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Last Updated on February 17, 2024 by Scott Lipe

Did you know that the American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier mix, a delightful designer dog breed, is gaining popularity among mixed breed enthusiasts? This unique hybrid combines the intelligence and playfulness of the American Eskimo with the boldness and loyalty of the Scottish Terrier, creating a one-of-a-kind furry companion. With their fluffy coats, perky ears, and expressive eyes, these pups are capturing hearts across households. Owners rave about their affectionate nature and lively demeanor, making them ideal family pets for those seeking a blend of charm and spunk in a compact package.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider the Best of Both Worlds: Mixing American Eskimo and Scottish Terrier breeds can result in a pet that combines the desirable traits of both breeds.
  • Prioritize Socialization: Due to the American Eskimo’s tendency towards aloofness and the Scottish Terrier’s independent nature, early socialization is crucial for a well-adjusted mixed breed dog.
  • Regular Exercise and Mental Stimulation: Keep your American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier mix engaged with daily exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and behavioral issues.
  • Health Monitoring: Stay vigilant about the health of your hybrid dog, as they may inherit health conditions from both parent breeds.
  • Tailored Grooming Routine: Develop a grooming routine that suits the specific coat type of your mixed breed dog, considering both the American Eskimo’s thick double coat and the Scottish Terrier’s wiry coat.
  • Personalized Care: Each dog is unique, so tailor your care approach based on your American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier’s individual needs and preferences.

Breed Overview

American Eskimo

The American Eskimo is a breed that originated in the United States, known for its fluffy white coat. These dogs are highly intelligent and trainable, making them great companions for families. Their beautiful appearance and friendly nature make them popular choices among dog lovers.

Scottish Terrier

On the other hand, the Scottish Terrier hails from Scotland and is recognized by its distinctive wiry coat and beard. Despite their small size, they have an independent and feisty temperament. This terrier breed is known for being courageous and loyal to their owners.

Both the American Eskimo and Scottish Terrier dog breeds have unique characteristics that appeal to different types of pet owners. While American Eskimos are prized for their intelligence and trainability, Scottish Terriers are loved for their boldness and loyalty.

Physical Characteristics

Size and Weight

American Eskimos are a medium-sized breed, weighing between 18-35 pounds. In contrast, Scottish Terriers fall into the small to medium-sized category, typically weighing between 19-22 pounds. Both terrier breeds share a common trait of being compact and sturdy in their build. This physical characteristic contributes to their agility and endurance.

American Eskimos possess a moderate bite force, utilizing a scissor bite mechanism. On the other hand, Scottish Terriers exhibit a more robust bite force with their powerful jaws also employing a scissor bite technique. These traits are essential for these breeds’ historical roles as working dogs where strength and precision were paramount.

In terms of functionality, both breeds have been selectively bred over time for specific purposes that align with their physical characteristics. The American Eskimo’s size makes them versatile companions suitable for various activities such as agility training or obedience competitions due to their manageable weight range. Conversely, the Scottish Terrier’s compact yet sturdy frame complements its history as hunters of vermin due to their ability to navigate small spaces efficiently while maintaining power in their bites when needed.

Coat Type

The coat types of the American Eskimo and Scottish Terrier further distinguish these breeds from one another. American Eskimos boast long, dense double coats that require regular grooming maintenance owing to shedding tendencies typical in this breed type. On the contrary, Scottish Terriers flaunt wiry outer coats coupled with soft undercoats that necessitate consistent brushing sessions to prevent matting or tangling issues commonly associated with this coat texture.

While both breeds have varying coat types demanding different care routines from owners, they share similarities in exhibiting certain qualities like water resistance or insulation properties inherent in certain types of fur textures found within each breed group.

Temperament and Behavior

Intelligence and Trainability

Both the American Eskimo and Scottish Terrier dog breeds possess distinct characteristics. The American Eskimo is known for being highly intelligent, making them quick learners that are eager to please their owners. On the other hand, Scottish Terriers are intelligent but can exhibit stubborn tendencies, requiring consistent training methods to achieve desired results. However, with proper guidance and training techniques, both breeds excel in obedience training.

When considering guarding behavior, American Eskimos are naturally alert and protective animals, showcasing their skills as good watchdogs by keeping a vigilant eye on their surroundings. In comparison, Scottish Terriers have a cautious nature and will bark to alert their owners of any potential threats or intruders. Both terrier and eskimo breeds inherently possess guarding instincts that make them valuable additions for home security purposes.

Family Suitability

In terms of family suitability, both the American Eskimo and Scottish Terrier have unique qualities that make them suitable companions for families. American Eskimos are great family pets due to their friendly demeanor towards children and other animals when properly socialized from an early age. Similarly, while Scottish Terriers may be reserved around strangers initially, they are incredibly loyal and affectionate towards their families once trust is established. With early socialization efforts in place, both terrier and eskimo breeds can adapt well to family life environments.

  • Pros:

  • Highly intelligent with eagerness to please (American Eskimo)

  • Good watchdog abilities (Scottish Terrier)

  • Adaptable to family life with proper socialization

  • Cons:

Health and Grooming

Allergies and Grooming

Both the American Eskimo and Scottish Terrier have different grooming needs. The American Eskimo has moderate shedding, requiring regular brushing to keep their coat healthy. On the other hand, the Scottish Terrier sheds less but needs regular grooming to prevent matting of its wiry coat. Owners of both terrier and eskimo breeds must ensure regular nail trimming and proper grooming routines to maintain their pets’ health.

Regular maintenance is essential for these furry friends. While the American Eskimo and Scottish Terrier dog breeds require grooming practices to avoid matting issues with their coats.

Shedding and Drooling

Both breeds are relatively low-maintenance compared to others. The American Eskimo, a dog breed, exhibits moderate shedding but minimal drooling tendencies. Similarly, the Scottish Terrier also has low shedding levels coupled with minimal drooling habits.

Despite being considered as pets that do not shed excessively or drool much, owners should remain vigilant about maintaining good hygiene practices for these terrier breeds.

Common Health Issues

Potential owners need awareness regarding specific health concerns related to each breed. The American Eskimo, like many dog breeds, is prone to hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and dental issues. In contrast, the Scottish Terrier may be susceptible to Scottie cramp, von Willebrand’s disease, and skin allergies.

While enjoying time with your energetic hybrid pet companion derived from an American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier, it’s crucial for owners to stay informed about these common health problems prevalent in both parent breeds.

Living Needs

Exercise Requirements

Both the American Eskimo and Scottish Terrier dog breeds have moderate exercise needs. The American Eskimo benefits from daily walks and playtime, while the Scottish Terrier requires regular walks and mental stimulation. Ensuring they get enough exercise is crucial for their physical and mental well-being.

Regular exercise helps these breeds stay healthy and happy. For example, taking your American Eskimo for a walk can provide them with the opportunity to socialize with other dogs in the neighborhood. Similarly, engaging in interactive play sessions with your Scottish Terrier can keep them mentally stimulated.

Hot and Cold Weather Tolerance

The American Eskimo, a dog breed, is better suited for colder climates due to its thick double coat. On the other hand, the Scottish Terrier can adapt to both hot and cold conditions but might need extra protection in extreme temperatures to ensure their comfort.

Proper care plays a significant role in helping Eskimo and terrier breeds adjust to different weather conditions effectively. For instance, providing shade and access to water during hot days can help your Scottish Terrier stay cool. Similarly, investing in a warm doggy jacket can keep your American Eskimo cozy during chilly winter walks.

Advantages of Mixing Breeds

Temperament Blend

American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier mixes can inherit a blend of traits from both parent breeds. This mix may display intelligence, loyalty, and a lively personality. Each dog’s temperament can vary based on their unique genetics and early socialization experiences. For example, your American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier mix might be highly intelligent like the American Eskimo or possess the Scottie’s independent nature.

  • Pros:
  • Unique combination of traits from each breed
  • Potential for high intelligence and loyalty in the mix
  • Cons:
  • Temperament variations may make training challenging

When considering the advantages of mixing these two breeds, such as terrier and eskimo, it’s essential to recognize that this hybrid can offer a diverse range of characteristics that cater to different preferences. By blending two distinct temperaments like those found in the American Eskimo and Scottish Terrier, you have an opportunity to enjoy a companion with varying qualities that complement each other.

Health Benefits

Owning an American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier mix comes with various health benefits beyond just companionship. Dogs are known to reduce stress levels significantly due to their playful nature and unconditional love. Having a furry friend encourages increased physical activity through walks or playtime, contributing positively to your overall well-being.

  1. Regular interaction with dogs has been proven to lower blood pressure.
  2. The emotional support provided by pets can lead to improved cardiovascular health over time.
  • Key Information:
  • Dogs can enhance mental health through reduced stress levels.
  • Owning pets promotes physical activity which is beneficial for heart health.

Care Tips


To keep your American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier mix in top shape, regular exercise is key. Daily walks or playtime will help maintain their physical fitness and prevent boredom for your terrier or eskimo. These energetic pups enjoy activities like fetch, agility courses, or even swimming.

Regular exercise not only keeps them physically fit but also helps to stimulate their minds and prevent behavioral issues. Providing mental stimulation through interactive toys or puzzle games can be beneficial for this intelligent breed mix.


Due to their double coat that can vary from the longer fur of the American Eskimo to the wiry hair of the Scottish Terrier, grooming sessions are crucial. Brushing a few times a week helps reduce shedding and prevents matting in terriers and eskimos. Bathing should be done as needed using a dog-friendly shampoo.

Trimming their nails regularly is essential for their comfort and overall health. Checking their ears weekly for any signs of infection and brushing their teeth several times a week will help maintain good hygiene practices.


A well-rounded diet tailored to your American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier’s size, age, and activity level is vital for keeping them healthy. High-quality dog food with real meat as the first ingredient provides the necessary nutrients they need.

Lifespan and Reproducibility

Lifespan Comparison

The American Eskimo typically lives for 12-15 years, while the Scottish Terrier has an average lifespan of 11-13 years. When you mix these terrier and eskimo breeds, the resulting offspring may fall within this range, inheriting traits from both parent breeds. This mixed breed can live a fulfilling life of around 11 to 15 years.

When considering the lifespan of an American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier, it’s essential to provide proper care and attention to ensure they lead a healthy and happy life. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and routine veterinary check-ups can contribute significantly to their longevity.

Reproducibility Comparison

Both the American Eskimo and the Scottish Terrier are recognized breeds with established standards by kennel clubs. However,The resulting mix may not be officially recognized as a separate breed by kennel clubs.

While this mix may not have formal recognition in terms of breed standards set by kennel clubs, each individual dog is unique in its characteristics and temperament. The lack of official recognition does not diminish their value as loving companions or family pets.

Choosing the Right Dog for You

Overall Comparison

If you’re considering an American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier mix as your new furry friend, it’s essential to understand what this unique blend brings to the table. This mix can be a wonderful companion for both individuals and families seeking a friendly dog that is intelligent and loyal. However, it’s crucial to note that this hybrid terrier may need consistent training and socialization due to potential stubbornness inherited from its parent breeds.

When deciding if this mix is the right choice for you, prospective dog owners should carefully evaluate the specific needs and characteristics of both American Eskimos and Scottish Terriers. While these dogs can make excellent family pets, they might not be suitable for everyone. Understanding their temperaments, exercise requirements, grooming needs, and compatibility with children or other pets will help in making an informed decision about bringing one of these terrier or eskimo mixed breed puppies into your home.

Considering whether to adopt a terrier rescue dog of this mix or purchase from a breeder is also an important factor in your decision-making process. Rescue dogs offer the opportunity to provide a loving home to a dog in need while supporting animal welfare initiatives. On the other hand, purchasing from a reputable breeder ensures predictability regarding factors like size, temperament, health history — providing peace of mind for first-time family pet owners.


You’ve now got the lowdown on mixing an American Eskimo with a Scottish Terrier. From their physical traits to their temperament and care needs, these pups offer a unique blend of characteristics that could make them a pawfect match for you. Remember, when picking a furry friend, it’s not just about looks but also about how well their personality fits with yours. So, consider all the aspects we’ve covered before making your final decision. Your future fur baby is out there waiting for you to bring them home and shower them with love and care!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you describe the temperament of an American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier mix?

This mix can inherit a blend of traits from both terrier and eskimo breeds. Expect a lively, intelligent companion with a hint of independence yet loyal nature. They may be playful and alert, making them good watchdogs.

What is the typical lifespan of an American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier mix?

On average, this mixed breed can live between 12 to 15 years when provided with proper care and a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and routine vet check-ups are essential for their longevity.

How often should I groom an American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier mix?

Regular grooming is vital to keep their coat in top condition. Aim for brushing your terrier several times a week to prevent mats and tangles. Periodic baths as needed will help maintain their cleanliness and skin health.

Are there any specific health concerns associated with the American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier mix?

While generally healthy breeds individually, this mix may still be prone to certain genetic conditions such as hip dysplasia or patellar luxation. Regular veterinary visits can help monitor their health status and address any potential issues early on.

What living environment suits an American Eskimo x Scottish Terrier mix best?

These energetic eskimo dogs thrive in homes with secure outdoor spaces where they can play freely. Apartment living is possible with sufficient exercise opportunities. Providing mental stimulation through interactive toys or training sessions also keeps them content.