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Last Updated on November 9, 2023 by Scott Allen

How are the Yorkie Puppy’s Parents’ Temperaments? Questions to Ask

How are the Yorkie Puppy's Parents' Temperaments? Questions to Ask

The temperament of your future Yorkie puppy is greatly influenced by the temperaments of its parents.

That’s why assessing the parents’ personalities is crucial when getting a Yorkie puppy.

Here are some key questions to ask the breeder to understand the puppy’s lineage and likely temperament.

Health and Medical History

  • What health tests have the parents had? Reputable breeders will test the parents for genetic diseases common in Yorkies, like luxating patellas, collapsing trachea, and portosystemic shunt. Ask for proof of testing.
  • Do the parents have any congenital defects? Congenital defects, present from birth, can impact a dog’s health and temperament. The breeder should disclose any defects.
  • Have the parents been evaluated by a vet? Ask for a copy of the vet’s assessment of the parents’ overall health and temperament.
  • What is the lifespan of related dogs? This gives insight into the bloodline’s health. Yorkies generally live 11-15 years.
  • What medications are the parents on, if any? Medications can influence a dog’s behavior. Ask for details.

Living Environment

  • What is the parents’ living situation? Yorkies should be raised indoors with human interaction. Kennel conditions can negatively impact temperament.
  • How much daily human interaction do the parents get? Yorkies thrive on human bonding. Lack of interaction can cause anxiety or aggression.
  • Have the parents been socialized? Well-socialized parents are more likely to produce friendly, well-adjusted puppies.

Behavior and Temperament

  • How would you describe each parent’s personality? Get specifics to determine if the parents have sound temperaments.
  • Do the parents have any behavioral issues? For example, aggression, anxiety, or fearfulness. Many behavioral issues have genetic components.
  • Are the parents comfortable around strangers? Sociability and friendliness are ideal Yorkie traits. Watch the parents’ reactions.
  • Are the parents comfortable being handled? Yorkies should tolerate being touched, groomed, etc. without fear or aggression.
  • How do the parents react to noise? Yorkies can be easily startled. Nervous parents can pass that on genetically.
  • How energetic are the parents? Yorkies are active dogs, but nervous energy or hyperactivity can be problematic.

Interacting With the Parents

  • Can I meet at least one parent? Meeting a parent dog provides great insight into temperament. If not, ask why.
  • Can I see the parents interact with puppies? Watching parental behavior gives clues to what the puppy may act like.
  • How do the parents react to new people? Observe the parents’ reactions firsthand to assess their friendliness and sociability.


Assessing both parents provides great insight into your potential puppy’s health and temperament. Responsible breeders will be transparent about the parents’ medical history, behavior, and living conditions. Don’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions – this is a major commitment! With a healthy lineage and proper socialization, your Yorkie puppy is likely to become a wonderful companion.