9 Korean Jindo Dog Breed Facts Revealed and Questions Answered


Korean Jindo Dog Breed


# 1. Jindo Dog Description

Numerous centuries earlier, the Korean Jindo was reproduced in South Korea to hunt badgers, bunnies, deer and swine.

Safeguarded by the Korean law, this type is thought about a nationwide landmark and is the most popular type in Korea..

Up till the early 1980s, the Korean Jindo was almost unidentified outside his homeland.

Jindos are still incredibly uncommon as the Korean federal government strictly controls the export of these animals.


# 2. Jindo Dog Estimates.

Height: 18-22 inches.

Weight: 33-51 pounds.

Life expectancy: 12-15 years.


# 3. Jindo Dog Characteristics.

The Korean Jindo is a spitz-type type..

This pet is a medium-sized, independent, rather active and cautious..

The Korean Jindo is really smart and especially brave, even careless, that makes him an ideal hunter..

Jindos are intuitively protective and have extremely high victim drive. Equivalent Breed: Shiba Inu, Akita.


# 4. Jindo Dog Character.

Since the independent nature of these pets and their strong will makes them especially hard to deal with, korean Jindos are not ideal for unskilled pet breeders.

This pet dog is defined by amazing commitment and dedication to his owner and household..

Jindo’s are mild, caring and friendly..

They are outstanding guard dogs that will battle to the end to secure their love ones..

Canines of this type are excellent with older kids and pets with whom they matured..

Due to their exceptionally strong searching impulse, Jindos have the urge to go after little animals such as bunnies and hamsters..

His habits can end up being damaging if the Korean Jindo feels overlooked.


# 5. Jindo Dog Coat and Care.

The Korean Jindo is covered with a two-layered coat..

The external layer is straight, fairly stiff and more plentiful around the canine’s neck and chest.

Listed below, there is a soft and thick undercoat, well supported by the protective homes of the external layer.

The coat of the Jindo can be found in white, yellow, red, white and red, tan, tan and white, black, black and tan, and brindle..

This type sheds intensively two times a year. In order to reduce the loss of the excess hair, it is advised to routinely clean your canine with a stiff brush.

Throughout the shedding season, comprehensive grooming is a must..

Throughout this duration, you can even shower your Jindo, by setting up warm baths.


# 6. Jindo Dog Health Problems.

The Korean Jindo is usually healthy canine type, however like all types, they can be susceptible to hypothyroidism..

The Korean Jindo has a life span of 12 to 15 years.


# 7. Jindo Dog Weight and Height.

The male Korean Jindo pet type’s height is around 18– 22 inches and weighs around 40 and 51 pounds.

Female Korean Jindo pets can reach a size from 18– 20 inches and weighs in between 33 and 42 pounds.


# 8. Jindo Training.

Considering that this is a very loyal pet dog, the Korean Jindo is most likely to find out individually to appreciate your home guidelines..

Socializing at young age and obedience training ought to be based upon regard, fairness, consistency and firmness. Appropriate mentor techniques are vital.


# 9. Jindo Activity.

The Korean Jindo is not ideal for keeping in a city apartment or condo. For correct advancement, this canine needs a well fenced, large lawn.

Korean Jindo requires day-to-day strolls on a protected leash.

The Jindo should be muzzled if you stroll your animal in locations where there are little kids.


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