How to Trim Your Yorkie’s Dog’s Toe-Nails

How to Trim Your Yorkies Nails

Nails Triming “How to Trim your Puppy or Yorkie dogs Nails”

One important way to keep your Yorkie dog in good health is by trimming his nails regularly. When left untrimmed the nails may curl over as they are allowed to grow for too long. As the Yorkie dog walks it can be painful, especially if the nail pierces into its paws. This can lead not only to severe pain but infection as well. Also, if the nails are not cut at least once a month, the quick or vein will grow with the nail and makes it very difficult to cut properly.

A Yorkie dogs nails should just touch the ground as he walks. If your Yorkie dogs nails are clicking or snagging on things, then it is definitely time for a trim! If a Yorkie dog has never had its nails cut or trimmed before, it is a good idea to get him use to it first. First, sit with him a few times a day and gently tap the clippers against his nails and rubbing his ears may help with your Yorkie dogs anxiety. During these sessions have a favorite treat at the ready and also at the end. So, keep the treats that you have chosen for this time only, that way he will know what this time is for.

The things you will need at hand, to get started are styptic powder or cornstarch, Yorkie dog clippers and of course those special treats. If at once you get started, your Yorkie dog acts too nervous and jerks strongly, go back to the beginning until he is ready. It is very important for your Yorkie dog to trust you, so being patient is key. Now, hold your Yorkie dogs foot from the ankle up in the palm of your hand. Make sure that you hold is paw firmly but gently. Do this in a comfortable position and with your hand facing away from the Yorkie dog. On another note, hold the paw between the pads because it is very ticklish to Yorkie dogs and will cause him to jerk.

How to Trim Your Yorkie's Dog's Toe-Nails
How to Trim Your Yorkie’s Dog’s Toe-Nails

If your Yorkie dog has light-colored nails, they should be easy to cut. The “quick” or vein is much easier to spot in white nails, which is a vein of blood in the center of the nail. Yorkie dogs t hat have dark or black nails, it is difficult to cut because the quick cannot be seen. If your Yorkie dog does have dark nails, I recommend you cut only the tip the first few times, since the quick may be close to the surface. By tipping the nails frequently, it will help the quick recede back a little more each time. All of this will also help you get accustomed to your Yorkie dogs nails.

Finally, when you are ready to start clipping, place the guide of the clippers to the surface of the nail. Make sure you cute from the bottom of the nail upwards. Note, that the back of your fingers should be touching the pad of the Yorkie dogs foot. Slowly bring the blade toward the area you are going to cut. Now quickly but briskly snip the nail. Don’t forget his treats! Be sure to reassure him that he is okay so that he will not back away from you. Now, just finish the rest of the nails as quickly and nonchalantly as possible. If you like, when finished you can also file the ends of each nail to smooth them out.

But what happens if the quick of a nail has been hit and starts to bleed? Well, be sure not to let him get away from you. Give him some love and grab the styptic or cornstarch! Put the styptic on the end of the nail and keep packing and pressing the powder for two or three minutes. Afterward, the bleeding should decrease and stop. Your Yorkie dog probably will lick his wound and that is quite alright. But, do give it at least ten minutes before you let him run around.

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