How to Make Your Yorkie Stop Growling

How to Make Your Yorkie Stop Growling

Many dog owners find Yorkie growling as a terrifying and wearisome issue. There are various reasons why Yorkies growl so it is important for you to know the different causes.

Generally, Yorkies can consider people or various objects to be a threat and she growls as a warning sign for the person or object to stay away. Yorkies also normally react by growling when he is scared or injured.

The Reasons Yorkies Growl

Many people often mistakenly judge Yorkie growling to be aggressive but that is not always true. You need to figure out why she is growling. Once you find out what makes your dog growl, you’re already formulating a solution to correct the behavior.

Actually, most dogs do tell people that they don’t want a fight by growling. It is their way of avoiding confrontation, so if the person or object doesn’t understand this hint, the dog would likely react by biting due to its fear or anger.

Tackling the Cause of Yorkie Growling

In many cases, a dog with a growling problem will growl at people and other animals in the wrong situations. Correcting this behavior will likely unveil an underlying behavioral problem that needs to be addressed.

Therefore, these cases have to be dealt with accordingly and simultaneously since growling is merely an indication of more severe aggression.

When an injured area of a dog who is hurt is touched, he begins to growl at people, even his owner. He resorts to this type of reaction because it is a way of hiding his weakness like he would need to do in the wild. When your dog is hurt and growling it is best to have your dog treated by a vet as soon as possible.

A Yorkie may stop growling if you eliminate the pain he is experiencing. Yet, if the growling is too ingrained already because of the prolonged pain, you may have to deal with it as a separate matter once the dog has already recovered.

Anxiety is another reason for Yorkies growling. A dog can be triggered to be aggressive to cope with its fear and he can act more unpredictable and dangerous if his fear is not addressed.

Putting a stop into your dog’s growling can be achieved the moment you find out the reason for his behavior.

How to Make Your Yorkie Stop Growling
How to Make Your Yorkie Stop Growling

Early Socialization is Key

At an early age, socializing your dog is a great start for her to cope with other people and objects. It will also be a great prevention activity in dealing with Yorkie growling issues.

Sometimes, anxiety and aggression result from fear of strangers and other people, so as a pup, dogs must be exposed to many various kinds of people, other places, and with other dogs in order to prevent this growling problem.

A playgroup with a trainer would be a big help in socializing your Yorkie in case your puppy is too young for actual training lessons. This would ensure good interactions with other dogs with people in the room or park.

Dog obedience courses are perfect for young and older dogs who have growling issues since they are given a chance to socialize with other dogs in a structured setting. The instruction of a private trainer may be needed if your Yorkie growling problems are too severe for other dogs to interact with him in the beginning.

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