, The Yorkshire Terrier, which was bred to hunt rodents in cotton mills.

The toy dog is recognized for its ability to hunt moderately and intelligently, which adds to the Yoodle’s charming personality.

Because of his curious and intelligent personality, the puppy mix needs many opportunities to develop his hunting abilities.

In other words, he’ll hunt any object for practice, even your remote, shoes, and, God forbid, your car keys.

It’s easy to provide him with plenty of fun. Yorkiepoo is a highly self-sufficient animal.

Get him out of the home, and he’ll be hunting independently.

This could help to let go of some of the stored energy that is stored in him.

Regarding social skills, Yorkiepoos are very human-friendly.

They are a delight to cuddle or find a person to play with.

They do not discriminate and will be happy to welcome anyone so long as they’re an innocent guest in your home.

However, you must be cautious about leaving him with your infant.

A portion of his hunt requires biting, and he might be a bit exuberant and bite your child.

Yorkie doodles are not suitable for children who are from 5-10 years old.

As they get older, children can be very adventurous too, which could be dangerous for the puppy.

The dog might break bones if he accidentally dropped in the course of play.


5.) Yorkipoos are straightforward to train

Because of their ability to learn, Yorkipoos are simple to handle.

They can quickly grasp commands, be it during the toilet, being a good host when guests are present, or discerning the time for playtime to end.

Yet, Yorkie doodles are very independent animals, which makes them somewhat stubborn during training.

The most effective method of training to train a YorkiePoo puppy is to train it by being patient and a lot of praises.

Be persistent and don’t scold or even physically discipline him physically.

It can hurt his self-esteem, and he will be able to retreat from his own quickly.

Reward him with a pet snack after every command you give him, and he’ll always enjoy the training sessions.


6) Exercise can help in the Yorkiepoo’s stimulation of the mind.

Playtime is the best option you can choose. Find him a toy to play with or to chase when he’s in them at home.

In the morning or the evening, go out with him to chase squirrels around trees.

Regular exercise also aids in stimulating the brain of the Yorkiepoo.

He loves it when he’s out looking for and chasing small animals.

The skills he has acquired in hunting may help pest control; however, it can help keep his mind healthy and his spirit content.


7) If you exercise regularly and exercise, the Yorkie Poo will live a healthy and active life.

But, there are questions about his health that you should know about.

One of these concerns his oral health. yorkiepoos have delicate teeth, which can pick up tartar very quickly.

Yorkiepoos are also prone to ear infections due to small ear canals, which are covered in fur.

A few pups might be born with malformations of the hind legs that can influence their life as an adult.

However, there is an answer to the problems.

First, make sure your dog is eating the proper diet of hard and healthy foods that is healthy to their dental health.

Also, it would help if you started brushing your teeth when the Yorkie is a pup, so they can get used to it once they reach the age of full maturity.

Regularly bathing and cleaning the ears can aid in keeping ear infections at bay.

Limb malformations are usually corrected through surgery.

Make sure to take your little one for regular checks at a vet clinic to ensure their limbs’ healthy and robust development.

The earlier a limb issue is identified, the more quickly it will be fixed.


8.) Feed him once every day

How much food your Yorkie Poo eats will depend on factors such as his size, age, metabolism, and activity.

One cup of food of good quality every day is enough to keep your pup well.

Divide the cup into two portions so that he can eat each day and in the evening.

During the day, you can give him small dog treats to keep him full of energy.


9.) Yorkie poo hair is generally soft and wavy.

It may also turn hairy if it is not properly groomed.

Regularly brushing his coat helps to prevent hair tangles.

Take care to remove hair from your eyes and ears to reduce irritation.

Trimming is also an excellent option to ensure that his ears and eyes are hairless.

Nail trimming is a crucial part of the Yorkie Poo grooming.

Also, get him a manicure every month or once to keep his nails neat and healthy.

Nail trimming is best taught as a puppy since, like other dogs, they can be sensitive about their feet.


10.) Yorkie Poodle Mix does not shed hair as much.

In reality, you may believe that they don’t shed any hair.

That’s why they make the most effective co-drivers and are at peace with grandpa since they are hypoallergenic dogs.

The coat of your Yorkie will collect filth and pet waste if you don’t wash or clean it frequently.


10 Incredible Things You Can Learn About Yorkie Poo
10 Incredible Things You Can Learn About Yorkie Poo