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Unleash Creativity: Top 100 Yorkie Dog Names for Your Furry Friend!

100 Yorkie Dog Names

Deciding on a name for your new Yorkie pup can be quite challenging. These tiny, adorable dogs are full of personality and deserve a name that fits them just right. This article is chock-full of exciting and unique Yorkie names to suit every personality type imaginable, from sweet and traditional monikers to those inspired by famous Yorkies in pop culture.

Get ready; the paw-fect name for your Yorkshire Terrier awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • This article provides a list of popular names for female and male Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies.
  • Some popular names for female Yorkies include Luna, Bella, Koda, Sadie, Stella, Lucy, Blue, and Daisy.
  • Popular names for male Yorkies include Buster, Bruno, Leo, Bub, Fudge,Toto,
  • The article also includes unique Yorkie names like Tracker,King,Humphrey,
  • Pop culture – inspired names such as Mickey,Buddy ,Jack,Jasmine and Jasper are also mentioned in the article.


Top Yorkie Names for Female Yorkshire Terriers

Here are some top names for female Yorkshire Terriers: Luna, Bella, Koda, Sadie, Stella, Lucy, Blue, and Daisy.


Luna is a name that stands out among top names for female Yorkies. It’s trendy and loved by many owners. The name Luna brings images of the night sky, making it special and unique.

This choice is in the top five for Yorkie names. Many find Luna stylish and different – a perfect fit for their pet.


Bella is not just a common name. It ranks high among top names for female Yorkshire Terriers. Many Yorkie owners love this name. You might know a few other dogs named Bella too.

The name Bella often appears in lists of popular girl dog names, especially for Yorkies. Along with Luna, Koda, Sadie, Stella, Lucy, Blue and Daisy – Bella stands out. It’s easy to say and has a lovely tone that fits well with the sweet nature of these small dogs.


Koda is a top pick for female Yorkie names. It’s on many lists for cute Yorkie names. In fact, Koda showed up in the top 10 list of female Yorkie names. With over 215+ choices, Koda stood out among others like Joni Mitchell, Chloe, Pip, Missy, Zoe, Liv and Izzy.

This name has charm and feels just right for a tiny pup with a big heart! Who can resist calling a cute little dog like a Yorkie by this sweet name?.


Sadie is one of the top female Yorkie names. It is mentioned in a list of over 1000 boy and girl names for Yorkshire TerriersLuna, Bella, Koda, Stella, Lucy, Blue, and Daisy are other popular female Yorkie names.

Sadie is particularly associated with female Yorkshire Terriers, showing that it’s a popular choice among owners of this breed.


Stella is one of the top Yorkie names for female Yorkshire Terriers. It’s a fashionable and classy name that suits the image of these adorable little dogs. Stella stands out as a unique choice among the 100 Yorkie dog names mentioned in the article.

Alongside other popular female dog names like Joni Mitchell, Bella, Chloe, Pip, Missy, Zoe, Liv, and Izzy, Stella adds a touch of elegance to any Yorkie’s name.


Lucy is a popular name for female Yorkshire Terriers. It is one of the top choices among Yorkie owners, according to national data. Lucy is considered to be fashionable and classy, making it a perfect fit for this small and elegant breed.

If you’re looking for a cute and stylish name for your female Yorkie, Lucy can be a great option to consider.

In conclusion, Lucy is a well-liked name that reflects the charm and sophistication of Yorkies. Consider adding this trendy and timeless name to your list of potential options when choosing the perfect name for your furry friend.


Blue is a popular name choice for female Yorkshire Terriers. In fact, it is considered one of the top names for this breed. While the article does not provide any specific information linking the color blue to female Yorkie names, it is included in a list of the top 130 Yorkie names.

The name Blue brings to mind images of calmness and serenity, which may be why it appeals to many Yorkie owners. Other similar names that evoke tranquility include Sapphire, Sky, Navy, Indigo, Cobalt, Azure, Cerulean, Turquoise, Denim and Periwinkle.


Daisy is a popular name for female Yorkshire Terriers. It is considered fashionable and classy, making it a great choice for your Yorkie. Compared to other popular names, Daisy may be seen as unique.

If you’re looking for a suitable name that is both trendy and timeless, Daisy could be the perfect fit for your female Yorkie.

Top Yorkie Names for Male Yorkshire Terriers

Here are some popular names for male Yorkshire Terriers.


“Buster” is a popular choice for male Yorkshire Terriers. It’s a strong and masculine name that many Yorkie owners gravitate towards when choosing a name for their furry friend. Alongside “Buster,” another popular name option for male Yorkies is “Bruno.” These names suggest that owners are looking for powerful and assertive names to match the personality of their Yorkshire Terrier.

If you’re considering getting a male Yorkie, “Buster” might be a great choice to give your new pup an energetic and confident identity.


Bruno is one of the top names for male Yorkshire Terriers, according to various articles on, Daily Paws, and PetHelpful. This name is considered suitable for a male Yorkie and is included in lists alongside other popular choices like Buster, Leo, Fudge, Toto, Archie, Nacho, Bruiser, Ajax, Dink, Tom Tom and Cookie.

The American Kennel Club’s list of most popular boy dog names also includes Bruno.


Leo is a popular choice when it comes to naming male Yorkshire Terriers. It is considered a cute and catchy name for these adorable dogs. Leo is part of a list that features over 200 names for Yorkies, showcasing its popularity among pet owners.

Along with other popular options like Buster, Bruno, Fudge, and Toto, Leo stands out as an appealing name choice for male Yorkies. It also falls under the category of unique and exotic names, making it distinct from more common choices.


Bub is one of the suggested names for male Yorkshire Terriers in the article. It is part of a list that includes over 215 names for Yorkies, along with options like Buster, Bruno, Leo, Fudge, Toto, Archie, and Nacho.

The article does not mention whether Bub is specifically a name for male or female Yorkies. However, it provides various categories of names such as popular names inspired by pop culture and unique names.

Although there are no further details about Bub in the article or specific data related to it.


“Fudge” is a sweet and popular name for male Yorkshire Terriers. It is included in the list of top Yorkie names for male dogs. This name is cute, just like your adorable Yorkie puppy.

“Fudge” is also considered unique and exotic, making it a standout choice for your furry friend. If you’re looking for a chocolate-inspired name, “Fudge” fits perfectly with its connection to the delicious dessert.

So, if you want a name that reflects sweetness and charm, consider naming your male Yorkie “Fudge.”.


Toto is one of the top names for male Yorkshire Terriers. This cute and sassy name choice is inspired by the fictional dog in L. Frank Baum’s Oz series. Many people choose Toto for their Yorkies because of its association with the famous fictional dog.

It adds a fun and playful touch to their pet’s personality, making it a popular choice among Yorkie owners.


Archie is one of the top Yorkie names for male Yorkshire Terriers. This cute and sassy name is popular among Yorkie owners. Along with Archie, other favorite male Yorkie names include Leo, Buster, Bruno, Tito, and Harry.

When choosing a name for your Yorkie puppy, there are plenty of options to consider. The process of naming a Yorkie can be fun and creative!


If you’re looking for a top Yorkie name for your male Yorkshire Terrier, consider “Nacho.” It’s a cute and catchy name that could suit your little pup perfectly. In fact, there are over 215 names to choose from in the list of top Yorkie names, so you’re sure to find something that fits your furry friend’s personality.

And if you want more options, there are also separate lists of cute Yorkie names and unique Yorkie names to explore. So go ahead and give Nacho a try or check out the American Kennel Club Name Finder for even more ideas.

Unique Yorkie Names

Some unique Yorkie names to consider are Tracker, King, Humphrey, Frankie, Benji, Chester, and Jake.


If you’re looking for a unique Yorkie name, consider “Tracker.” It’s a cool and distinctive name that will make your Yorkshire Terrier stand out. Don’t worry about it being too complicated or long; shorter names are easier for training and recognition.

And did you know that Yorkies have a coat texture similar to human hair? That’s just one of the fascinating characteristics of this adorable toy breed. So why not choose “Tracker” as the perfect pet name for your Yorkie?.


When it comes to unique Yorkie names, King is a popular choice. While it may not be mentioned in the content provided, King can be a strong and regal name for your Yorkshire Terrier.

It showcases their confident personality and commanding presence. Choosing a unique name like King can make your dog stand out from the crowd and reflect their special qualities. So, if you’re looking for a distinctive name that embodies strength and power, consider naming your Yorkie King!


Humphrey is a unique and popular name for male Yorkshire Terriers. It is recommended for dogs with a sparky personality. Many articles include Humphrey in their lists of cute and sassy names for Yorkies.

This name can be a great choice if you’re looking for something different and memorable for your little pup!


Frankie represents the section of unique Yorkie names in this article. If you’re looking for something different, Frankie suggests names like Swindle, Huggie, Nivea, Professor Von Puppenheimer, and Peppermint Patty.

These unique names can make your Yorkshire Terrier stand out from the rest! Remember to choose a name that fits your Yorkie’s personality and appearance while also considering their breed and heritage for inspiration.

Avoid long or complicated names for easier training and recognition. With these tips in mind, you’ll find the perfect unique name for your adorable Yorkie companion.


Benji is a popular and unique name for male Yorkshire Terriers. It is listed among the “Top 130 Yorkie Names” according to national data. Benji is considered a cute and sassy name that can be used for both male and female Yorkies, making it a gender-neutral option.

So if you’re looking for an adorable and catchy name for your Yorkie, consider naming them Benji!


“Chester” is a unique and creative name option for male Yorkshire Terriers. It is listed among the top 130 Yorkie names in this article. If you’re looking for a trendy and uncommon name for your male Yorkie, “Chester” could be a great choice.


Jake is one of the top 130 Yorkie names for male Yorkshire Terrier puppies. If you’re looking for a cute and unique name for your tiny terrier, Jake is a great option to consider. Alongside other names like Benji, Chester, Admiral, Prancer, and Jogger, Jake stands out as an adorable choice that will suit your Yorkie perfectly.

With its short and simple sound, Jake is easy to say and remember, making it ideal for training and recognition. So if you’re searching for the perfect name for your male Yorkie puppy, give Jake some serious consideration!

Popular Yorkie Names Inspired by Pop Culture

Popular Yorkie names inspired by pop culture include Mickey, Buddy, Jack, Jasmine, and Jasper. Find out more creative and unique names for your furry friend!


Mickey is a popular name for Yorkies inspired by pop culture. In the article, there is a list of 100 Yorkie dog names that are influenced by characters from Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast and Moana.

The Rover name database was used to find the top Yorkie names, including Mickey. Another popular male Yorkie name mentioned in the article is Rocky, which can be associated with either a Yorkie or a Jack Russell Terrier.

So if you’re looking for a fun and recognizable pop culture name for your Yorkie, Mickey might be just right!


Buddy is one of the popular Yorkie names inspired by pop culture. It is a name that reflects the friendly and loyal nature of Yorkshire Terriers. Many people choose Buddy as a name for their male Yorkies because it captures the essence of a pal, companion, or sidekick.

This name is fitting for your furry film critic who loves to be by your side and keep you company throughout the day. With over 100 pop culture dog names to choose from, including book-inspired names like Buddy, there are plenty of options to find the perfect name for your Yorkie buddy.


Jack is a popular name for Yorkies inspired by pop culture. It’s a short and easy-to-remember name that many people love. Jack can be a great choice if you want to give your Yorkshire Terrier a cool and trendy name.

Plus, it has a strong and masculine sound to it, making it perfect for male Yorkies. So, if you’re looking for a popular and catchy name for your furry friend, consider naming him Jack!


Jasmine is one of the popular Yorkie names inspired by pop culture. This name draws inspiration from Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast and Moana. Choosing a name from pop culture can be a fun way to give your Yorkie a unique and recognizable identity.

With its association to beloved characters and stories, naming your Yorkie Jasmine could bring joy to both you and your furry friend.


Jasper is a popular name for male Yorkshire Terriers, especially those with Greek origins like the Cretan. The name Jasper has its roots in Greece and is also common in England. People who choose Jasper as a name for their pet believe that it represents bravery, determination, and resilience.

If you have a male Yorkie and want to give him a strong and meaningful name, Jasper could be the perfect choice.

Names for Famous Yorkies

Celebrate the legacy of famous Yorkies like Toto and Bruiser with these iconic names for your furry friend.

Toto (from The Wizard of Oz)

Toto is a famous and beloved fictional dog character from L. Frank Baum’s Oz series and the 1939 film adaptation of “The Wizard of Oz.” In the original books, Toto’s breed is not mentioned, but in the movie, he was portrayed by a Cairn Terrier named Terry.

Although some sources speculate that Toto may have been a Yorkie, there is no definitive answer. Toto’s presence in the story adds realism and emotional attachment as Dorothy’s loyal and supportive companion throughout her adventures in Oz.

Bruiser (from Legally Blonde)

Bruiser, a beloved canine actorplayed the role of Elle Woods’ loyal companion in the film “Legally Blonde.” Best known for his role alongside Reese Witherspoon, Bruiser always stayed by Elle’s side throughout the movie.

Sadly, Moonie, the Chihuahua who portrayed Bruiser in the film, passed away on March 10, 2016. This iconic character holds a special place in many people’s hearts and is remembered as an important part of the “Legally Blonde” movies.

Boomer (from The Truman Show)

Boomer, from The Truman Show, is a famous Yorkie name that many owners choose as a tribute to the character. Boomer is a supporting character in the movie and is portrayed as a loyal and friendly Yorkshire Terrier.

The enduring popularity of The Truman Show and the character of Boomer may influence why this name is popular among Yorkie owners.

Max (from The Secret Life of Pets)

Max, from the movies “The Secret Life of Pets” and “The Secret Life of Pets 2,” is a beloved Jack Russell terrier character. In the films, Max portrays the loyalty and affection that these dogs are known for.

He is a neurotic and scruffy terrier mix who captures the hearts of audiences. Jack Russell Terriers originated in England in the 19th century and have become popular pets worldwide.

With their energetic nature and love for human companionship, they make great family pets.

Winston (from New Girl)

Winston, from the TV show “New Girl,” is associated with names for famous Yorkies. In the show, Winston’s cat has a name that could be used as inspiration for naming your own Yorkie.

So if you’re a fan of “New Girl” and looking for a unique and popular name for your furry friend, consider choosing a name that Winston would approve of!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Yorkie Name

Consider their personality and appearance, think about your own interests and favorite things, try out different names with your Yorkie to see what they respond to, consider their breed and heritage for name inspiration, and avoid long or complicated names for easier training and recognition.

Find the perfect name that suits your furry friend!

Consider their personality and appearance

When choosing a name for your Yorkshire Terrier, it’s important to consider their personality and appearance. Yorkshire Terriers are known for their big personalities, so you may want to choose a name that reflects their spunky nature.

Additionally, the breed standard emphasizes their confidence and courage, so you can look for names that capture these qualities as well. Take a look at your Yorkie’s unique characteristics – funny or tiny names might be fitting if they have a playful or small stature.

By considering both their personality and appearance, you can find the perfect name that suits your furry friend.

Think about your own interests and favorite things

Consider what you like and enjoy when choosing a name for your Yorkshire Terrier. Your personal interests and favorite things can be a good source of inspiration. By picking a name that reflects your lifestyle or something you love, you can create a special bond with your furry friend.

It’s important to choose a name that is easy to say and understand for both you and your dog. This will make it easier for them to learn their name and respond to commands. So, think about what makes you happy and incorporate that into finding the perfect Yorkie name!

Try out different names with your Yorkie to see what they respond to

Experimenting with different names for your Yorkie can be an exciting and fun process. By trying out various names, you can see which ones your furry friend responds to the most. This not only helps you find the perfect name but also creates a stronger bond between you and your Yorkie.

Keep in mind that you have the option to change their name if desired, although there may be a small fee associated with it. So go ahead and explore different names to discover the best fit for your beloved Yorkie companion!

Consider their breed and heritage for name inspiration

When naming your Yorkie, it’s important to consider their breed and heritage for name inspiration. The Yorkshire Terrier has a rich background and history, so choosing a name that reflects their breed characteristics can be meaningful.

You can explore the origins of the Yorkshire Terrier and look for names that have significance or connections to their heritage. Additionally, connecting with AKC Breed Clubs and AKC Rescue Network can provide opportunities to learn more about the breed and engage with other Yorkie owners in your local community.

Taking into account your Yorkie’s breed and heritage when selecting a name will not only give them a unique identity but also honor their background.

Avoid long or complicated names for easier training and recognition.

Choosing a short and simple name for your Yorkie is important for easier training and recognition. Long or complicated names can confuse your dog and make it harder for them to understand and respond to commands.

By using easy-to-remember names, your Yorkie will be able to quickly recognize their name in different situations. This will make training much simpler and more effective, allowing you to easily communicate with your furry friend.

So, when choosing a name for your Yorkie, keep it short, simple, and easy for both you and your dog to remember!


1. What are some popular Yorkie dog names?

Some popular Yorkie dog names include Max, Bella, Lucy, Charlie, and Daisy.

2. Can I choose any of the 100 Yorkie dog names for my own dog?

Yes, you can choose any of the 100 Yorkie dog names for your own dog. It’s all a matter of personal preference!

3. Are there specific male or female Yorkie names in the list?

Yes, the list includes both male and female Yorkie names to suit different genders.

4. Are these suggested Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) specific or can they be used for other breeds as well?

While these names are suggested specifically for Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies), they can also be used for other small breed dogs if you like them!

5. Where can I find the full list of 100 Yorkie dog names?

To find the full list of 100 Yorkie dog names, you can visit our website [insert website link] or refer to our article titled “100 Yorkie Dog Names”.