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Meet the adorable Foxee – a charming mix of a fox terrier and Maltese. This delightful hybrid breed combines the intelligence and playfulness of the fox terrier with the affectionate nature of the Maltese, creating a lovable companion for any family. Originally bred to be a loyal and loving pet, Foxees have quickly become popular for their friendly demeanor and lively personality. With their striking appearance and spirited character, Foxees are sure to capture your heart from day one.

Whether you’re an experienced pet owner or considering adding a furry friend to your home for the first time, Foxees make wonderful companions that bring joy and laughter into your life. Get ready to welcome this unique blend of fox terrier and old maltese breeds into your home!

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the unique characteristics and temperament of a Foxee (Fox Terrier x Maltese) can help in providing tailored care and training.
  • Regular grooming, dental care, and exercise are essential for maintaining the health and wellness of your Foxee.
  • Consistent and positive training methods, focusing on rewards and reinforcement, can help in shaping desired behaviors in Foxees.
  • Engaging with the Foxee community can provide valuable insights, support, and resources for optimal care and companionship.
  • When comparing Foxees to other breeds, consider their specific needs, energy levels, and compatibility with your lifestyle.
  • Embracing the individuality and quirks of your Foxee can strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion.

Foxee Overview

Breed Origins

Foxee, a crossbreed of a fox terrier and a Maltese, combines the hunting traits of Fox Terriers with the companionship history of Maltese dogs. The breed’s inception aimed to merge the best characteristics from both parent breeds. Fox Terriers were initially bred for hunting purposes, while Maltese dogs have long served as beloved companions.

The blend of these two distinct lineages results in Foxee dogs inheriting an array of physical and behavioral attributes. These can range from their size to temperament and coat type, creating unique combinations that reflect both parental influences. This mix makes each Foxee dog distinctive in its appearance and personality.

Size Comparison

Due to their Maltese lineage, Foxee dogs are generally small-sized compared to purebred fox terriers but larger than purebred Maltese counterparts. The size variation among individual Foxees is influenced by genetics inherited from both parent breeds. Their stature typically falls between that of a standard-sized fox terrier and a miniature or toy-sized Maltese.

The diverse genetic makeup also contributes to differences in weight and height within the breed. While most Foxees tend to be compact in size due to their smaller heritage influence, some individuals may exhibit variations on either end of the spectrum based on their specific genetic composition.

Characteristics and Temperament

Personality Traits

Foxee dogs, a mix of Fox Terrier and Maltese breeds, exhibit lively and energetic behavior. They are known for their affectionate nature towards owners, enjoying quality time together. Their intelligence and curiosity often result in playful mischief now and then.

These pups thrive on interaction with humans. They love being around their families, showing loyalty and companionship. Due to their high energy levels, they require regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

Intelligence Levels

Foxee dogs possess above-average intelligence levels making them quick learners. With proper training consistency, they excel in obedience tasks efficiently. Mental stimulation is crucial for these intelligent dog breeds; interactive toys or puzzles help prevent boredom.

Their ability to grasp new commands swiftly makes fox terriers suitable candidates for various dog sports like agility or obedience trials. This breed’s sharp mind requires mental challenges to prevent behavioral issues due to boredom.

Care Needs

Grooming Essentials

Foxee dogs, a mix of Fox Terrier and Maltese breeds, can have diverse coat types. Some may have short, wiry fur, while others could possess long and silky hair. To keep their Maltese coat healthy and prevent tangles, regular brushing is crucial. Depending on the specific type of coat your Foxee has, you might need to take them for professional grooming occasionally.

Ensuring that your Foxee’s diet meets their nutritional needs is vital for their well-being. Just like any other dog, Foxees require a balanced diet to stay healthy. Consulting with a veterinarian can help determine the most suitable diet plan tailored to your dog’s individual requirements. Establishing a feeding schedule is essential not only to maintain an ideal weight but also to prevent issues like overeating.

Training Insights


Foxee dogs, a mix of Fox Terrier and Maltese breeds, are known for their intelligence and quick learning abilities. With consistent guidance, they can be trained effectively using positive reinforcement methods like treats and praise. Early socialization plays a crucial role in shaping their behavior positively. By exposing Maltese puppies to various environments, people, and animals early on, Foxee dog breeds learn how to interact appropriately as they grow.

Training a Foxee dog involves establishing routines early on to help them understand what is expected of them. Basic obedience training should start from a young age to instill good behavior patterns that will carry into adulthood. Using positive reinforcement techniques when teaching commands or addressing unwanted behaviors helps reinforce the desired actions in these intelligent maltese and fox terrier mixed-breed dogs.

Behavioral Training

Early socialization is key for Foxee dogs to ensure they mature into well-rounded and friendly adults. Through exposure to different situations in a positive way during puppyhood, they learn how to navigate the world confidently without fear or aggression towards new experiences. Addressing any behavioral issues promptly with positive reinforcement methods such as rewards or praise helps correct undesirable behaviors effectively.

Health and Wellness

Common Health Issues

Foxee dogs, a mix of Fox Terrier and Maltese breeds, may be predisposed to certain health problems inherited from their parent breeds. Some common issues include dental problems, allergies, and patellar luxation. Regular veterinary check-ups and proper care are crucial in preventing or managing these conditions effectively for dog breeds like Maltese and Fox Terrier. By staying proactive with preventive measures like regular dental cleanings and monitoring for signs of allergies, owners can ensure their foxee stays healthy.

Foxees, a dog breed, might develop plaque buildup or gum disease due to genetics or poor oral hygiene. Allergies can manifest as skin irritations or digestive troubles that require careful observation by owners. Patellar luxation is a condition where the kneecap dislocates easily; this issue often requires surgical intervention for correction.

Allergy Management

Managing allergies in foxee dogs, including maltese, is essential since they could inherit allergens from either parent breed. Monitoring their diet closely helps identify potential triggers that lead to allergic reactions. Creating an environment free of known allergens such as dust mites or specific foods can significantly reduce discomfort for these pups. Consulting a veterinarian is paramount for accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plans to alleviate allergy symptoms effectively.

For example, if a foxee shows signs of food sensitivities like itching or gastrointestinal upset after eating certain ingredients, switching to hypoallergenic dog food might be beneficial in managing the condition long-term.

Foxee Profiles

Notable Traits

Foxee dogs, a mix of fox terrier and maltese breeds, are known for their high energy level. They require regular exercise, like long walks or playtime in the yard. Mental stimulation is also crucial to keep them happy and healthy.

When properly socialized, Foxees tend to be good with children and other pets. This makes them excellent companions for families who have kids or other animals at home. Their friendly nature and playful demeanor make them great additions to households looking for an active furry friend.

These dogs are perfect for individuals or families who lead active lifestyles. Whether it’s going on hikes, playing fetch in the park, or engaging in agility training, Foxees thrive in environments that provide plenty of physical activity and mental challenges.

Breed Comparisons


Training a Foxee can be an enjoyable experience due to their intelligence and eagerness to learn new commands. These dogs respond well to positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and praise. Consistency is key when training a Foxee, as they can sometimes exhibit stubborn behavior typical of terriers. Short, engaging training sessions work best for this mixed breed.

Foxees are known for their ability to pick up commands quickly. They excel in agility and obedience competitions because of their high trainability levels. Socialization from a young age is crucial for Foxees to ensure they grow into well-rounded adult dogs that interact positively with other animals and people.

Allergies and Grooming

Due to the mixed heritage of Foxee dogs, they may inherit allergies common in both Maltese and Terrier breeds. This requires careful management through proper diet control and regular veterinary check-ups. Moreover, regular grooming is essential for maintaining the health of a Foxee’s coat and preventing matting issues that could lead to skin problems.

Consulting with a veterinarian will help determine the most suitable grooming routine tailored specifically for your Foxee dog’s needs based on its coat type. Seeking professional advice on allergy management plans can significantly improve your pet’s quality of life by minimizing any discomfort caused by allergic reactions or sensitivities.

Unique Aspects


Foxee dogs, a crossbreed of Fox Terrier and Maltese, are not officially recognized by major kennel clubs. Their existence relies on deliberate breeding practices between the Maltese and Fox Terrier parent breeds to create these unique hybrids. Responsible breeding is crucial to ensure the health and well-being of foxees, emphasizing ethical considerations in their reproduction.

It’s essential to prioritize the welfare of the offspring. Without official recognition from kennel clubs, maintaining maltese and fox terrier breed standards and promoting responsible ownership become paramount tasks for breeders and owners alike. By understanding the specific needs of both parent breeds during reproduction, breeders can work towards producing healthy foxee puppies with desirable traits.

Unique Breeds Insight

Crossbreeds like foxees provide a fascinating blend of characteristics inherited from their Fox Terrier and Maltese lineage. These hybrid dogs, like maltese and fox terrier, exhibit a diverse range of physical attributes and behavioral tendencies that make them stand out among other breeds. By delving into the distinctive features of each parent breed, prospective owners can gain valuable insights into what to expect when welcoming a foxee into their family.

The mix of traits from Fox Terriers’ energetic nature with Maltese’s affectionate temperament results in foxees that are lively yet loving companions suitable for various households. Their unique combination of maltese and fox terrier offers an exciting opportunity for dog enthusiasts seeking a pet with distinct qualities not typically found in purebred dogs.

Community Insights

Owner Experiences

Owners of Foxee dogs often describe them as affectionate and loyal companions. They enjoy the playful nature and intelligence of these mixed breed dogs. Foxees are known to form strong bonds with their owners, providing unwavering loyalty.

Many owners note the need for regular exercise and mental stimulation for Foxees. These energetic pups thrive on physical activities like walks, runs, or playtime in a fenced yard. Mental stimulation through interactive toys or training sessions helps keep their intelligent minds engaged.

Each owner’s experience may vary depending on the individual dog’s personality and upbringing. Some Foxee dogs may lean more towards the terrier side, exhibiting high energy levels and a strong prey drive. Others may showcase more Maltese traits, being gentle and affectionate lapdogs.


You’ve now got the lowdown on Foxee, from its quirky characteristics to its unique care needs and training tips. Keeping your furry friend healthy and happy is key, so make sure you’re up to speed on their wellness requirements. Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or a newbie in the game, Foxee’s charm and energy will surely win you over. Dive into the profiles and comparisons to see how the maltese and fox terrier breed stands out from the pack.

Now that you’re armed with all this info, go ahead and give your Foxee some extra belly rubs and a treat or two. And remember, a well-cared-for pup is a happy pup! Keep exploring the wonderful world of Foxees and share your experiences with fellow paw-rents. Your furry companion will thank you for it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Foxee’s temperament compare to other small dog breeds?

Foxee, being a mix of Fox Terrier and Maltese, typically inherits a blend of both breeds’ traits. They are often described as energetic like the Fox Terrier but also affectionate like the Maltese. This combination makes fox terriers lively companions with a loving nature.

What grooming routine is best for keeping a Foxee’s coat healthy?

Regular brushing and occasional grooming appointments are essential for maintaining a Foxee’s coat health. Their fur can range from short to medium in length, so consistent care helps prevent matting and keeps their fox terrier coat shiny and smooth.

Are there any common health issues that Foxees may be prone to?

Due to their mixed breed heritage, Foxees may inherit health conditions typical of both parent breeds. Keep an eye out for potential issues such as allergies, dental problems, luxating patella, or Legg-Calve-Perthes disease in fox terrier. Regular vet check-ups are crucial for early detection.

How should one approach training a Foxee considering its mixed breed characteristics?

Training a Foxee requires patience and consistency due to their potentially varied temperament traits inherited from both parent breeds. Positive reinforcement techniques work well with these intelligent fox terriers who respond better to rewards than harsh discipline methods.

What kind of exercise regimen suits a high-energy breed like the Foxee?

Given their energetic nature inherited from the terrier side, regular exercise is key for keeping your furry friend happy and healthy. Activities such as brisk walks, interactive play sessions, or agility training can help burn off excess energy while stimulating their sharp minds.