Parti Yorkie Dog Breed History, Description, Personality, Health, Grooming, Exercise and Training

Strictly speaking, Parti Yorkies are nothing more than purebred Yorkshire Terriers, only with a difference in their coloring. The Parti Yorkie is one of the smallest dog breeds recognized by the AKC, weighing less than 8 pounds on average and therefore classified as a toy breed. The Parti yorkie is not a separate breed, it is a yorkshire terrier. The Parti stuck in front of the name to describe its color. AKC registers them only as a yorkshire terrier and the color on the papers will say for example black/blue, white and tan/gold Parti color.

History of the Parti Yorkie

The name Parti comes from the French term for “parti tail” (tail of a fox) in recognition of the parti-colored fur that the breed has. Interestingly enough, the “parti” coloration of the Yorkies was not a natural occurrence, but an artificial occurrence. This happened when they were created by crossing the color patterns of a sable, fox and some mixed white, yellow and red English standard terriers in 1910. The family was originally known as the Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie. The Parti became popular in Japan and other Asian countries during World War II, where they were used to train the kung fu fighting animals. Today, these dogs are still popular in those countries. Size of the Parti Yorkie Parti Yorkies are compact dogs with the following weights.

Description of the Parti Yorkie

As with other toy terriers, you can see that they look different. They have that long prominent snout of a terrier, which even in a pure breed Yorkie is often longer than it should be, that dark color, and the short curly tail. Poodle Yorkies What you see is all true of the Poodle Yorkie. You can see a photo of one of them below: Actually, if you take the measurement of the head of a poodle, and add or subtract from it the measurement of the head of a Yorkie, and if you add or subtract from that the measurements of the neck, shoulders, chest, legs and height, and all this is done exactly to the dog you see in the photo, then you get the correct measurements of the parti parti Yorkie.

Personality of the Parti Yorkie

The personality of this small Yorkie breed can be summed up in the terms happy, lively, determined, courageous, reliable, and a good listener. Parti Yorkies can be extremely high energy dogs and have a wide variety of behaviors, but all the behaviors are positive. The average life span of a Parti Yorkie is 13 years, more or less depending on the health of the dog and the quality of the food that he or she is fed. The Parti Yorkie Breed The name is a bit ambiguous and has a lot of different meanings. Parti is also a name of a mountain peak, named because it was very hard to climb it (I am not sure if this is a reference to the steepness of the mountain or a reference to the type of the terriers). A parti yorkie is also a horse.

Temperament of the Parti Yorkie

In general, the Parti Yorkie is a sweet, affectionate, sociable dog that enjoys human company. They are curious, and will likely go wherever you go. Since they are very smart and easily trainable, they are normally a very obedient dog. But if their breeders allow them, this smart and gentle disposition will easily develop into a puppy or small dog independent personality. That is if the owner is smart enough to understand their subtle signals. It is a rare case indeed that the Parti Yorkie won’t come to you to investigate your hands, feet or the bag in your arms! They are not, however, without their faults.

Health Issues of the Parti Yorkie

Unfortunately, the Parti Yorkie does have a lot of health issues. In its lifetime it can suffer from anal prolapse, which is a prolapse in the anus. This is when the intestine of the dog gets stuck, usually in a painful place. Usually, this happens while the dog is sleeping. There is no cure and after the prolapse, the dog is often incontinent. The prolapse is very painful for the dog and the dog must be operated on to have it removed. Even with an operation, it is only a matter of time before the dog has to undergo another operation to repair the torn intestine. In addition, the dog can also have hip problems. Because of the small size of the Parti Yorkie’s body, their hips are slightly flared, especially the left one.

Grooming Needs of the Parti Yorkie

In the opinion of most, all dogs, whether they be the chihuahuas, dogs of other breeds, even the tiny, toy breeds have a common, reasonably long-term, routine of maintenance. But for the Parti Yorkie, who at this size, is not classified as a puppy, the grooming needs are so varied and peculiar, and it’s so important to give them the attention they need to make them their best as they begin their lives, that we have the following Parti Yorkie grooming tips that we hope will help any family with these special pets. Grooming and Spaying or Neutering Yorkie pups are difficult to groom with the long coat they have, plus it’s a little difficult to even comb out their very fine, long hair.

Training Needs of the Parti Yorkie

The Parti Yorkie dog requires a lot of training, but it is not because of her size. The yorkie breed is not very dominant, therefore the owners need to be the one to “whack” the dog or put it in a time-out place if it doesn’t listen. And when you do so, you must do it in a consistent manner, otherwise the dog won’t know what it is all about. You also need to know that the yorkie is an affectionate breed, so you must let the dog know that its behavior is unacceptable at any time by ignoring it for a couple of minutes or leaving the room. Also, the yorkie does not like water and therefore you can not place her in water for a swim. The Parti is not a very nimble dog and will get injured from time to time if the owner pushes it too hard.

Exercise Needs of the Parti Yorkie

According to the AKC, dogs are required to be exercised twice a day to avoid wasting their limited energy on needless activity, and to avoid obesity. Parti Yorkies need about 30 to 45 minutes of exercise during the day. During the warmer months, the Parti is not a water dog, but enjoys some time in the dog park or doggy pool. Being considered a toy dog, the parti tends to be active and curious, exploring everything in his environment with high energy, and they can run a lot, since they are very active. Parti Yorkies don’t need much grooming, since they generally don’t shed much. How to get the best Parti Yorkie Breed Selection The Yorkie is one of the most popular small dog breeds, yet its average lifespan is only about 9 years.