How To Teach Your Kids To Play With Your Yorkie

How To Teach Your Kids To Play With Your Yorkie

Making sure your new Yorkie puppy is receiving the proper nutrition and care is very important but there is something just as well needed, socializing your new Yorkie puppy with your children and family. Socializing is the time when your puppy develops close relationships with other living beings in its home.

Your Yorkie puppy has a sense of good and bad and takes it very seriously.
Rough behavior, pulling, grabbing will make your puppy uncomfortable with that specific person when all grown up.

This type of behavior will at first make your puppy afraid and later your now grown dog may develop scare bites due to puppy stage experiences.

Here are some great ways breeders and specialists recommend socializing with your new Yorkie puppy.

Play Games with your new Puppy. Yorkie’s love playing hide and seek. Puppies are great at finding food, their favorite toys and people in the house.

Its not always necessary to go outside and play with your puppy. Children and puppies will enjoy this game if the weather does not permit.

Your child can hide in his/her favorite hiding spot and quietly call out your puppy’s name. The sniffing and fun will start.

Have your child hold a treat for when the puppy finally finds the secret spot.

Your children can ask the puppy to wait in a room while they run and hide a favorite puppy toy with a treat near it.

Have them ask the puppy “Where’s your toy boy” and the race will begin.

The first few times explain to the children to make the hiding spots easier for the puppy to find.

When the puppy finds the treat and toy, act totally surprised. You can start making it harder for him every time as he goes getting better.

Yorkie’s are always up for a challenge! Grab some old rope and head outside into the yard. Your puppy will surely be right behind you.

Let the puppy scent the rope and play with it. You can throw the rope and have the puppy run and bring it back to you a few times before you start your TUG A WAR game.

Once the puppy is used to the rope and doesn’t want to give it up you can start by gently tugging the rope from the puppy.

Let your puppy win the first few times by letting go and acting surprised.

How To Teach Your Kids To Play With Your Yorkie
How To Teach Your Kids To Play With Your Yorkie

Sometimes they will jump back on you to continue playing. You can TUG all over the yard; your puppy will give you friendly play growls and maybe even a bark.

Don’t be afraid, this is just your puppy expressing itself. While playing this game you can also take the time and have some fun training.

While you are tugging ask your puppy to sit and repeat until the puppy has sat. Make sure you let go of the rope and applaud the puppy with a treat or a hug “Good Boy” or “Good Job Girl”.

Sensitive spots for your puppy

We all have the tickle fear, our toes, feet, and tummy. Makes you giggle doesn’t it? Puppies have it to!

Yorkie are sensitive around their ears, muzzle, whiskers, toes, belly and sometimes their tail. When you first receive your new puppy starts making these areas feel more comfortable.

Rub and massage your puppies ears when you have time, it feels nice to them. Gently play with your puppies toes and make sure that you trim the nails when needed.

Give your puppy tummy massages and rubs. Socializing with your new puppy this way will make it much easier to interact later on in life.

Vet visits, friends and family will not have to be cautious about where they pet your Yorkie. This type of interacting will provide your puppy with the confidence needed.

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