Australian Shepherds VS Miniature Australian Shepherds

There’s a lot of debate over Australian shepherds and miniature Australian shepherds. Despite the differences in size, both breeds are extremely loyal, intelligent, and athletic. In recent years, mini Aussies have become popular as pets. Their coats are similar to full-size Australian shepherds, and their eyes are a variety of colors. They are also often mottled or mismatched.

The standard Australian shepherd has been bred in Spain and was originally used by Basque shepherds. It was later developed in America, and European immigrants brought it with them. However, it remains a mystery how the Australian sheepdog came to be. While the Standard Australian has origins in the United States, Miniature Aussies are believed to be descended from the Pyrenean shepherd.

While the two breeds are nearly identical, the differences between these two types of dogs are significant. While the Miniature Australian Shepherd may not be as affectionate as its larger counterpart, it can keep a busy family busy and entertained. While the Mini Australian Shepherd is known for being a working dog, its hardworking nature is what makes them such a popular choice for many families. While not everyone will appreciate this, the Australian and American shepherd breeds are equally devoted and dependable, making them great additions to any household.

The Australian Shepherd is the largest of the two breeds. While the Miniature Aussie is smaller, it’s just as affectionate as its larger counterpart. Both breeds are bright and loving, and they love to play games. They also make great companions and work well with children. You can find the perfect mini for your home. And the best part is, they both love attention! You’ll be glad you have one!


What Shepherd Breed is Which?

There is a lot of debate and contention over the status of Miniature Australian Shepherds (and the much smaller Teacup and Toy Aussies) as breeds.  Actually, they are regarded as a breed of inferiority. Mini Aussie is sometimes perceived as a dog that is inferior. Certain Aussie dog owners are unwilling to accept that Miniatures are actually dogs in the first place.


Is the Miniature Aussies Inferior?

Miniature Aussies, as a breed, aren’t in any way inferior.  Studies have proven that Minis aren’t suffering from more health issues than the typical Aussie.  Both groups are affected by problems with their health, such as hip dysplasia, but they are equally prevalent in each group.

Unfortunately, much of the negative media coverage of Minis is fueled by inexperienced breeders who mix breeds and bred with no consideration to the breed’s quality. A few of these dogs might have been genetically related to health issues that have given Mini Australians an unfavorable rap.

Furthermore, due to the rising popularity of Mini Aussies, a lot of Mini backyard breeders, backyard breeders have appeared and have created breeds with inferior breeds. Breeders who are reputable for breeding their breed of Miniature Aussie are then looked at with suspicion, with the breeders of these dogs are have a negative reputation.  This leads to Aussie against Mini Aussie debates.


Australian Shepherds and Miniatures A History of a Shared Past

But, it is an apparent fact that Minis Standard Aussies and Minis share an incredibly similar background.  Both breeds were born in the American West as ranching became an integral part of the lifestyle in the 1800s and onwards. They’re relatively new and are derived from an amalgamation of various bloodlines and lineages. This includes perhaps that of the Australian Koolie dog as well as that of the Pyrenean Shepherd Dog.

These were introduced by Basque Shepherds, who came from Spain to the USA. The genetic influence of breeds led to puppies with different sizes of pups. Because dogs in the beginning time of the ranch were picked because of their herding abilities. Aussies were not bred for size or personality, so owners could breed for dogs who worked best as herders.


Breed Recognition in Miniature Australian Shepherd Miniature Australian Shepherd

In the present, the Australian Shepherd Dog is recognized by the American Kennel Club as a one-size dog. They don’t recognize that the Miniature Aussie is a variety of the larger Aussie. It is the American Stock Dog Association on, however, recognizes three sizes that belong to Australian Shepherds: standard, miniature, and toy. Australian Shepherd: standard, miniature, and toy.

Miniature Aussie enthusiasts formed their own club. Initially named The Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of the USA, Its title was changed later to North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club. The goal is to have an official declaration of the Miniature Aussie declared its own breed as it is now the North American Shepherd.


What Does This Mean for the Dog in your home?

If you’re looking to get an Australian Shepherd, either a “standard” one or you select the MiniIt is essential to thoroughly research the breed as well as the breeder you pick. Whatever breed of dog you select, be sure that you purchase a dog from a breeder who has integrity and a commitment for the type of Dog.




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