Keep Your Yorkie From Chewing

Just like human beings, dogs like Yorkies also struggle with behaviors that are not desirable such as chewing. These traits are carried from the time they were born until they become an adult, and this is very true with Yorkies.

Chewing is a behavior that is considered good because it cleanses the teeth and gums of the dog, making it healthy. It is technically not easy to eliminate Yorkie chewing since the behavior is exhibited for a number of reasons and it is considered natural for the dog to do.

The Problem with Yorkie Chewing

Yorkie chewing only poses an issue when the dog starts to bite things around the house like your most treasured pair of shoes.

Chewing is considered a natural outlet of dog’s attention and it just simply directing its energy towards anything that might have your smell. Your dog is not angry that you left him alone. Also, don’t think of giving your dog a punishment because it chewed up your shoes since it is thought of as normal to the dog.

Naturally, dogs love to chew on things. They can chew on their food as well as their toys but you should not give your dog the freedom to just chew on anything just because you love each other. It shows that the problem lies not in his chewing, but in what he chooses to chew.

Redirecting Your Yorkie’s Chewing

Giving your dog a toy or any proper alternative to chew on is the best way to teach him to redirect his energy for chewing. There are a lot of items made just for dogs to chew available in the market today.

Finding the perfect chewing alternative for your dog is a trial and error process. You must choose a toy of a specific type which appeals most to your dog.

How To Keep Your Yorkie From Chewing
How To Keep Your Yorkie From Chewing

The Incorrect Substitutes For Your Yorkie

The next thing you can do is to replace the inappropriate thing the dog chews with a toy substitute but it’s still possible that if you are not around, your dog might just be chewing what he is not supposed to chew.

Dogs will use the chewing toys when it is left alone with only a few options. This works when you limit the access for your dog to chew on inappropriate things.

Better Yorkie Life for Everyone

Dogs will try chewing anything if they are left alone. They might chew on things that may pose a potential danger to their health since they don’t understand which is proper. It would be less hazardous if the dogs are given substitute items because it will result in lessening your frustration and solve your Yorkie chewing issues.

The best way to keeping your Yorkie unharmed is to make sure that it is aware of what items he should and should not chew. Ingestion of electrical cords, shoes, plants, and rings due to chewing or destroying inappropriate things may pose harm to your dog. It is important to make the dog aware of what he should and should not chew.

It would be a great idea to provide dog toys for chewing according to its appropriate size and age. So it is very important that in trying to address Yorkie chewing issues, it is essential that you choose the proper items for substitute.

Although a pair of sneakers or any shoe is all right for chewing, the dog might just be flustered if he is reprimanded for chewing another type of shoe and allowed to chew on another. An old sneaker about to be thrown as rubbish would be different from a set of new ones purchased with your last paycheck. Your dog can distinguish between the to very easily since it may be chewing on the item because your distinctive smell is on it and the dog wants to be close to you.

After it is instilled in him that he should only be chewing on the right items, he won’t even think or consider chewing on your pillows, shoes or furniture. That is why it is best to make certain that he only has access to appropriate things.

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