Stimulate Hair Growth in the Teacup Yorkie

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Purebred Teacup Yorkshire terriers are popular pet breeds across the globe.

Many reasons could affect hair growth in Yorkies, such as diseases, age, bad grooming habits, and an unhealthy diet.

Loss of hair or lack of hair growth could be signs of a more significant issue that requires a visit to a vet.

There are a variety of options to help your Yorkie have a healthy coat.


Stimulate Hair Growth

Feed your teacup Yorkie an enriched diet rich in protein and nutrients.

Select a diet that has been designed for small dogs and is rich in essential fats.

Omega-6 is a fatty acid that helps keep your skin oily and healthy for optimal hair growth.

For small dogs, one like a Yorkie, adding one spoonful of vegetable oils to the dry food she regularly eats is also possible.

This will help to ensure a desirable coat when commercially-available dog food does not give you the results you desire.


Bathing Your Yorkie

Bathe your teacup Yorkie regularly by using warm water and the proper dog shampoo.

Massage the shampoo into the hair with gentle circular movements as you gently massage her skin to stimulate hair follicles.

Cleanse her hair using the dog grooming brush at least once, at least once every day.

Use the brush gently to move it through the hair several times, from front to back and down her legs.

This is not just a way to remove knots and tangles, but it also gets rid of dead hair and stimulates the hair follicles to produce healthy hair.

Take your Teacup Yorkie to an approved vet if none of the above methods work or if you observe an increase in hair loss or loss of hair.

The vet can determine if the issue results from a virus, hormonal issue or parasitic, or caused by age or other reasons.

He might be able to prescribe food supplements or medications to encourage the growth of the healthy coat.


How to Stimulate Hair Growth in the Teacup Yorkie
How to Stimulate Hair Growth in the Teacup Yorkie