The Experts’ Guide To The Yorkie Chihuahua Mix


The Yorkie Chihuahua is a mixed breed between the Chihuahua and Yorkshier Terrier. Their small size means that they are perfectly suited to apartment living. This breed is also called the Chorkie, Yorkchi, etc. It’s a small bundle of joy with a personality. As with any other mixed breed, Chorkies tend to vary in size, weight, and temperament depending on their parents.


The Yorkie Chihuahua Mix Average Size and Weight


The Yorkie and Chihuahua breeds are on the small size, so expect your Chorkie to be tiny as well. On average, they are about 6 to 9 inches at the shoulder and weigh in between 8 to 15 pounds.


The Ultimate Guide To Yorkie Chihuahua Mix Temperament


Chorkies are fun, silly, loyal, and outgoing. In fact, they can be so loyal that they become aggressive toward people that they do not know. You have the Chihuahua inheritance to blame for that. This aggressive behavior can get them into trouble as they may pick a fight with dogs ten times their size. Therefore, keep your pup on a leash at all times when you go out.


Chorkies are prone to separation anxiety if you leave it alone for a long time. If you live alone, consider getting other pets to keep them company. For this reason, Chorkies are not a suitable pet if you work long hours outside.


They have a high energy level, so they are more suited for those who lead an active lifestyle or move around the house a lot. Your pup loves to sit there and watch you go about your business and participate wherever they can.


While energetic, their small size means that it is difficult to keep them fit and healthy. Take them out for a few short walks a day should be enough. Keep in mind that they have a small bladder, so they will need to take many potty breaks.


Important Yorkie Chihuahua Mix Health Issues For 2021


The Chorkie breed shares the same health conditions as their parents. Make sure to have regular check-ups at the vet to identify health issues early on. Some common problems include:

  • Skin problems
  • Patellar luxation
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Allergies


Thousands Already Caring For The Chorkie Breed And So Can You


Smaller breeds usually require an anal gland expression. You can do it by yourself or during a grooming appointment. This is needed if you notice your dog scooting or dragging their bottom on the ground. Your groomer sometimes does this automatically, but you should let them know beforehand so they do not skip this task.


Your pup is also prone to overactive tear glands, which lead to tear stains around the eyes. Have a clean piece of cloth handy and wipe the tear off as needed to minimize the stains. Also, check the ears for any debris, pests, or any signs of infection. The nails need to be trimmed once or twice a month. If you can hear clicking as your pup walks around, then the nails are too long. If you are not comfortable with trimming your dog’s nails, your groomer can help you.


Small dogs also have dental problems, so make sure to brush their teeth daily. Your vet can instruct you how you can do it properly.


Yorkie Chihuahua Mix Suggested Diet


A diet for a small and active breed is ideal for Chorkies. Similar to other dogs, you should not leave the food out and expect your dog to only eat the right amount. Free-feeding will cause your dog to become overweight. Their dietary requirements will fluctuate as they age as well. So, consult your vet so they can give you pointers on how much you should feed your pet and when.


Guide To Yorkie Chihuahua Coat Color And Grooming


Chorkies’ coats are a mix between that of their parents, so the color and pattern vary wildly. That said, Chorkies tend to have a light-colored coat of medium length that is soft and silky to the touch, not to mention the distinctive eyebrows. They are hypoallergenic with a low shed coat, although you may end up with one that sheds a bit more.


Even though they have long flowing coats, they are still susceptible to extreme temperature thanks to their small size. So, precautions must be taken when you have to go out with your dog whether it is cold or hot outside.


During the summer months, make sure to have a bottle of water handy for your dog when out for walks. They can become dehydrated and overheat quickly. If your dog starts to pant heavily and cannot keep up with you, pick them up and head back. Make sure your dog stays in an air-conditioned room or one that has fans to keep your pup cool.


For the winter months, you can get a cute little sweater for your Chorkie. It could be too cold for your pup to go outside, so consider playing fetch inside the comfort and warmth of your own home instead.


Yorkie Chihuahua Mix Interaction with Children and Other Pets


Similar to many other small breeds, Chorkies are quite fragile and can be injured easily if mishandled. For this reason, you should not let children play with your pup. Overexcited kids may handle your pup too roughly in their excitement, and can lead to accidents. Even with children who know how to approach and play with a small dog, you should keep an eye on the interaction.


Your Chorkie can get along with other pets just fine. To make things easier for you, consider introducing your pup to other pets as soon as possible and monitor the interaction. When you are out on walks with your pup, keep it on a leash. Their Chihuahua tendency means that they can exhibit dominant behavior around other dogs, even though they are very tiny. This could lead to trouble, so be careful.


Yorkie Chihuahua Mix Rescue Groups


Finding a rescue shelter that houses Chorkies exclusively can be difficult. Instead, look for those that have Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier since they tend to have Chorkies as well. As always, it is always better to adopt rather than buy a dog. You can save a few bucks and you would be giving the dog another chance at life.


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