Biewer Yorkie Dog Breed History, Description, Personality, Health, Grooming, Exercise and Training

A Biewer Yorkie, officially known as a Biewer terrier, and also called a Biewer Yorkshire terrier a la Pom Pon, or just a Biewer, is often mistaken for a Yorkshire terrier. The mix-up is understandable — after all, Biewers were originally bred from Yorkshire terriers by a German couple, Mr. and Mrs. Biewer. The Biewer Terrier is an elegant, longhaired, uniquely colored toy terrier with a breed signature ponytail. The coat parts down the middle, hanging straight and evenly on both sides of the body.

History of the Biewer Yorkie

The Biewer Yorkie is the seventh oldest of the dachshund-type toy dogs (the first dog was a dachshund crossed with a rat terrier). Like other Yorkie-type dogs, Biewers have curly hair that usually follows the contours of the body, and requires regular brushing to avoid mats. The puffy coat, which comes in long and short lengths, is fine and fluffy in texture, but does take a lot of care to keep it smooth and healthy looking. The same strong, sturdy build as the Yorkie, except with larger, longer legs and ears, allows Biewers to stand upright, unlike the majority of Toy Dogs. Personality and Characteristics Like the majority of Toy Dogs, the Biewer tends to be exuberant and anxious.

Description of the Biewer Yorkie

The Biewer is an active and lively dog. Biewers have the thickest coats of any toy terrier, only showing the hair on their feet and the top of their necks. Biewers are calm and easy-going dogs, more so than a normal Yorkie. Unlike a true Yorkshire terrier, they’re not the attention-seeking type, so your child will be able to play with him and keep the Biewer at an arm’s length, and your child won’t feel uncomfortable having to chase him around the house to win his affection. Beefy features : Smooth and wiry. : Smooth and wiry. Ideal male : Yellow. : Yellow. Ideal female: White. The Biewer Yorkie is also small and agile, not clumsier and burlier than a normal Yorkie. They are smart, and enjoy playing with other dogs. They also enjoy playing with balls and other toys, a lot!

Personality of the Biewer Yorkie

The average Biewer is friendly, active and energetic and is interested in company. It is good with children and older children learn to treat the Biewer with respect and dignity, as dogs that do not respect boundaries do not get respect from humans. The Biewer Yorkie can often be a little clingy, as this is an affectionate and affectionate dog. It is good in an apartment or house, but does well outside. The Biewer Yorkie is easy to housebreak and potty trained, and is normally quiet and well-mannered with small children and others. He is interested in people and enjoys being around them, and it is easy for Biewers to become curious about new people and new things.

Temperament of the Biewer Yorkie

The Biewer Yorkie is friendly and very friendly. Some Yorkies may be too friendly and easily-bored, but that is certainly not the case with the Biewer. A dog Biewer may be around once a week for grooming, but they are still very approachable and playful. Although there is not much information about the Biewer Yorkie’s temperament and energy level, like other toy terriers, Biewers are known to be extremely playful, and some go so far as to say that they don’t like to play unless it’s wrestling or rough and tumble. The typical Biewer Yorkie has a highly sociable personality, and loves to meet new people. Size and Weight of the Biewer Yorkie As with many Yorkies, the Biewer Yorkie is a mid-size breed with a small adult length and a miniature adult height.

Health Issues of the Biewer Yorkie

Every dog has a unique health profile, however, the Biewer Yorkie tends to be one of the healthiest and least fragile breeds of dog available. This breed has been selectively bred to express a broad range of personalities and behaviors. These characteristics are attributed to its large head, short legs, and comparatively light body weight. Many Biewer Yorkie owners state that this breed of dog is exceptionally friendly, has excellent obedience and house training, and is very trainable. Some owners say that the dog never barks or makes noise, and other owners say that their dog occasionally barks, but it is rare. The Biewer Yorkie dog is friendly and loving, although some owners say that they are not.

Grooming Needs of the Biewer Yorkie

They need to be brushed out each week, and they should not shed excessively, as they do not shed. While they generally look rather grown-up, the breed is still considered an emerging, “amber-and-gold” puppy. Biewers are, for the most part, very healthy. Only 10% of the Biewers need regular vet visits. Other breeds with a similar appearance, such as the Poodle and Pinscher, are more likely to be spoiled and make it through some initial rough puppy years. Biewers are relatively high energy, are playful, intelligent and exuberant. It takes a lot of exercise to keep them in shape, and some need as much as two to three hours of exercise a day, although less is better. Biewers have poor joint range of motion. For most dogs, a brisk walk daily is enough exercise.

Training Needs of the Biewer Yorkie

Learning The Biewer Yorkie is a smart, alert and naturally eager-to-please dog. It is highly trainable and very intelligent. It has a high intelligence and can learn almost any trick for which there is a treat. It is a fast learner and will learn quickly. Biewers are trained by human interaction. They love to learn new things and very quickly master them. They have the gift of concentration. The Biewer Yorkie has a lot of drive and can, like the Border Collie, can be a bit stubborn, but that is because they have what is known as “eager to please.” Pre-Train Before bringing home your new Biewer Yorkie, take him for a couple of introductions with other dogs and humans.

Exercise Needs of the Biewer Yorkie

A Yorkie is a particularly energetic breed, and can overheat easily on a hot summer day, so Biewer Yorkie must be taken out frequently. By day, the Biewer Yorkie Yorkie enjoys his own environment of large fenced yard, or can be walked in a park or on a path. The dog must have enough exercise to burn off his excess energy and satisfy his thirst for food and fun. A Biewer Yorkie Yorkie gets bored easily if there are too many empty hours of the day to occupy. Ideally, the Biewer Yorkie Yorkie likes constant activity, and since he likes to roll and splash in the water, a pool is a perfect activity for him. Also, a Biewer Yorkie Yorkie likes to play ball, and the game is played with the dog using only his mouth.