How to Make Your Yorkie Dog Stop Jumping on You or Others

How to Make Your Yorkie Stop Jumping

Yorkies are considered to be hunting dogs as they were breed to hunt hundreds of years ago. They were raised to hunt small game animals all day long. Their advantage with other dogs includes their agility and a ton of endurance suitable for hunting and pursuing their prey.

Yorkie jumping is common because they are known for their jumping abilities. So it is very important to that we understand how dangerous they can be in a household setting due to their active personas.

Yorkies Injury and Property Damage

When they are in motion and jumping around, sometimes they are not aware of the danger they can cause to themselves or people, when they are in a cluttered place with many objects. They could also damage your property if they are jumping on it or moving it around the house.

Yorkies, as they age, develop a sense of cautiousness that keeps them from danger or accidents. However, this sense has not developed in puppies yet since they are still learning and practicing their skills of jumping. They are more likely to hurt themselves or people around them.

So it is important that we are aware of Yorkies jumping behaviors. Jumping Yorkies could cause serious damage to your property and could hurt people – especially children.

Yorkie Athletic Abilities

Yorkies once were in the wild hunting game with their masters. Today’s Yorkies are most likely not hunting as they use to in the past but they still have the instincts and hunting abilities which includes their love of physical activities.

We should understand that keeping them busy with physical activities and exercise would keep them active and happy. Yorkies have their own way of using their excess energy, sometimes in pointless ways like running around the house or jumping off of your walls.

Yorkies jumping often occurs when they do not get enough exercise. One of the best ways to keep Yorkies from jumping around is to tire them out by giving them enough exercise.

How to Make Your Yorkie Dog Stop Jumping on You or Others
How to Make Your Yorkie Dog Stop Jumping on You or Others

Other Reasons for Yorkie Jumping

Have you notice when you sometimes arrive at home from work your dog runs towards you and suddenly jump on you? One reason why a Yorkie jumps is because they are excited. In this case you just need to train your Yorkie early on not to jump you or other people.

Sadly, there are more reasons why Yorkies jump other than excitement. Yorkies may jump on people or animals sometimes not because they are excited but because they want to show that they are dominate over the other person or animal. This could be a bigger problem than just jumping because this issue just evolved into an overall obedience problem that needs to be dealt with.

Yorkies only try to show their dominance if they already believes that he is in charged. So jumping on the person or animal is his way of communicating to the new person or animal that he is king.

You as his master should have already claimed your spot as the pack leader. If you did then he would not have tried to act as the dominate party in the relationship and would have instead look to you for guidance to learn how he should act. If you accepted the new person or animal in the home then he would follow you and accept the person or animal too.

Reducing the Jumping Inclinations

Yorkie are great dogs as they are alert, smart and a loyal breed. Yorkie jumping and other behavioral issues most of the time are able to be controlled if you know the proper way to train them.

These suggested tips are effective for your Yorkie to curb his jumping. But if you are not patient or just do not have the time to train your dog, Yorkies may not be right breed for you. However, with correct and effective training, a Yorkie and your family can live together very happily.

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