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If you’re torn between the playful nature of a Border Terrier and the elegance of a Maltese, then the Border Maltese is your ideal furry companion. This unique mix combines the spunk of a terrier with the charm of a Maltese, offering you the best of both worlds in one adorable package. With their intelligence, loyalty, and affectionate demeanor, Border Malteses make fantastic family pets for those seeking a blend of energy and sweetness in their four-legged friend.

Whether you crave adventure or prefer cuddling on the couch, this hybrid breed effortlessly switches gears to match your mood. Get ready to welcome an affectionate yet spirited addition to your home with a Border Maltese by your side.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider the Mix: When looking into getting a Border Maltese, take into account the characteristics of both the Border Terrier and Maltese breeds to understand what to expect in terms of temperament and appearance.

  • Health Awareness: Stay informed about potential health concerns that may affect Border Maltese dogs, such as dental issues, patellar luxation, or allergies, and ensure regular vet check-ups to maintain their well-being.

  • Tailored Care: Provide proper care and attention to your Border Maltese by addressing their specific needs, including regular grooming for their coat, dental care, and sufficient exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

  • Mixed Breed Magic: Enjoy the unique blend of traits that Border Maltese dogs exhibit, combining the intelligence and energy of the Border Terrier with the affectionate nature and elegance of the Maltese.

  • Responsible Breeding: If considering breeding a Border Maltese, prioritize responsible practices, such as health testing for genetic conditions, ensuring suitable living conditions for the dogs, and finding loving homes for any puppies.

  • Heartwarming Companions: Embrace the endearing traits of Border Maltese dogs, like their loyalty, playfulness, and adaptability, making them delightful companions for individuals or families seeking a loving pet.

Understanding Border Maltese

Origin Facts

The Border Maltese is a delightful mix of the Border Terrier and the Maltese breeds. While its exact beginnings are uncertain, it likely originated in the United States. This charming hybrid breed takes on qualities from both parent breeds, resulting in a distinctive and lovable companion. The blend of characteristics from the spunky Border Terrier and the elegant Maltese creates a unique dog with an endearing personality.

The Border Maltese showcases a small, well-proportioned body with captivating round eyes and a black nose. Their coat can vary in color and texture, often resembling that of their Maltese lineage. With such diverse physical attributes inherited from its parents, each Border Maltese boasts individuality while maintaining an adorable appearance that captures hearts.


These dogs are not just cute; they’re also known for their friendly demeanor and affectionate nature. If properly socialized, Border Malteses get along well with children and other pets due to their amicable disposition. They possess high intelligence levels which make them quick learners eager to please their owners through training sessions.

Border Terrier vs. Maltese

Size Comparison

The Border Maltese, a mix of the Border Terrier and Maltese breeds, is small-sized, typically weighing between 10 to 15 pounds. Standing at about 9 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder, they are compact and portable pets that fit well in various living spaces. Despite their small stature, these cute Maltese dogs are robust and agile.

The Border Maltese inherits its petite build from both parent breeds. Their weight falls within the range of what is considered lightweight for cute Maltese dog breeds. This makes them ideal for individuals or families living in apartments or smaller homes where space may be limited.

Coat Differences

One distinguishing feature of the Border Maltese is its coat variety inherited from its parents—the wiry double coat of the Border Terrier and silky single coat of the Maltese. These mixed-breed dogs can have straight or wavy hair textures that require regular grooming to prevent matting and maintain healthy fur.

The combination of traits from both parent breeds results in a unique appearance for each Border Maltese pup. Some may have more wiry coats resembling those of Border Terriers, while others might showcase long, flowing locks akin to their Maltese lineage.

Personality Traits

Known for their playful nature, Border Malteses exhibit high energy levels that make interactive playtime essential for keeping them happy and mentally stimulated. They thrive on human interaction and enjoy being involved in family activities as loyal companions.

Despite their small size, these dogs possess a courageous streak inherited from their Border Terrier ancestry which makes them protective over their loved ones when needed. This blend of bravery with affectionate behavior makes them excellent watchdogs while also being loving family pets.

Characteristics of Border Maltese

Physical Traits

The Border Maltese is a mix of the Border Terrier and the Maltese breeds. They typically have a robust body structure with well-defined muscles, reflecting their active nature. These dogs often possess medium-sized drooping ears that lie close to their head, adding to their adorable appearance. Their tails are commonly of moderate length and may exhibit a slight curl at the end, enhancing their charm.

The Border Maltese combines traits from both parent breeds. For instance, they inherit the sturdy build from the Border Terrier side while showcasing features like floppy ears and a slightly curled tail from the Maltese lineage.

  • Sturdy body with developed muscles
  • Medium-sized drooping ears
  • Moderately long tail that may curl slightly

Behavioral Traits

In terms of behavior, Border Maltese dogs are known for being vigilant companions who excel as watchdogs due to their alert nature. Their energy levels are moderate but require regular exercise to maintain good health and happiness. These mixed breed dogs thrive on human interaction and can develop separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods; hence they prefer having company around them.

The behavioral traits exhibited by Border Maltese combine elements from both parent breeds – alertness akin to Border Terriers making them excellent watchdogs along with sociable tendencies inherited from the affectionate Malteses.

Health Concerns

Known Diseases

Border Maltese dogs, a mix of Border Terrier and Maltese breeds, may be prone to health issues like dental problems, patellar luxation, and allergies. Regular veterinary check-ups and a balanced diet are crucial in preventing these conditions. It’s vital to select a reputable breeder who conducts health screenings on the parent dogs. This ensures that the puppies are less likely to inherit genetic predispositions for such ailments.

To ensure you bring home a healthy Border Maltese puppy, watch out for signs of good health like clear eyes, clean ears, and a shiny coat. Inquire about any genetic health testing performed on the parent dogs by the breeder. A responsible breeder will provide you with comprehensive health records and offer ongoing support throughout your dog’s life journey.

Choosing Healthy Breed

When considering adding a Border Maltese to your family, it’s essential to understand common health concerns associated with this hybrid breed. By being aware of potential issues such as dental problems or allergies early on, you can take proactive steps towards prevention through proper care and nutrition. Opting for regular vet visits is key in monitoring your dog’s well-being over time.

Selecting a healthy Border Maltese starts from choosing an ethical breeder who prioritizes their dogs’ welfare by conducting necessary health screenings on breeding pairs. These precautions significantly reduce the likelihood of passing down hereditary conditions to offspring. Remember that investing time in finding a reputable breeder pays off in ensuring your furry friend leads a happy and healthy life.

Care and Requirements

Food Needs

Border Maltese dogs, a mix of Border Terrier and Maltese breeds, have specific food needs. A high-quality diet is essential for their overall health. This should include a balanced combination of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Consulting your veterinarian is crucial to determine the right portion sizes based on factors like age, weight, and activity level.

Ensuring that your Border Maltese receives proper nutrition will help maintain their energy levels and support their growth. By feeding them a well-rounded diet tailored to their needs, you can promote good health in these hybrid dogs.

Exercise Demands

Despite being small in size, Border Maltese dogs have significant exercise demands. Regular physical activity is vital to keep them both mentally stimulated and physically fit. Daily walks are beneficial for this breed, along with engaging playtime sessions using interactive toys.

It’s important not to overexert Border Maltese due to their petite stature. While they require exercise to stay healthy, it’s equally important not to push them beyond their limits during play or walks.


The Maltipoo is a beloved crossbreed that mixes the Maltese with the Poodle. These dogs are similar to the Border Maltese in size and temperament. Both breeds are known for their affectionate nature, making them great companions. Maltipoos often inherit the intelligence of Poodles, along with the friendly demeanor of Maltese dogs.

One key aspect of Maltipoos is their hypoallergenic coat, which sheds less than other breeds, including Border Malteses. Due to this trait, they are suitable for individuals with allergies or those who prefer low-shedding pets. Their playful and charming personality makes them ideal for families looking for a small yet lively dog.


The Morkie, a mix between a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier, shares similarities with Border Malteses in terms of size and grooming needs. Like Border Malteses, these dogs have an affectionate nature but may exhibit some terrier-like traits such as being protective or energetic at times. Regular grooming sessions help maintain their silky coat’s health.

Despite being small in size like both parent breeds (Maltese and Yorkies), Morkies have big personalities packed into tiny bodies. They thrive on human interaction and enjoy playtime as much as cuddling up on the couch.


A blend of Dachshund spunkiness and Maltese charm results in the unique Mauxie breed. These dogs sport a distinctive appearance with long bodies and short legs inherited from Dachshunds while maintaining the soft fur characteristic of Malteses. Mauxies can come in various coat types and colors due to inheriting traits from both parent breeds – diversity that adds excitement to choosing one as your furry companion.

Breeding Information

Crossbreed Challenges

Crossbreeds like the Border Maltese can be a mix of surprises, inheriting traits from both parent breeds. Predicting their exact characteristics might feel like solving a puzzle. Researching the Border Terrier and Maltese breeds is crucial to understanding potential health issues or behavioral tendencies that your furry friend may exhibit.

Training and socialization play vital roles in shaping these crossbreeds into well-rounded companions. By investing time and effort in training sessions and exposing them to various environments, you can help your Border Maltese grow up obedient and adaptable. These efforts will ensure that your pup blossoms into a confident and happy member of your family.

Breeding Ethics

Responsible breeders hold the health and well-being of their dogs above all else. They prioritize conducting thorough health screenings on parent dogs to reduce the risk of passing on genetic diseases to future litters. Ethical breeders go beyond just providing physical care; they also focus on socializing puppies from an early age, ensuring they receive love, attention, and support throughout their lives.

Endearing Traits

Loyalty and Affection

Border Maltese dogs, a mix of Border Terrier and Maltese breeds, exhibit remarkable loyalty to their owners. They are known for forming strong bonds with their family members, eagerly participating in daily activities. This loyalty translates into a deep sense of protection and companionship that these dogs offer.

Their affectionate nature makes them ideal companions for individuals or families seeking a loving pet. Whether it’s snuggling on the couch or playing in the yard, Border Maltese dogs thrive on human interaction. Their innate desire to please their owners adds to their charm and endears them to those around them.

Intelligence and Trainability

The intelligence of Border Maltese dogs sets them apart as highly trainable pets. With a combination of the cleverness inherited from both parent breeds, they quickly grasp commands and routines. Utilizing positive reinforcement methods is crucial when training these intelligent canines.

Consistency is key when teaching Border Maltese dogs new tricks or behaviors; they respond well to routine-based training sessions where clear expectations are set. Patience plays a vital role in cultivating good behavior in these pups, as does rewarding desired actions promptly after they occur.

Choosing a Border Maltese

Adoption Tips

Adopting a Border Maltese from a reputable rescue organization or shelter is a compassionate choice. It not only gives the dog a loving home but also prevents them from potential euthanasia. Before finalizing the adoption, conduct thorough research about the dog’s background. Ask questions to ensure it aligns with your lifestyle and expectations.

Consider adopting a Border Maltese from organizations that provide detailed information about the dog’s history and behavior. These insights can help you understand their needs better, making it easier to integrate them into your family seamlessly. By choosing adoption, you are giving these dogs a second chance at happiness and security in a forever home.

  • Pros:

  • Gives dogs in need of homes another chance.

  • Provides companionship while saving lives.

  • Cons:

  • May require extra patience for adjustment.

  • Background information may be limited compared to buying from breeders.

Puppy Selection

When selecting a Border Maltese puppy, pay attention to their behavior as it can give you clues about their personality traits. Look for puppies that exhibit curiosity, playfulness, and friendliness towards people; these characteristics often translate into well-rounded adult dogs who thrive in social settings. Ensure that the puppy has received proper vaccinations and deworming treatments either by the breeder or rescue organization.

Observing how Border Maltese puppies interact with their littermates can also provide valuable insights into their temperament and social skills development. Puppies that engage positively with others are more likely to grow up as sociable pets who enjoy human interaction immensely.

Closing Thoughts

So, there you have it – the lowdown on Border Maltese! From their unique characteristics to health concerns and breeding information, you’re now equipped to make an informed decision if you’re considering adding one to your family. Remember, a Border Maltese isn’t just a pet; they’re a companion that’ll fill your life with joy and love.

Now that you know what makes these pups special, go ahead and take the plunge! Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or a newbie, a Border Maltese could be the perfect addition to your home. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to welcome a furry bundle of happiness into your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Border Maltese?

The Border Maltese is a crossbreed between a Border Terrier and a Maltese. This mix combines the traits of both breeds, resulting in an energetic and affectionate companion.

What are some common characteristics of the Border Maltese?

Border Malteses are known for their friendly nature, intelligence, and playful demeanor. They tend to be small to medium-sized dogs with fluffy coats that require regular grooming.

Are there any specific health concerns associated with the Border Maltese breed?

While generally healthy, Border Malteses may inherit health issues from their parent breeds such as patellar luxation or dental problems. Regular vet check-ups and proper care can help maintain their well-being.

How should I care for a Border Maltese?

Regular exercise, mental stimulation, balanced nutrition, grooming sessions, and routine veterinary visits are essential for keeping your Border Maltese healthy and happy. Providing love and attention will also strengthen your bond with them.

What makes the Border Maltese an endearing pet choice?

The affectionate nature of the Border Maltese along with its loyalty and adaptability make it a wonderful addition to any family. Their charming personality and playful antics will fill your home with joy and laughter.