How To Stop Your Dog From Chasing Cars: The Ultimate Guide for Owners

There are two kinds of dogs: those that chase cars and those that don’t. I know you’re probably reading this because of the title and the picture of a dog running after a car. If your dog does that, you’re probably wondering how to stop it. Well, I can tell you that your dog is probably not chasing the car because it’s fun. It’s probably doing it because it’s a nuisance. When your dog is chasing cars, it’s usually because it’s bored, it’s frustrated or you don’t pay attention to it. So how do you stop your dog from chasing cars?

How to Stop Your Dog From Chasing Cars

1. Show More Appreciation If your dog is bored, frustrated or annoyed, it’s likely that he will try to run after the car. If you show more appreciation and give your dog more attention, he’ll be less likely to chase the car. So, if you walk your dog, don’t just let him loose, grab him and sit him on your lap. This gets him interested in you and his surroundings. 2. Spend More Time With Your Dog If you don’t have time for your dog and you can’t devote more time to him, perhaps it’s time to rethink his lifestyle. Your dog needs a structured and predictable lifestyle. If you can’t provide that, consider finding a dog trainer. 3. Pay More Attention to Your Dog When your dog is chasing cars, it’s because you aren’t paying attention to him.

Tips for Changing Your Dog’s Behavior

It’s more about the way you approach your dog than anything else. So here are some tips to stop your dog from chasing cars: Don’t just tell your dog to stop doing something. Chances are your dog is doing it because you’ve told it to stop. What you need to do is let your dog do what it’s been doing for years (hint: doing what you don’t want it to do). The next time your dog gets that pouncey, silly look on its face while running towards a car, just ignore it. Chances are your dog will give up soon enough. If your dog refuses to stop running, then I would suggest that you try carrying it. My one dog isn’t a fan of carrying around, so we usually just hold hands and walk around. If your dog seems too eager, the only thing you can do is pick it up and run.

Games for Dogs Who Chase Cars

If your dog wants to chase cars, then you’ll need to come up with a new game. One that will make it less interested in that activity. So let’s talk about different things to play with your dog that will change their mind about chasing cars. 1. Fetch I know some of you are probably thinking, “I don’t want my dog to have a boring life”, and you’re not wrong. But if your dog is bored, then do something like this instead. Your dog will love it. Just get a dog toy and throw it as far as you can. Your dog will be very happy with the toy in its mouth. And then, you repeat it over and over and over. It won’t take long before your dog will get bored. So keep doing it, but don’t get tired. The second thing you should do is take the toy away from your dog.

What Not to Do With Dogs Who Chase Cars

As with any behavior problem, your first step should be to identify the problem. If your dog does not chase cars simply because he’s too little and doesn’t understand, then a few options might help: Do what works best for your dog—don’t just try to change everyone’s behavior Redirect your dog’s attention to something different Give rewards and praise for stopping Figure out the root of the behavior and try to correct that If you’re really stuck, there’s nothing wrong with working with a professional, like a trainer or behaviorist. It’s worth it to pay a professional’s fee for that kind of information. I know I’ve written before that there are times when dogs should just be left alone because they can’t help it. But that’s not the case with dogs who chase cars.

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