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Last Updated on February 17, 2024 by Scott Lipe

Imagine the playful energy of an American Eskimo dog mingling with the elegance of a Chinese Crested. This unique mix results in a delightful hybrid with a friendly temperament that captures hearts with its charm and distinct characteristics. The American Eskimo x Chinese Crested blend combines the intelligence and agility of both breeds, creating a companion that is not only visually striking but also full of personality. By understanding the historical context behind these two breeds, we gain insight into what makes this crossbreed so special and beloved by many pet enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways

  • When considering an American Eskimo x Chinese Crested mix, remember that their temperament can vary based on the individual dog’s genetic makeup from both parent breeds.
  • These mixed breed dogs are likely to be small to medium in size, inheriting traits from both the American Eskimo and Chinese Crested in terms of weight and height.
  • Training an American Eskimo x Chinese Crested mix will require patience and consistency due to their intelligence and sometimes stubborn nature.
  • Regular exercise and mental stimulation are crucial for keeping these mixed breed dogs happy and healthy, as they tend to be playful and energetic.
  • Grooming needs for an American Eskimo x Chinese Crested mix may vary, but be prepared for potential allergies especially if the dog inherits the Chinese Crested’s hairless traits.
  • When considering adoption, it’s essential to research reputable breeders or rescue organizations to ensure the health and well-being of the mixed breed puppy or dog.

Breed Overview


American Eskimo and Chinese Crested have different origins. The American Eskimo breed hails from Germany, while the Chinese Crested breed has its roots in China. These two breeds boast distinct histories and backgrounds, shaping their characteristics and temperaments. The American Eskimo’s German heritage influences its traits, just as the Chinese Crested’s Chinese lineage impacts its behavior.

The unique origins of these breeds contribute to their diversity and individuality. For instance, the American Eskimo’s German ancestry might influence its protective instincts or intelligence levels compared to the Chinese Crested with more diverse genetic traits.


Both American Eskimo and Chinese Crested are beloved dog breeds among enthusiasts worldwide. While the American Eskimo enjoys significant popularity in the United States due to its charming appearance and loyal nature, the Chinese Crested has garnered a global fan base for being distinctive-looking dogs with engaging personalities.

The popularity of these two breeds extends beyond borders thanks to their captivating features that draw in dog lovers from various regions around the world. The American Eskimo may attract those seeking an affectionate companion with a striking white coat, while the Chinese Crested appeals to individuals looking for a unique pet with either a hairless or powderpuff appearance.

Size and Weight Comparison

American Eskimo

American Eskimos are known for their moderate learning curve in training, excelling in obedience exercises. Consistency and positive reinforcement techniques are key to effectively train them. These dogs quickly grasp various commands, making them ideal for obedience training.

Chinese Crested

Chinese Cresteds also have a moderate learning curve but can be stubborn at times during training sessions. Patience and positive reinforcement play crucial roles in successfully training these dogs. They may need extra socialization to overcome shyness or fearfulness tendencies.

When comparing the average height of American Eskimos and Chinese Cresteds, there is a noticeable difference between the two breeds. American Eskimos typically stand around 19-20 inches tall at the shoulder, while Chinese Cresteds are generally smaller with an average height of 11-13 inches.

  • Pros:

  • American Eskimos excel in obedience training.

  • Positive reinforcement methods work effectively for both breeds.

  • Chinese Cresteds can adapt well with proper socialization.

  • Cons:

  • Both breeds may exhibit stubbornness during training.

  • Additional patience might be required when working with Chinese Cresteds.

In terms of weight comparison, American Eskimos tend to weigh between 18-35 pounds on average, whereas Chinese Cresteds are lighter weighing approximately 8-12 pounds when fully grown.

  1. To properly train your American Eskimo:

  2. Use consistent commands during obedience sessions.

  3. Implement positive reinforcement techniques like treats or praise.

  4. When training your Chinese Crested:

  5. Be patient and persistent as they may show resistance initially.

  6. Provide ample socialization opportunities to build confidence in them.

Considering both size and weight differences along with their unique temperaments, including the average, will help prospective dog owners choose the breed that best fits their lifestyle needs and preferences.

Temperament and Personality

American Eskimo

The American Eskimo is known for being intelligent, alert, and friendly. They are loyal companions that thrive on human interaction. This breed is typically affectionate towards their family members and enjoys being involved in various activities with them. However, they can be wary of strangers due to their protective nature.

One of the key characteristics of the American Eskimo is its playful demeanor. They enjoy playtime and mental stimulation, making them an excellent choice for families with active lifestyles or those looking for a lively pet. This breed tends to be vocal, often barking to communicate or alert their owners.

Chinese Crested

On the other hand, the Chinese Crested is known for its affectionate and lively personality. This breed thrives on attention from their owners and loves being the center of attraction. Despite their small size, they have big personalities filled with charm and energy.

Unlike some breeds that are more reserved around strangers, the Chinese Crested tends to be outgoing and social. Their friendly nature makes them great companions in various social settings where they can interact with different people comfortably. Moreover, these dogs are known for their entertaining antics which can bring joy to those around them.

Trainability and Intelligence

Learning Curve

Both American Eskimos and Chinese Cresteds have a moderate learning curve. To effectively train them, consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are crucial. Understanding their unique personalities is essential for adapting training methods successfully. For instance, if your American Eskimo is more independent, you may need to adjust your approach compared to a Chinese Crested that craves attention.

Obedience Training

. They excel in learning complex commands and tasks due to their intelligence. Consistent training sessions coupled with positive reinforcement yield the best results when training an American Eskimo or a crossbreed like an American Eskimo x Chinese Crested.

Activity and Playfulness

Energy Levels

American Eskimo dogs are known for their high energy levels, requiring regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. On the other hand, Chinese Cresteds have lower energy levels compared to American Eskimos. Understanding these differences is crucial in providing appropriate physical activities for each breed.

For instance, taking your American Eskimo on long walks or engaging them in agility training can help burn off their excess energy effectively. Conversely, Chinese Cresteds may prefer shorter walks or gentle play sessions due to their lower activity requirements.

Tailoring exercise routines based on the specific needs of each breed is essential for maintaining their overall well-being. By recognizing that American Eskimos thrive on more vigorous activities while Chinese Cresteds enjoy calmer exercises, you can ensure that both breeds remain physically fit and mentally stimulated.

Exercise Needs

American Eskimos need daily physical activity to keep them engaged both mentally and physically. This could include activities like running, hiking, or playing fetch in a spacious area.

Conversely, Chinese Cresteds have lower exercise requirements but still benefit from regular walks or interactive playtime sessions with toys. Even though they may not need as much physical stimulation as American Eskimos, ensuring they get enough exercise is vital for their health and happiness.

Adapting the intensity and duration of exercises according to the energy levels of each breed is key in meeting their specific needs. Whether it’s a high-energy game of frisbee for an American Eskimo or a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood for a Chinese Crested, tailoring workouts accordingly ensures that both breeds receive adequate physical activity without being overwhelmed.

Adaptability and Living Conditions

Space Requirements

American Eskimo x Chinese Crested mixes inherit a blend of characteristics from both parent breeds.. On the other hand, Chinese Cresteds, being small-sized dogs, can thrive in smaller living spaces due to their compact size. It is crucial for owners of this mixed breed to provide adequate indoor room along with opportunities for outdoor activities to ensure their physical and mental well-being.

Both American Eskimos and Chinese Cresteds need an environment that suits their needs. While American Eskimos have a thick double coat that offers insulation in colder climates, Chinese Cresteds may require additional protection during cold weather conditions, especially the hairless variety. Thus, considering the climate adaptation is essential when deciding whether these mixed breeds are suitable for your living conditions.

Climate Adaptation

Understanding their adaptability becomes key. The thick double coat inherited from the American Eskimo side equips them with excellent insulation against chilly temperatures—ideal if you live in colder regions where winters can be harsh. However, if you reside in areas prone to cold weather but own a hairless Chinese Crested mix variant, extra care must be taken by providing warm clothing or shelter during winter months.

Ensuring your furry friend’s comfort involves more than just meeting basic needs; it also means creating an environment where they feel safe and content regardless of external factors like climate changes or limited space availability. By combining knowledge about each parent breed’s traits and adapting your living conditions accordingly (both indoors and outdoors), you can create a harmonious setting where your American Eskimo x Chinese Crested mix thrives happily.

Health and Lifespan

Common Health Issues

American Eskimo dogs are susceptible to hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). On the other hand, Chinese Cresteds may face challenges like dental problems, skin allergies, or patellar luxation. These health issues can be managed through regular visits to the vet and providing proper care.

Ensuring your American Eskimo x Chinese Crested receives routine veterinary check-ups is crucial in preventing or addressing potential health concerns early on. By staying proactive with their healthcare needs, you can help mitigate the impact of these common health issues.

Life Expectancy

Typically, American Eskimos have a lifespan ranging from 12 to 15 years. In contrast, Chinese Cresteds tend to live longer than American Eskimos, with an average life expectancy of 13 to 18 years. The longevity of both breeds can be positively influenced by factors such as balanced nutrition, regular exercise routines, and quality healthcare.

Grooming Needs and Allergies

Coat Care

American Eskimo dogs need frequent brushing to keep their fluffy coats in top condition. On the other hand, Chinese Cresteds may require specialized care based on whether they are hairless or powderpuff varieties. Establishing a regular grooming routine early is vital for maintaining the health and cleanliness of their coats.

American Eskimos have a dense double coat that sheds seasonally, needing consistent attention to prevent matting. Conversely, Chinese Cresteds’ skin can be sensitive due to their hairlessness or soft fur, necessitating gentle handling during grooming sessions. Regular baths with mild shampoos are essential for both breeds to maintain healthy skin and coats.

Allergy Considerations

Considering allergies is crucial when choosing between an American Eskimo x Chinese Crested mix because American Eskimos are not hypoallergenic and might trigger reactions in sensitive individuals. On the contrary, Chinese Cresteds, especially the hairless variety, are often considered hypoallergenic due to minimal shedding tendencies.

For families with allergy concerns, opting for a Chinese Crested over an American Eskimo might be more suitable due to potential allergen triggers from the latter breed’s shedding habits. However, individual sensitivities vary greatly among people; therefore, spending time around each breed before making a decision can help determine any allergic reactions.

Reproducibility and Rarity

Breeding Challenges

Breeding American Eskimos necessitates meticulous selection to prevent passing on genetic health problems. On the other hand, Chinese Cresteds may encounter issues due to their small stature and potential complications during pregnancy and delivery. Responsible breeding is crucial for preserving the health of both breeds.

To avoid hereditary concerns, breeders must carefully choose American Eskimo parents. Similarly, Chinese Crested breeders should be cautious due to their size-related challenges during reproduction.

Rarity Factors

American Eskimos are more prevalent than Chinese Cresteds in general. However, Chinese Cresteds, particularly the hairless variety, are deemed rarer and more unique compared to American Eskimos. The scarcity of these breeds can impact their availability and pricing in the market.

The abundance of American Eskimos makes them easier to find compared to Chinese Cresteds. Conversely, the distinctive nature of Chinese Cresteds contributes to their rarity in comparison with American Eskimos.

Adoption Considerations

Finding a Breeder

When considering an American Eskimo x Chinese Crested mix, it’s crucial to find a responsible breeder. Look for breeders who prioritize the well-being of their dogs. Ensure they follow proper health and socialization practices. Request references from previous customers to gauge the breeder’s reputation.

Visiting the breeder’s facility is essential to observe firsthand how the dogs are cared for and interact with humans. A reputable breeder will welcome such visits as proof of their commitment to transparency and animal welfare. Consider adoption from rescue organizations specializing in mixed breeds like American Eskimo x Chinese Crested.

Rescue Options

Opting for rescue can be a fulfilling way to bring home an American Eskimo x Chinese Crested dog in need of love and care. Explore local rescue organizations that focus on these specific breeds or mixed breeds in general. These dogs often make loyal companions and deserve a chance at happiness.

Adopting from rescues not only provides a loving home but also offers these unique mixes a second chance at life. Many rescued dogs have faced hardships or abandonment, making your decision to adopt them even more impactful.


You’ve now got the lowdown on American Eskimos and Chinese Cresteds. From their sizes to temperaments, trainability, and health considerations, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision. Remember, choosing a dog is like picking your favorite ice cream flavor – it’s all about what suits your taste and lifestyle best. So, whether you’re leaning towards the energetic American Eskimo or the charming Chinese Crested, make sure it’s a paw-sitive choice for both you and your new furry friend. Now go out there and find the paw-fect match for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the American Eskimo x Chinese Crested mix behave around children and other pets?

This mix is generally friendly and affectionate towards children and other pets when properly socialized. They can be playful companions, but supervision is always recommended to ensure safe interactions.

What grooming routine should I follow for an American Eskimo x Chinese Crested mix?

Regular brushing to manage shedding, occasional baths, dental care, nail trimming, and ear cleaning are essential. Due to their mixed coat types, a grooming schedule tailored to their specific needs will help maintain their overall health and appearance.

Is the American Eskimo x Chinese Crested mix suitable for first-time dog owners?

While individual personalities may vary, this mix’s trainability and adaptable nature can make them suitable for first-time dog owners willing to invest time in training and socialization. Consistent positive reinforcement methods can help build a strong bond with these dogs.

How much exercise does an American Eskimo x Chinese Crested mix require daily?

A moderate amount of daily exercise like walks, playtime in a fenced yard or indoor activities will suffice. However, it’s important not to over-exercise them due to the Chinese Crested’s lower tolerance for strenuous physical activities compared to larger breeds.

Are there any common health issues associated with the American Eskimo x Chinese Crested mix?

While mixed-breed dogs may inherit fewer genetic health problems than purebreds due to genetic diversity, potential concerns could include skin sensitivities from the Chinese Crested side or joint issues common in small breeds. Regular veterinary check-ups can help monitor their overall well-being.