Stop Your Yorkie from Biting

Most people prefer to have Yorkies as their pet because they are caring and devoted dogs. But there are factors that could boost its aggression into a huge Yorkie biting issue. Most of the reasons they choose to bite are because of their nature or their environment. The good thing is that there are ways that you can prevent Yorkie biting.

Yorkies Bite – Why?

As we all know, its normal for any dogs to bite. Yorkies are smart and highly reactive in nature. Because of this trait, people that live with your dog could greatly affect how they behave. They can develop a sense of fear and anxiousness easily depending on the treatment towards them.

Also, if you have small pets at home like birds or hamsters, Yorkies are not recommended to have since they may see the animal as prey. Although they are capable of living together with other domestic animals without hurting them, it is better that they are introduce to them in at a early age. Once they adapt with the animals, the chance of having Yorkie biting incidents with the animal is severely lessened.

Fear is the main cause why Yorkie biting issues occur. Biting when they feel fear is an instinctive action they feel is necessary to protect themselves against a stranger or another dog.

Fear develops in Yorkies between 7 to 15 weeks of age. This is the stage where your attention is needed to help your dog minimize their fears and anxieties.

As the master, you need to let your dog know that they do not need to have any fear. However, do not cuddle them or reassure them when they show fear because you will you’re the fear worse by showing them that it is ok to have the fear.

In addition, dogs are totally dependent on what you can provide to them. Fear can be developed in them as well when they don’t have permanent and secure environment. It is not enough to just give them what they need.

Unlike humans, they need more than just attention and affection. Showing your Yorkie that you’re leading them will make them feel protected. Just like the alpha leader of the pack, he is their guide and protector. He makes the whole pack feel at ease. Since you are the leader of the home, you are now the pack leader and you should not have anything to fear because they have you to rely on to get them out of any harm.

If you are adopting a Yorkie, you might consider the history and previous environment of the dog as well. Mistreatment and early life abuse could also contribute to fear they may have.

How to Stop Your Yorkie Dog from Biting You or Others
How to Stop Your Yorkie Dog from Biting You or Others

How to Handle Yorkie Biting

You must be very attentive when your dog starts biting because of fear. Training them carefully to stop the fear which causes them to bite is very important. Acting like a alpha leader is the main key when training you dog to calm down. Remember that you should show them positive reinforcement or it will make the fear and biting episodes worse.

You will need to increase your Yorkie’s confidence. This can be done through obedience training that allows you to give your dog treats as a reward for excellent performance. It is also important lessen any fears it may have through a desensitizing.

One example would be if your dog is fearful of the neighborhood children riding their bicycles. You don’t have to let your dog go near the children on bicycle, but, you can let your dog watching the children on the bikes and give it positive reinforcement in the form of dog treats when it is still and behaving.

Biting can be a serious problem for a large quantity of dog owners. But, if you obedience train your pup at a young age when it is more susceptible to the training, you will see that your Yorkie will transform into a more relaxed dog that is comfortable with its surroundings and you as his leader.

If you have done everything you can for your Yorkie biting problem and it could not be changed or the dog becomes even more forceful, you really need to seek out help from an skilled trainer. Training your dog at home can really help a lot, but if the dog’s fear extremely ingrained, a professional can help you eliminate it.

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