How To Groom A Maltese

It is believed that the Maltese breed has been known for a long time, but it has only recently become a trendy pet for the typical pet owner. Maltese are famous for their tiny size, gentle nature, and long, silky coat of hair covering their bodies from head to foot.

Due to their elegant hair coat, the Maltese may require a bit of extra attention and specific tips to groom your Maltese that all owners should keep in mind.


Care for silky hair Coat

The thick, silky coating of hair can be the best first step to take when looking after your Maltese. Maintaining the coat’s brush regularly and at least every other day is crucial to avoid issues such as mats that may form. If mats start to develop within the fur, they may be challenging to get rid of without pulling the hair out.

Try to loosen the mat first by hand and then loosen it using the help of a combing. If nothing else works, the only way to solve the problem is by cutting the mat. Regular coat maintenance will ensure a good coat condition and avoid mat issues.


Maltese Grooming

Tips for Handling Ears

One of the most critical areas is where most Maltese suffer from problems in their ears. The silky coat, lengthy that the Maltese are famous for, can cause problems for ears. In addition, this breed has the disadvantage of being afflicted with floppy ears and plenty of hair in the ear.

This can cause a variety of ailments and infections. In addition, the additional hair on the ear leads to an accumulation of wax that could irritate, and the dog can further aggravate the issue by scratching the ears.

Examining your ears at least every other week is suggested by most doctors to check for any irritation or buildup of wax. If there’s a lot of hair in your ear, cutting it with care using blunt-end scissors is the most effective way to get rid of the hair.

If there is a wax buildup that needs to be removed, then using a dry Q-tip to get rid of it must be done immediately. Any odors that are strong or cause irritation in the ear must be treated by a vet immediately. The grooming of your Maltese regularly will help prevent problems with the ear.


How To Groom A Maltese


Cutting the Toenails

The trimming of the toenails of your Maltese is a must every when you are planning to groom your Maltese. This is because the nails of these breeds tend to develop quickly. In addition, many Maltese are indoor-only pets which means they have fewer chances to wear down their nails on outdoor surfaces.

Inadequately trimming nails could result in your pet hurting themselves when scratching or in foot pain because of nail growth issues. The solution to these issues is easy when the nails are clipped at least every two weeks or more. With a pair of quality nail clippers for dogs, make sure you clip perpendicularly to the nail right ahead to the rapid.

In most dogs, the quick is the point where blood flow to the nail is cut off and can be observed as a change in the color of the nail. For dogs with black nails, be cautious and only trim a small portion of the nail until you begin to notice the slight pink hue. When that happens, it’s time to put it down.

Grooming your Maltese regularly will allow your dog to avoid commonplace health issues and frequently require treatment by a vet. Be sure to take note of the health of your dog’s ears and nails. Washing and combing them regularly keeps their coats looking shiny and white.

Be sure to take good care of your Maltese as well. Your Maltese will reciprocate by becoming a fantastic pet companion for years to be.