How Much does a Teacup Yorkie Cost?

Teacup Yorkies may be tiny but they are adorable with their personalities. They’re not only strong and confident but are also extremely protective of their families.

Their slimmer stature also means that they’ll use less space in your home. They also don’t eat lots of food, which makes living by them simple.

The experience of welcoming the Teacup Yorkie within your home is, no certainty, an exciting experience, but you don’t need to shell out an arm and a leg to get one.

If you’re considering purchasing a Teacup Yorkie to bring joy to your home and your life be aware of the cost to steer clear of Teacup Yorkie price overstatements and scams that could be a possibility. To keep you informed on the latest news, here’s everything you must be aware of the price of Teacup Yorkies.

Before we dive into the price of the cost of a Teacup Yorkie, it is crucial to know the most important aspects that determine the cost of these small breeds.

In general, you’re likely to pay less or even more for the Teacup Yorkie due to the following reasons:

  • Heritage: Yorkshire Terriers bred from purebred AKC-certified Yorkshire Terries will cost you more than breeders who do not have such certificates. Teacup Yorkies bred from AKC champions or other costly Yorkies can also earn more prices due to the popularity of their parents. Their price can reach $10,000.
  • Gender female Teacup Yorkies are more expensive than males due to the possibility of breeding. If you purchase Teacup Yorkies from similar litters, you can expect to shell out $300-500 more for females. However, certain breeders, particularly those who require a spay/neuter contract could charge the exact amount for males as well as females.
  • The coat As with other breeds of dog, Teacup Yorkies that have rougher, less attractive coats cost less, while those with fine and glossy coats can cost more.
  • The Breeder’s location: When you’re purchasing a Teacup Yorkie from another state and the requirement to move the dog by air, you can expect that the cost of logistics will pass to the buyer. Even if it’s an hour’s drive away, certain breeders will still calculate the price of the final product based on distance. Expect to spend between $200-$1000 to pay for the cost of transportation including insurance, and other charges such as health certificates and crates when the breeder you prefer is located a long distance from you.
  • Applications Fees Certain breeders may also ask for a nonrefundable deposit of $200 and $300 to make an application or commitment.


So, how much does Teacup Yorkie cost? Based on the factors above the cost range for these adorable, small pets is huge. For the breeder you choose to buy from, you can expect to pay between $900 to $10,000. If you’re purchasing from a certified AKC breeder, prices will be between $1200 and $2000 that is a reasonable cost.

Anything above $2000 could be the price that is the result of Teacup Yorkies bred from AKC champion parents or breeders with notable reputations. If the dog does not come from a family of dog show champions but is still expensive, look closely for the breeder since they may be trying to make more money than the breed is worth.

However, on the other hand, any price lower than $1200-$900 could indicate that you’re purchasing the dog from a reputable but unreliable breeder. A Teacup Yorkie is a delicate breed of dog, and it’s not advisable to buy from a breeder who does not have proper certifications, otherwise, you may end up getting an animal that has a broad variety of health problems that could be dangerous.

In the end, it’s not recommended to spend more than $2500-$5000 for dogs who are not sized correctly since they aren’t in line with breed standards and can cost you thousands of money in vet bills. There is a good chance that a dog that weighs less than 4 pounds is inbred meaning there isn’t any genetic variation. This means you’ll suffer from physical changes and suppressed immune systems and a variety of behavioral problems. Because of these health risks, the Teacup Yorkie could not be your pet for a long time.

How Much is a Teacup Yorkie?
How Much is a Teacup Yorkie?


Teacup Yorkies developed from breeding standard-sized toy groups Yorkshire Terriers. In certain breeds, at least one of the puppies could be under the weight limit and the smaller pups gained popularity as novelty dogs.

It is believed that the Teacup Yorkie is so named due to their tiny size, they were, in adulthood, usually capable of fitting into the teacup. In the beginning, ethical and trustworthy Yorkie breeders kept these tiny dogs as pets by neutering or spaying them to stop the breed from reproducing.

Yorkie breeders generally do never use female Yorkies in breeding programs if they’ve got an adult weight less than 5 pounds, due to the increased chance of complications during pregnancy and the risk of having tiny and potentially unhealthy puppies.

Certain Yorkie breeders recognized the potential market opportunities for the tiniest of the Yorkie dogs and decided to try to breed the smaller or smaller dimensions. Although there were initially significant health concerns regarding how healthy these tiny Yorkies and their breeders are, more comprehensive breeding programs built around the development of healthful Teacup Yorkies are now available. However, there is a good amount of debate within Yorkie breeders about the morality of breeding tiny Yorkie dogs. New owners must take note of the concern.

The most fundamental physical characteristics that a healthy Teacup Yorkie puppy or adult dog should possess include:


A Teacup Yorkie should have a flat skull that is on top, without a dome. Also, the muzzle should be shorter rather than long.

The bite could be level or scissor, but there should not be an excessive or inadequate bite. The lips and nose should be dark and your eyes must be of medium dimensions and dark shade.

They are V-shaped and are carried up in a straight position. They shouldn’t be too close to the skull and should emphasize face shape. Teacup Yorkies face.




The term “head fall” refers to the long hair that covers the face of the teacup Yorkie. It should be a dark golden tan. It should also be darker on the sides of the ears, the top of the head, and the muzzle.

The tan color shouldn’t extend into the neck’s back instead, it should be the body’s darker color.

Legs and chest

The legs and chest should be a golden tan color and must be lustrous looking, never faded, or washed out.

The chest should be proportional to the overall length of the body. It should not be excessively narrow.




The body is quite small and flat. The Teacup Yorkie is not supposed to look frail.

The backline should be straight with the height of the shoulders in front being equal to the hips’ height.

Feet and legs

Both rear and front legs should be straight, with no turning when looking from the rear or the front. Teacup Yorkies should look comparable to regular Yorkie dogs.

The back legs may have some moderate bending at the stifle when seen from the sides.

The feet must be round and toenails should be black.


A tail Teacup Yorkie is docked to an average length and carried slightly higher than the back.




One of the most significant characteristics of Teacup Yorkies Teacup Yorkie is its distinctive long coat. The coat should be shiny, and also very delicately texture.

The coat should reach the ground and be straight, not curly or wavy.



Puppy puppies are born with tan and black coloring and may mix dark hairs and brown.

As they grow older, dark hairs will fall off and they will not be able to distinguish between head and body shades at the time of maturity.

The body is to be a blue color, meaning it’s going to be steel blue and not silver-blue. It can also be free of mixing Tan colors.



The Teacup Yorkie should also have:

A clear, intelligent, and alert expression, and one must be conscious of one’s surroundings.

Ears, eyes, and nose free of any symptoms of discharges of any type.

Well-developed and strong leg and upper body.

Teacup Yorkies must be well organized in how they move. They must not appear weak or limping.

Teacup Yorkies shouldn’t have any unpleasant smell within the mouth, as this could be an indication of dental issues and digestive problems.

In general, the Teacup Yorkie should be a moderately active puppy or dog who is alert and active.

If they seem withdrawn or tense, this could indicate that they’re not healthy or have a weak or difficult personality.

Meet with various Yorkie breeders before deciding to purchase the Teacup Yorkie and make sure you are as informed as possible about choosing the most healthy Teacup Yorkie.




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