The Yorkshire terrier is an extremely sweet and affectionate dog when correctly socialized. It’s essential that both mom and dad will also be social and sweet-natured. The Yorkie constitutes a great companion and lap dog. It’s a small dog with a lot of energy plus they require activity to ensure that they’re from becoming bored or in poor condition.

The Yorkshire Terrier is really a brave and curious animal also. Just like any dog, the Yorkshire Terrier may become persistent and difficult to coach should you not demonstrate to them who’s in control from an earlier age. Consistency is paramount when you’re training and teaching this breed. The Yorkshire Terrier will end up alert and bark and strange sounds or any other creatures when startled or maybe they fell threatened.

The Yorkie is recognized as simple to train by most trainers when the proper techniques are utilized beginning around 8-10 days old. It’s recommended there are several different toys and training tools for the Yorkshire Terrier. They are able to become bored and reluctant to pay attention otherwise correctly motivated through positive reinforcement training.

The Yorkshire Terrier does make a great watchdog and can bark at other people or strange noises. Overall, if correctly handled from puppyhood to adulthood the Yorkie could be a properly trained, loyal and affectionate lap dog.

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