Facts, History, Description and Characteristics About the Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpies are one of the most unique, beautiful and intelligent breeds of dog. The Australian Kelpie is a large dog, around 100 pounds, with a very smooth, short coat, and a thick, curly tail. They are very intelligent and are often referred to as the “Australian Cattle Dog” due to their intelligence and willingness to work. From their origin, the Australian Kelpie is a working breed and can be found in such a variety of working roles as police, search and rescue, herding, and guard dogs. These dogs are known to be very friendly and good with children, but can be very protective of their family and will stand their ground when necessary.


Size: Usually between 110 and 130 pounds, although they can weigh as much as 160 pounds Length: Usually between 24 and 30 inches Height: Typically between 11 and 16 inches Coat: A thick, coarse, soft and curly coat with a silky texture and texture Source Lifespan: 10 – 12 years Healthy: The Australian Kelpie is one of the most healthy breeds of dog, but as with any breed, there are some health concerns that are unique to the Australian Kelpie. Diabetes is one of the most commonly seen health concerns with this breed, as well as a few other inherited conditions. These health issues vary from a mild reaction to vaccinations to diabetic ketoacidosis. It is also important to note that these health issues are rare and do not usually need to be treated.

Breed History

The Australian Kelpie is a relatively new breed, only about 100 years old, however, has roots that date back almost 8,000 years. The name Australian Kelpie comes from the K’ael-wee, the Yuggera people of Queensland. The dogs they possessed were known to roam throughout the deserts and surrounding islands, along with carrying meat to feed them. Many were known to be very intelligent, and may have even been used as guides. It was because of their intelligence that many of these dogs were referred to as “Kelpie”. The first known individual to show signs of a herding ability was in 1893, and a gentleman by the name of Alex McDonald took possession of a Kelpie in the early 1900s. A couple years later, McDonald was challenged by local police to catch an escaped convict, and he did just that.

Training and Care

Training of the Australian Kelpie can be quite involved. They are good with basic obedience and often enjoy learning new tricks. Breeding and Health They are a female-dominated breed and typically have smaller litters than other breeds of dog. They do not require much exercise due to their energy and like to relax at home. Despite their size, the Australian Kelpie is generally healthy and requires very little to no veterinary care. Australian Kelpie Facts: An Overview History of the Australian Kelpie The Australian Kelpie began as a working dog breed in Australia, originating from dogs that were bred for the sole purpose of working the large grazing herds that are now extinct in Australia. They were used for their excellent work ethic, intelligence and speed.

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Health Problems

The Australian Kelpie’s healthy is the best breed you can own. These dogs do need a lot of exercise and will always need to be groomed. This makes them one of the most expensive breeds to take care of. If they are left unfettered, they can gain over ten pounds in no time at all. They can also have health problems such as Heart Problems (Angioendocarditis), Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HM), Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), and Diabetes. Health Problems: Heart Conditions, Heartworms, Hyperthyroidism, Patellar luxation, Tooth decay, and Paralysis. Australian Kelpies have a very wide coat, so they may shed easily. You should always groom their coats when they are young to help prevent them from losing too much hair.

Diet and Nutrition

Most of the Australian Kelpie’s food is supplied by a Cattle Dog Specialist of America, but some Kelpies will require a quality food that is suitable for them. Lamb or mutton is a very high quality protein source for a dog like this. They are also a great source of calcium and will eat around 80% kibble. A standard dry weight of Australian Kelpies will range from 45 to 60 pounds and females will weigh approximately one-third more than males. Because Kelpies are large dogs and a little more active, it is advised to get a large, hydrated dog food that has a high protein content, which will help maintain their weight. Maintenance of the Weight and Exercise Australian Kelpies are on the high end of the table and need to be worked hard to maintain a healthy weight.

Where to Adopt or Buy

In the U.S., they can be adopted from the following organizations: International Australian Kelpie Club Click here for the International Australian Kelpie Club. International Australian Kelpie Dog Breeders Click here for the International Australian Kelpie Dog Breeders. Click here to see more Australian Kelpie Dog Breeders. Poodle – French Lop Poodles are one of the most popular dogs in the U.S. and are one of the most well known. Poodles come in a large variety of breeds. Most of these breeds are ranked among the top ten most popular dogs in the U.S. Australian Poodles are considered a working breed that can be found in a variety of roles. They are extremely fast, intelligent, loyal, loving, and sociable.