Can I Bring My Puppy To Walmart?

It’s hard to find out if you can bring your puppy into Walmart without running into a dog policy. If your puppy or dog is a service animal, then you’re likely in luck. Most stores allow dogs, and some even have dog strollers. Regardless of the reason, there are some important things to know before you bring your pet to a store. These rules apply to all stores.

Although Walmart is a general-pet-friendly store, there are some stores where pets are not permitted. Some of these stores are not in large malls, so your puppy may not be able to move about freely. Some stores do allow service animals, but you must inquire with the manager of your local store to see if you can bring your pet in. While some retailers are more lenient than others, you should follow their rules and avoid getting into a fight with a store employee over it.

While Walmart does not allow pets, many other retail outlets are more pet-friendly. You can bring your puppy or dog in a stroller or pet carrier to the mall, but you can’t bring your puppy inside the store. You can’t even bring your pet to the grocery aisles. And don’t be discouraged. Most stores welcome dogs and are more than happy to have you with your pup.