How to Take Care of a Yorkie Rescue Dog

Good for you if you’re thinking of getting an adult Yorkshire Terrier (a Yorkie) as a pet! Countless Yorkshire Terriers require rehoming. However, there are several considerations to determine whether a Yorkie rescue dog would get along well with your family. Knowing how to take care of a Yorkie rescue dog will help you save a great deal of heartache in the future.

In animal shelters or rescues, male Yorkshire Terriers predominate. Most Yorkies weigh more than ten pounds. Therefore, they have stronger frames than teacup- or show-quality Yorkies. A purebred Yorkie frequently exhibits flaws that would exclude them from the show ring.

How to Take Care of a Yorkie Rescue Dog

Are Yorkie Rescues Harder to Take Care of?

Yorkies require the same amount of time and care as large dogs. They require a lot of care and attention, even if they don’t need as much exercise as a large dog. There are exceptions to the general rule, but Yorkies are not the breed for those who have never owned a dog.

It’s possible that your Yorkie rescue dog doesn’t look exactly like the champion show Yorkies in dog breed books or online. Your Yorkie is still a real Yorkie, despite this. The Yorkshire Terriers frequently fall short of the high show standards.

The chances are that your Yorkie will be far healthier than a three-pound teacup Yorkshire Terrier if it weighs more than seven pounds and is not overweight. Your dog might also have floppy ears, a strange color coat, or an overbite. However, the dog might still be purebred.

How to Take Care of a Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Dog

What about Potty Training a Rescue Yorkie?

Housebreaking concerns are the most frequent problem people have with Yorkie rescue dogs. Because their little bladders can’t store a lot of urine, all toy dogs frequently have accidents. However, many Yorkies may be taught to easily use a litter box.

If your dog can’t go outside once every four hours during the day, expect them to have an accident. Make sure you have cleaning supplies, and remove anything priceless from the floor.

Before adopting a Yorkie rescue dog, there are two important considerations. The cost of caring for them is more than that of a typical dog. They need to have their smooth, quickly-growing coats trimmed roughly once a month, either by you or a professional groomer. They frequently need to visit the vet several times a year and have some of the weakest teeth in the dog kingdom.

Yorkies frequently struggle with holding their urine until they can go outside. But it’s typically possible to train these cunning dogs to use a cat litter box. Accidents can happen anytime, so you must know how to clean them up. If you’ve never trained a dog to be housebroken before, you’ll need a lot of instruction. Asking for assistance with your Yorkie should never be fearful.


How to Take Care of a Yorkie Rescue Puppy


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