4 Costs to Think about before Buying a Teacup Yorkie


Teacup Yorkshire Terriers are a sought-after and sought-after breed these days. Unexperienced pet owners might think that smaller dogs are less expensive to care for than a larger breed.

However, since these small breeds are designed to be small and are usually the youngest of litters, they may be more fragile than regular Yorkies.

Before you decide to go on the road to becoming a teacup Yorkie owner, ensure that you have the funds to pay for all the attention your dog will require during its lifetime.


Here are a few costs that come with owning a Teacup Yorkie.

Purchase Price

The price of buying teacup Yorkie is a reflection of their popularity and the difficulties to breed them. But, the variance in cost is enormous.

The price of a teacup Yorkie puppy could cost anything from a few hundred bucks to $2,000.

If you’re buying at the low end or below $500, then you need to be wary of scams, illegal breeders, as well as any potential health problems the puppy might be suffering from.

If you see an ad for the free teacup Yorkie, however, you must be highly cautious.

They are not often offered, and you could lose more money in costs for adoption or vet bills than you could have to buy a healthy puppy from a trusted breeder.


Puppy Training Classes

Since teacup Yorkies are tiny but typically have prominent, loud personalities, it’s crucial to allow them to socialize with other pets.

This can prevent dog fights, which can cause a loss to the teacup Yorkie their life. However, you will need to shell out 40-125 dollars for group puppy classes in most places.

After you’ve finished introducing your puppy through fundamental classes, you might need to invest in some additional private lessons at your house for $30 and $100 per hour.

These classes can aid your puppy in learning to avoid places where they could be injured. Complete obedience classes aren’t typically required to teacup Yorkies.


Vet Bills

As with all dogs, it is expected to pay for your annual appointments to the veterinarian. The typical cost for an appointment will be $50.

However, the teacup Yorkies are thought to be at greater risk of developing certain illnesses and diseases that could quickly raise the cost of your vet visit.

Teacup Yorkies on the smaller end could have an atrophied trachea throughout their puppy period. You might need to purchase an appropriate collar to assist in supporting their neck.

As people age, they’re at risk of developing osteoporosis and hip dysplasia, requiring surgery or urgent care.

Micro breeds can also suffer from nutritional deficiencies and hypoglycemia. This may require medication or, at minimum, a specific dog food, which will add to the costs of owning a pet.



Yorkies are a breed with long hair. Their hair proliferates and requires to be trimmed regularly; otherwise, it could become knotted and tangled.

While taking care of the teacup, Yorkie at home is feasible, but some owners prefer taking their dogs to an appointment with a groomer every other week.

You will also have to cut your Yorkie’s toenails or take them to the groomer, or some veterinarians will do this if you ask them.

A regular visit to the groomer’s shop can add up the expense of owning a pet.

In general, the annual cost of a dog is estimated at around $695.

But, with the teacup Yorkie, you might realize that your expenses are just only a few hundred dollars higher than the typical cost.

Plus, you’ll need to have some money to cover any health emergencies.

Although the teacup Yorkie is a joy for its owners, it is essential to ensure that you can afford it without stressing your finances before your purchase.


4 Costs to Think about before Purchasing a Teacup Yorkie
4 Costs to Think about before Purchasing a Teacup Yorkie