Free Information About the Mini Golden Retriever

mini golden retriever

A Miniature Golden Retriever is a great companion for any family. They are energetic, loyal, and lovable. The coat on a Miniature Golden Retriever is soft and deep gold. This breed is a medium to large dog, so it will need plenty of space. If you plan to have a large yard, you should get a larger dog first. A good place to start is looking for a local dog shelter or reputable breeder.

Miniature dogs are often healthier than full-size counterparts. Fortunately, there are several benefits to buying one, including better health and lower veterinary bills. The mini’s small size and lack of weight mean that it might be more prone to problems or injury. While full-size goldens may be more healthy, minis tend to be smaller and more compact, less to groom and when they have an accident it’s smaller too! The life span of the mini Golden Retriever is approximately the same as the standard Golden’s lifespan of 12 to 15 years. A Mini’s small size means that they are might be easier to be a complete house dog and travel with you in the car.

The health of a Mini Golden Retriever depends on the parent dog. Poodles and Goldens are two common breeding options, but not all breeders use them. Some also use a combination of a Cocker Spaniel and a Retriever. A Poodle-Goldie mix will result in a smaller dog. Teacup versions are less popular, but they still have the same health concerns if not more. Actually, if someone is trying to sell you a teacup Golden Retriever you should probably look elsewhere. The term teacup is simply a way to charge more for unrealistic estimated adult weights.

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