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Last Updated on February 17, 2024 by Scott Lipe

Imagine the perfect blend of intelligence and playfulness in one adorable furry companion. The American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mix, a friendly dog, brings together two beloved breeds, resulting in a unique and charming pet that steals hearts effortlessly. This hybrid dog inherits the loyalty and alertness of both parent breeds, making it an ideal family pet or devoted friend for singles seeking companionship on their adventures. With a rich historical background tracing back to their origins as working dogs, these hybrids embody a legacy of hard work and dedication that shines through their loving nature today.

Key Takeaways

  • When considering an American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mix, keep in mind their moderate grooming needs due to their double coat.
  • Regular training sessions are essential for this intelligent breed mix to keep them mentally stimulated and well-behaved.
  • Due to their adaptability and moderate exercise requirements, this mix can thrive in various living situations, making them suitable for different types of families.
  • It’s crucial to be aware of potential allergies that may arise with this breed mix, requiring regular grooming and monitoring of their health.
  • The American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mix has a lifespan of around 12 to 15 years, making them a long-term commitment for families looking for a loyal companion.
  • Considering their weather tolerance, this mix may do well in moderate climates but might need extra care in extreme heat or cold.

Breed Overview

American Eskimo

American Eskimo dogs, a pet breed, are known for their fluffy white coat, which requires regular grooming to keep them looking pristine. They are highly versatile and can thrive in various living environments, making them suitable for both apartments and houses. However, these dogs can develop separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods.

These pups are intelligent and eager to please but may need consistent training to prevent behavioral issues. Due to their thick double coat, they shed seasonally and require brushing a few times a week to manage shedding. American Eskimos, known for being friendly and white, enjoy being part of family activities and excel in agility sports due to their high energy levels.

Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terriers have short coats that are easy to maintain with minimal grooming needs compared to the American Eskimo’s luxurious fur. Their small size makes them ideal for apartment dwellers or individuals with limited space as they adapt well to smaller living quarters. Despite their small stature, Toy Fox Terriers possess a bold personality and may display stubbornness during training sessions.

These terriers are lively companions that enjoy playtime and mental stimulation. While they may challenge you during training sessions, consistency and positive reinforcement can help overcome any stubborn tendencies. Toy Fox Terriers thrive on human interaction and make loyal pets for families seeking an energetic yet compact canine companion.

Size and Weight Comparison

American Eskimo

The American Eskimo is a medium-sized dog breed known for its fluffy white coat and friendly demeanor. On average, fox terrier dogs stand at around 15 to 19 inches tall at the shoulder. They typically weigh between 18 to 35 pounds when fully grown. Despite their size, they are agile and energetic, making them excellent companions for active families.

One of the key characteristics of the American Eskimo is their thick double coat that requires regular grooming to prevent matting. Their bushy fox terrier tail curls over their back, adding to their elegant appearance. These dogs have a sturdy build with a wedge-shaped head and expressive dark eyes that give them an alert and intelligent look.

Toy Fox Terrier

In contrast, the Toy Fox Terrier is a small-sized breed with a big personality packed into a tiny body. This breed stands at approximately 8.5 to 11.5 inches in height on average, making them significantly smaller than the American Eskimo.Toy Fox Terriers usually weigh between 3.5 to 7 pounds when fully grown.

Despite their small stature, Toy Fox Terriers are lively and spirited dogs known for being alert watchdogs due to their keen senses. They have short coats that are easy to maintain compared to breeds with longer fur, requiring minimal grooming sessions.

Trainability and Intelligence

Learning Skills

American Eskimo x Fox Terrier hybrids inherit intelligence from both parent breeds, making them quick learners. These dogs thrive on mental stimulation, so interactive activities like puzzle toys can keep them engaged. Positive reinforcement training methods work best with these intelligent fox terriers, rewarding good behavior to encourage learning.

To enhance their learning abilities, engage american eskimo x fox terriers in mentally stimulating tasks that challenge their intellect. For example, hide treats around the house for them to find or teach them new tricks regularly to keep their minds active. These activities not only train your dog but also strengthen your bond with them.

Obedience Training

Consistent training is crucial for ensuring obedience in American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mixes. Using reward-based techniques during training sessions can motivate and engage these intelligent fox terriers effectively. Socialization plays a vital role in their development; early exposure to different people, animals, and environments helps shape proper behavior patterns in these hybrid breeds.

Start with basic commands like sit, stay, and come using positive reinforcement such as treats or praise. Gradually increase the difficulty of commands as they progress in their training journey. Regular practice and patience are key when teaching these smart yet sometimes stubborn fox terriers.


Living Spaces

American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mixes, known for their lively nature, have varying needs. American Eskimos require a moderate-sized yard for play and exercise. On the other hand, Toy Fox Terriers can adapt well to smaller living spaces like apartments or condos due to their compact size. Both fox terriers and breeds enjoy spending time indoors with their families, making them suitable companions for various types of homes.

When introducing these mixed breeds into new environments, it’s essential to consider their individual tendencies. American Eskimos, being more sensitive creatures, may need some time to adjust to changes in routine or unfamiliar surroundings. Conversely, Toy Fox Terriers are generally adaptable and can quickly acclimate to new environments without much difficulty. To help both breeds feel at ease in new places, gradual introductions are recommended.

New Environments

Introducing American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mixes into new environments requires careful consideration of each breed’s unique characteristics. While American Eskimos may take some time adjusting due to their sensitivity towards change and unfamiliar settings, Toy Fox Terriers exhibit a more adaptable nature that allows them to easily settle into different surroundings without much fuss.

  • American Eskimos need moderate yards; Toy Fox Terriers thrive in small living areas.
  • Both breeds enjoy indoor family time.
  • American Eskimos might struggle with changes; Toy Fox Terriers adapt well.
  • Gradual introductions help both breeds acclimate comfortably in new places.

Allergies and Grooming

Coat Care

Regular brushing is essential for maintaining the American Eskimo’s double coat. This breed requires more grooming due to its thick, fluffy fur that can easily mat if not properly cared for. On the other hand, Toy Fox Terriers have a short coat that demands minimal grooming efforts compared to their American Eskimo counterparts. Despite their differences in coat length, both breeds shed moderately throughout the year.

Especially heat. Their dense fur makes them prone to overheating during hot weather. In contrast, Toy Fox Terriers might have sensitivities related to certain foods or allergies that can affect their skin or digestion. Regular visits to a veterinary provider are crucial for identifying and addressing any sensitivities fox terrier breeds may have.


Both American Eskimos and Toy Fox Terriers require special attention. While American Eskimos are sensitive to extreme temperatures like heat due to their thick coats, Toy Fox Terriers might exhibit food allergies or sensitivities requiring dietary adjustments for optimal health. Regular vet check-ups play a vital role in monitoring these sensitivities and ensuring early detection of any health concerns before they escalate into more significant problems needing medical intervention.

Lifespan and Health

Common Illnesses

American Eskimo dogs are prone to hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). On the other hand, Toy Fox Terriers may face issues like patellar luxation and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. These health conditions can be managed with regular veterinary check-ups and a well-balanced diet. By ensuring your American Eskimo x Fox Terrier receives proper care, you can help prevent these illnesses.

Regular vet visits play a crucial role in identifying any potential health concerns early on. Hip dysplasia is common among American Eskimos due to their genetic predisposition, but monitoring it closely can aid in managing the condition effectively. Similarly, keeping an eye out for signs of progressive retinal atrophy in your mixed breed dog allows for timely intervention.

Life Expectancy

The average lifespan of an American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mix ranges from 12 to 15 years. In comparison, Toy Fox Terriers typically live between 13 to 14 years on average. To ensure that your furry fox terrier companion enjoys a long and healthy life, providing them with proper nutrition is vital along with regular exercise routines tailored to their needs.

Proper nutrition contributes significantly to the overall well-being of your hybrid dog by supporting their immune system and maintaining optimal weight levels. Regular exercise not only helps keep them physically fit but also aids in mental stimulation, promoting a happy and balanced lifestyle for your beloved pet.

Weather Tolerance

Hot Weather

American Eskimo x Fox Terrier hybrids, like their American Eskimo ancestors, are prone to overheating in hot weather due to their thick double coat. It’s crucial to keep them in cool environments and provide ample shade and water. Similarly, Toy Fox Terriers, with shorter coats, might still struggle in high temperatures. Avoid rigorous activities during peak heat hours for both breeds, including fox terrier, to prevent heat-related issues.

Both breeds, including the fox terrier, should be monitored closely during hot days for signs of distress such as excessive panting or lethargy. If outdoor activities are unavoidable, ensure there are shaded areas available for your pets. While American Eskimos have a higher tolerance for cold climates than heat, they can still suffer from heatstroke if exposed to prolonged high temperatures.

Cold Weather

In contrast to hot weather challenges, American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mixes generally thrive in cold climates thanks to their dense fur that provides insulation against the chill. However, even with this advantage, it’s essential to watch out for any signs of discomfort or frostbite during winter months. On the other hand, Toy Fox Terriers may need additional protection like sweaters or jackets when facing extremely low temperatures.

Owners should pay attention to behavioral cues from their pets, such as shivering or seeking warmth indoors more frequently than usual when determining if extra measures are needed during colder seasons. Regularly check your hybrid dog’s paws after walks in snowy conditions; snow and ice can cause irritation or damage.

Perfect Family Dog


American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mixes are friendly dogs that can make perfect family pets if introduced to children and other animals early on. American Eskimos may be cautious around strangers, but Toy Fox Terriers are generally welcoming to new people. Gradual introductions help ensure a harmonious relationship with other pets.

These mixed breeds have loyal and protective temperaments inherited from their American Eskimo side, making them excellent companions for families. On the other hand, the lively and affectionate nature of Toy Fox Terriers adds an element of playfulness to the mix. However, both breeds can display strong personalities that necessitate consistent training and guidance for well-rounded behavior.


The loyalty of American Eskimos combined with the lively demeanor of Toy Fox Terriers creates a unique blend in these mixed-breed dogs. Their protective instincts towards their families make them ideal as companion dogs, offering love and security within a household setting. While Toy Fox Terriers enjoy being in the spotlight, they also thrive on attention from all family members.

Training is essential due to their strong personalities; consistency is key when teaching commands or behaviors to ensure they grow into well-behaved adult dogs who respect boundaries while still being affectionate companions.

Physical Activity Requirements

Exercise Needs

American Eskimo x Fox Terrier hybrids, a mix of American Eskimos and Toy Fox Terriers, inherit varying exercise needs. American Eskimos typically require daily walks, playtime, or mental stimulation activities to stay healthy and happy. On the other hand, Toy Fox Terriers have higher energy levels than their Eskimo counterparts and need regular exercise to prevent boredom. To meet their exercise requirements effectively, engaging in interactive games or agility training, fox terrier is highly beneficial.

Both breeds, including the fox terrier, thrive on physical activity that challenges them mentally and physically. For American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mixes specifically, a combination of walks for endurance and interactive games for mental stimulation is ideal. These activities not only keep them fit but also help prevent behavioral issues that may arise from pent-up energy.


Both American Eskimos and Toy Fox Terriers, which are part of the hybrid breed discussed here, exhibit lively characteristics. American Eskimos are known for their playful nature; they enjoy interacting with toys and engaging in various games that stimulate them mentally. Similarly, Toy Fox Terriers bring a mischievous yet fun-loving aspect to playtime.

Regular play sessions are crucial for these mixed breeds, including fox terriers, as they ensure proper mental engagement along with physical exertion. Interactive toys can be particularly effective in keeping these dogs entertained while strengthening the bond between pet parents and furry companions.

Breed Traits and Characteristics


American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mixes inherit a combination of traits from both parent breeds. They may have a fluffy white coat similar to American Eskimos, along with erect ears and a curled tail. On the other hand, they might also possess the sleek body of Toy Fox Terriers, short coat, and large ears that stand upright. These distinctive appearances make fox terriers easily recognizable as a unique mix between these two breeds.

The blend of characteristics in American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mixes creates an adorable appearance that is sure to turn heads wherever they go. Their fluffy white coat coupled with their alert stance from the Toy Fox Terrier lineage gives them an endearing look that captures attention effortlessly. This mix’s distinct features showcase the best of both fox terrier breeds, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and charming companion for any dog lover.


These mixed breeds can exhibit various traits inherited from each parent breed, including fox terrier. American Eskimos are known for their protective nature towards their families; this trait can be passed down to their offspring. Toy Fox Terriers are alert and vocal watchdogs due to their keen senses – qualities that may also manifest in American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mixes.

Early socialization plays a crucial role in shaping the behavior of these mixed breed fox terrier dogs positively. By exposing them to different environments, people, and animals early on in life, owners can help mitigate any potential behavioral issues while fostering well-rounded companionship skills within these pups.


You’ve now got the lowdown on the American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mix. From their intelligence and adaptability to their grooming needs and health considerations, you’re well-equipped to understand what these pups are all about. Whether you’re looking for a furry companion that’s great with families or one that can keep up with your active lifestyle, this fox terrier breed offers a mix of traits that might just be the perfect fit for you.

So, if you’re ready to bring home a bundle of energy and affection wrapped in a fluffy coat, consider adding an American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mix to your family. Remember, each fox terrier is unique, so spend time getting to know your new four-legged friend and create a bond that’ll last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mix behave around children?

This mix is known for being friendly and playful, making them great companions for kids. However, as with any fox terrier breed, it’s essential to supervise interactions between dogs and young children to ensure a safe and positive relationship.

Are American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mixes easy to train?

Both parent breeds are intelligent, so this mix tends to be trainable with consistency and positive reinforcement. They respond well to reward-based training methods that keep sessions engaging and fun.

What kind of grooming routine does an American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mix need?

Due to their double coat inherited from the American Eskimo side, regular brushing is necessary to prevent matting and reduce shedding. Occasional baths can help maintain their coat’s cleanliness and health.

Do American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mixes have specific health concerns?

While mixed breeds often exhibit hybrid vigor, it’s important to monitor for potential issues common in both parent breeds. Regular vet check-ups can help catch any health concerns early on.

How much exercise do American Eskimo x Fox Terrier mixes require daily?

These energetic fox terriers benefit from daily exercise such as walks, playtime, or interactive toys. Providing mental stimulation alongside physical activity helps prevent boredom behaviors in this lively breed combination.