How to House Train Your Teacup Yorkie

The most challenging part of owning a Yorkie is house training for most people. However, for Yorkies, house training can be challenging. Yorkies are very smart and very stubborn. Without consistent training, Yorkies can take an extremely long time to train.

I have had many frustrated Yorkie owners ask me for training advice. Most of the time, problems stem from inconsistent training. For example, if your job requires you to be away from home for 9 hours a day it can be very difficult. Unless you take some vacation time to focus on training while they are a puppy, your Yorkie will take a very long time to learn the rules of going potty.

So, if you are reading this before bringing your new Yorkie home, do your best to plan on having a week or more at home with your new addition to get training off on the right foot. But, on the other hand, if you are reading this as a frustrated owner of an untrained Yorkie, do not despair. It takes time, patience, and consistency, and your Yorkie can be trained.

First of all, Yorkies respond very well to positive reinforcement. They’ll do what you want them to do if they know they’ll be rewarded. So when your Yorkie is in the right place, give it lots of praise. Use hugs, hugs, a “good boy” or a “good girl,” and lots of hugs and kisses.

It won’t take long for your Yorkie to master potty training with enthusiastic positive reinforcement. Do not let up on the praise or treats until your Yorkie is fully trained. On the other hand, scolding and punishment for accidents are a major no-no for any dog owner.

Scolding is counterproductive and will only make your Yorkie confused and upset. So don’t hit your Yorkie or rub his face in the spot where the accident occurred. Instead, be patient, kind, and enthusiastic when he “hits the mark.”

There are several typical options where your Yorkie will go potty.

#1. Inside on puppy pads or newspaper
#2. Inside a special dog litter box
#3. Inside with an indoor potty system (like sod or fake grass)
#4. Outside on a harness and a leash (not a collar)
#5. Outside in a fenced yard
#6. An inside/outside combo
#7. Outside except when your Yorkie is home alone or the weather is bad
#8. Crate Training

Whichever method you choose, be consistent. Predictability is the key when it comes to training a Yorkie. Setting up a schedule is paramount. If you are using a puppy pad or newspapers, place your Yorkie on the designated area on the same schedule you would if you were taking your Yorkie outside.

Also, remember to put the pad or papers in a place that is easy to clean up and is far enough away from your Yorkie’s food that he will be comfortable eliminating. If you’re using the outdoor method, bring your Yorkie to the same spot every time you’re outdoors until it “gets.” Choose a good location like a beautiful square.

When it comes to crate training, the concept is that your Yorkie will stop going potty inside the crate. Then you can take him out to his suitable potty location as quickly as you permit him out of the crate. Many Yorkies discover the crate to be a totally calming chilled region to “get away” from noise and stress. It may take some effort from you the owner for your Yorkie puppy to get adjust to the crate.

Remember: Your Yorkie puppy shouldn’t be in its crate for greater than four hours at a time without a potty break. If you leave them in the crate all day, don’t expect them to not pee and poop in the crate while you’re gone. That’s just too much to ask. The teacup Yorkie bladder is tiny and can’t hold pee for that long, let alone number two.

In conclusion, remember to follow the steps mentioned above and be consistent with your training. It might take weeks or even months, but if you teach your Yorkie repeatedly, the repetition will take over they will develop good habits that you can be proud of. Hopefully, you will have a well-educated and well-mannered Yorkie in no time. Best of Luck!