The Best Dog Food Brands For Your Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers are among the most popular of all lap dog types. They’re small canines with a vibrant, spirited character. Yorkies do have some unique dietary requirements. Here are some things to think about when selecting the very best pet dog food for a Yorkie.

Lap dogs have little stomachs

Since Yorkies are so little (usually weighing 4 to 7 pounds as grownups), they have a little stomach to match their size. This suggests they can not consume big meals. You will require to feed your Yorkie a number of little meals daily. Yorkies can likewise be specifically vulnerable to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level so feeding your Yorkshire Terrier numerous little meals each day will assist prevent this issue. This is specifically real with young pups.

Pick a food with little bites

If you are feeding your Yorkie a kibble canine food, make certain you pick a food with little, bite-size pieces of kibble. This makes it much easier for your Toy pet to consume and absorb the food

Select a calorie-dense food.

Toy and little type canines frequently require canine food that is more calorie-dense than food for bigger canines. Pound for pound, lap dogs utilize more energy and burn more calories than larger pet dogs. Lots of pet foods developed for little and Toy pets are loaded with more calories than food for bigger pet dogs. Try to find foods that are particularly developed for Toy and lap dogs so they have all the calories your Yorkie requirements. These foods frequently have a lot of calories for huge pets who can end up being obese if they consume them.

Canned or kibble?

There is some small proof recommending that kibble is much better for a pet dog’s teeth than junk foods however the distinction is so minor that this most likely should not be the choosing consider what you feed your Yorkie. There are lots of methods to keep your pet’s teeth tidy and healthy. You can provide him tartar control biscuits, safe chew toys, and oral toys for pets. Given that Yorkies can be especially susceptible to oral illness, you must brush their teeth frequently with a tooth brush and tooth paste produced pet dogs.

From a cost perspective, canned food is more pricey however if you are feeding one lap dog, it can be cost reliable to buy junk food as you require it rather of big bags of kibble. It’s typically simpler to save and bring bags of kibble. Lot of times the option boils down to what your pet chooses to consume.


Grain complimentary foods are popular today and many individuals like the concept of feeding a pet food that is more detailed to what a canine would consume in the wild. You need to be mindful that “grain totally free” does not imply carbohydrate-free. Canine foods are usually comprised of protein, fat, and some type of carbs, even if they do not utilize grains. A few of these carbohydrates are not always much better for your pet dog than some grains, so it’s crucial to check out the labels. As long as your Yorkie does not have food allergic reactions, he ought to have the ability to consume foods with or without grains.

Food recommendations for your Yorkie

Some of the best dog foods for Yorkshire Terriers include:

Best Dog Food For Yorkies 2016
Fromm Adult Small Breed Dry Dog FoodOrijen Adult Dog Dry FoodTaste of the Wild Small Breed Appalachian Dry Dog Food
Small Breed AdultWhere To BuyRead Reviews
Adult Dog DryWhere To BuyRead Reviews
Taste of the Wild
Small Breed DryWhere To BuyRead Reviews


Wellness also has complete lines of dog food formulated for Toy and small breeds called Complete Health Toy Breed and Complete Health Small Breed. Other brands which we can recommend include Victor, Acana, and, for people interested in organic dog food, Castor & Pollux and Newman’s Own.


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