Feed a Yorkie Puppy

When feeding the Yorkie puppy it is important to provide a diet that will meet his nutritional requirements and needs. Yorkies are very picky eaters, so your goal is to buy high-quality food that is specially designed for Yorkie puppies that your dog will like.

Feeding the first few days: Moving to a new place is a very stressful event for your puppy. Therefore, keep feeding him the same food he is used to forming the first week. You can get it from the breeder or a pet store the same day you are buying your Yorkie. After a week, you can start slowly switching to a different brand. Over a period of 7-10 days mix the old food with the new food, increasing the daily amount of the new food so it is 100% by day seven. Only switch your Yorkie’s food if you’re sure the quality is better. Never switch food just to save money. Nutritional value is more important than saving a few dollars on a bag of Yorkie food.

Types of food: There are three types of dog food dry kibble, semi-moist and canned. Canned food is full of fat and also has about 80% of water. The semi-moist foods contain about 55% of water. Basically, you end up paying more money for less food. Dry food is really the best choice for your money.

What food to use?

When picking the food for your Yorkie puppy, make sure it is free from by-products and fillers. The bottom line is that you get what you paid for. Economy brands like Beneful and Purina are made of the cheapest ingredients available and contain a lot of by-products. Remember, high-quality food is one of the most important factors in the puppy’s healthy growth and development.

I personally fed my Yorkie Pumpkin with Diamond Puppy Food until she turned 10 months. Two Veterinarian Clinics have recommended it and also Pumpkin liked it a lot. This is a dry food that is designed especially for Puppies and meets all of their needs. It has specially formulated nutrients to support puppy’s rapid growth, intense flavors and aromas to stimulate Yorkie appetite, boosts it’s immune system and also has a blend of fibers that gently support the puppy’s healthy digestion.

How To Feed A Yorkie Puppy
How To Feed A Yorkie Puppy

Feeding Schedule

Puppies have a small stomach and can’t hold a lot of food. To make sure they are getting all the nutrition they need it’s better to give them multiple small meals. When Sofia was a puppy, I fed her 3 times a day. She got meal #1 at 6 am, meal #2 at 1 pm and meal #3 at 6 pm. As she got older, I switched to 2 meals a day.

Amount to feed: Follow the guidelines on the bag and avoid overfeeding your dog. I gave Sofia about 1/2 cup a day till she was 6 months old.

Tip: Don’t give your dog scraps from the table. Not only scraps usually are higher in calories and fat, but also once you do, your dog will always ask you for food while you are eating. Excluding the table, scraps will help to prevent obesity.

Homemade food

Besides the dry food, Pumpkin also gets cooked chicken. I usually buy a big package of chicken breast when it is on sale which ends up costing around $10. I freeze one half and cook the other half, around 4 chicken breasts.

To cook chicken breast, first, cut it into big pieces. Put it in cold water and bring to a boil. Do not add any salt or spices. Your dog doesn’t need extra flavors. It should take you anywhere from 40 min to 1 hour to cook it properly. To find out if it is cooked, insert a knife or fork deep into the breast and peel it back to see if the meat is white throughout.

Next, get the chicken out of the water and cut it into small pieces. The smaller the pieces the easier it would be to mix it with the dry food. After it cools down, I put it into a ziplock and freeze it. You can split it in half and leave some cooked chicken in a refrigerator. Since Pumpkin doesn’t care, I freeze the whole thing. That way, I know it is fresh. It takes only a few minutes for small pieces to defrost.

Pumpkin also loves baby carrots. One carrot gets her busy for around 10 min. She usually shreds it into small pieces eating only a half of it. Hope you’ve enjoyed this information.

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