How To Bring Home a New Puppy | Essential Tips For Adopting a New Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy can be a daunting task. Many people are worried about how they will successfully introduce their new pet to the household. In this article, I will share my thoughts on the best way to introduce a new puppy into your home. I will discuss tips I have learned from my own experiences. Additionally, I will provide you with some tips to avoid common mistakes. One of the best ways to ensure the adoption of a healthy puppy is the proper introduction.

Bringing Home a New Puppy

When bringing home a new puppy, I recommend putting your new puppy into a crate in your bedroom. If you do not crate train your new puppy, do not bring him home to his new home without a crate. Introduce your new puppy to your other dog using a crate. Place the new puppy in his crate while your other dog is free. Sit in your bedroom with your new puppy in the crate. Show your new puppy the crate by entering it and closing the door. Put your dogs in separate rooms while this is happening. This will be very stressful for the new puppy. Eventually, he will become comfortable with his crate and his new room, but it will take some time. After a few days, your new puppy will become used to his crate. Introduce your new puppy to your home.

Preparing for Your New Puppy

Before bringing home a puppy, you need to prepare. This may include: Having an appointment set up with a vet. Buying supplies and accessories for your puppy. Determining a name. Choosing a name is the first step in having a successful adoption. However, it is not the only step. Before you can properly introduce your new pet, you must educate yourself. Below are a few tips to help you become an educated pet owner.

Buy the Right New Puppy Supplies

As soon as your puppy is ready to go home, go out and buy a bag of supplies for the new family member. This includes a new collar, toys, food, and even a leash. As long as your puppy is a healthy pup, you should be fine purchasing the supplies separately. The supplies that you should be purchasing for your new pup include: ● A Puppy Crate ● Food ● Toys ● A New Collar ● Cleaning Supplies (e.g. puppy wipes, puppy shampoo) The three supplies I recommend purchasing together are the crate, the toys, and the collar. You can find crates at pet stores, online, and at local resale shops. In my experience, pet stores do not usually provide food or toys for the litter. I like to purchase the food and toys at places that offer great deals and coupons.

Puppy Proof Your House

Many people don’t realize the importance of taking the time to dog proof their home before adopting a puppy. Prior to adopting, find out if your new puppy is already crate trained. A crate ensures your dog will be confined. Also, the crate will provide a safe place for your new puppy to be when you’re not home. You should also find out if your new puppy will have access to any food that is not approved for dog consumption. This can lead to gastrointestinal problems and possibly fatal illness. It’s also important to find out if your puppy has access to medication. If you have pets, they may need the medication. Familiarize Your Puppy With the Dogs If you have a puppy with any past exposure to animals, make sure to familiarize the puppy with the dogs that live in your home.

Introduce the New Puppy to Their Family

The best way to introduce a new puppy to the entire family is to have a family meeting at a neutral location. Have everyone in the family, including the prospective adopter, at the meeting. Once everyone has arrived, start the meeting by introducing the puppy to one family member at a time. The puppy is introduced to one person at a time in a casual setting and not in the home. The entire family is not permitted to pet or touch the puppy at this meeting. Keep the meeting as casual as possible, allowing everyone a chance to explore the new puppy and learn about their new member of the family. During the meeting, everyone will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and their children.

Start New Puppy Potty Training Right Away

First off, you will want to make sure you start a new puppy potty training as soon as possible. I am a big advocate of using a puppy pad for your new puppy. After they are weaned, you can simply place a puppy pad in each room of your home. You should place them in the bathroom, and around the litter box. Using puppy pads will ensure that your puppy is potty trained before you bring them into your home. This will allow you to avoid the inevitable mistakes that will be made when your puppy attempts to train themselves. Never Give Your Puppy Alcohol Many owners know that their puppies tend to drink their pee when they are bored. Unfortunately, there is a type of food that is thought to help stimulate their drinking.

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