In this article, we will explore the top 10 success stories of Yorkshire Terrier training. These stories showcase the impressive achievements of these small, feisty dogs and provide inspiration for anyone looking to train their own Yorkshire Terrier.

Key Takeaways:

  • Yorkshire Terriers can achieve remarkable training success.
  • These success stories serve as inspiration for Yorkie owners.
  • Training programs can help transform disobedient dogs into well-behaved companions.
  • Continued training is essential for maintaining obedience and positive behaviors.
  • Rescue dogs, like Huskies, can undergo transformative training journeys.

Remy’s Transformation: From Goofy Puppy to Obedient Dog

Remy, an adorable 8-month-old Yorkshire Terrier from sunny San Clemente, California, went through an incredible transformation thanks to his dedicated owner, Phil, and a comprehensive training program. When Remy started hastily rushing out the door, Phil realized that training was essential for his safety and well-being.

With the assistance of a renowned dog training program, Remy underwent a remarkable journey from a goofy, playful puppy to a well-trained and obedient dog. Phil’s commitment to Remy’s training paid off, as his furry companion now responds promptly to commands, ensuring a harmonious and safe living environment.

“Remy’s transformation through training has been beyond my expectations. It’s incredible to witness the progress he has made in such a short time,” says Phil. “Now, I have peace of mind knowing that Remy will listen and behave, no matter the situation.”

Remy’s success story showcases the profound impact that proper training can have on a Yorkshire Terrier. His journey serves as an inspiration for dog owners looking to build a strong bond with their furry friends and create a positive training experience. With dedication and the right training program, any Yorkshire Terrier can achieve the same level of obedience and become a well-trained and obedient dog.

The Importance of Training

Training plays a crucial role in shaping a dog’s behavior and ensuring their safety. Yorkshire Terriers, known for their lively personalities, can benefit greatly from comprehensive training programs that teach them basic obedience commands, socialization skills, and good behavior.

By investing time and effort in training, owners can transform their energetic Yorkshire Terriers into well-behaved and obedient dogs. Training not only fosters a strong bond between the owner and the dog but also provides mental stimulation and helps prevent behavioral issues.

Choosing the Right Training Program

When selecting a training program for a Yorkshire Terrier, it’s important to choose one that aligns with the breed’s specific needs and characteristics. Look for programs that offer positive reinforcement techniques, individualized training plans, and experienced trainers who understand the unique challenges of training Yorkshire Terriers.

Remember, every dog is different, so it’s essential to find a program that suits your dog’s temperament and learning style. With the right training program, like the one Phil chose for Remy, you can unlock your Yorkshire Terrier’s full potential and enjoy the rewards of having a well-trained and obedient companion.

Duke the Hunting Dog: A First-Place Triumph

Duke, an 18-month-old Hungarian wire-haired Vizsla, embarked on a training journey to become a skilled hunting dog. With the guidance of the Dog Training Genesis program, Duke achieved remarkable success, showcasing his exceptional talents in hunting dog retrieve trials. His intensive training and natural abilities earned him a well-deserved first-place triumph.

The training program focused on enhancing Duke’s obedience skills, honing his retrieval abilities, and developing his instincts for tracking scents. Through consistent and dedicated training sessions, Duke mastered the commands necessary for hunting tasks and excelled in his performance.

Under the guidance of qualified trainers, Duke learned to respond promptly to recall commands, maintain focus on the task at hand, and exhibit excellent teamwork with his human hunting partner. His training experience not only sharpened his skills but also deepened the bond between Duke and his owner.

Training Milestones Accomplishments
Obedience Training Mastered basic obedience commands, including sit, stay, and heel
Retrieval Training Developed exceptional retrieval skills, enhancing his ability to locate and retrieve game
Scent Tracking Learned to track scents and follow trails, a crucial skill for successful hunting
Teamwork Fostered a strong bond and effective communication with his human hunting partner

“Duke’s journey from a trainable dog to a skilled hunting companion was truly inspiring. Witnessing his progress and witnessing him excel in the retrieve trials was an incredible achievement. Duke’s success is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the Dog Training Genesis program.”

Duke’s story serves as a motivating example for aspiring hunting dog owners and showcases the potential for Yorkshire Terriers to excel in specialized training. Through consistent training, dedication, and the right program, dogs like Duke can triumph in their chosen field, bringing joy and fulfillment to both themselves and their owners.

Yorkshire Terrier training success story

Sully’s Return to Training Success

Sully, a 2.5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, had initially received training through puppy classes. However, over time, his training regressed, and his owner, Sarah, became concerned about his behavior. Sarah decided to enroll Sully in a board and train program to revitalize his training and ensure that he reached his full potential.

The board and train program was a game-changer for Sully. Being immersed in a structured environment with professional trainers allowed him to focus solely on his training without distractions. The program incorporated obedience training, behavior modification, and socialization to address Sully’s specific needs and challenges.

The transformation in Sully’s behavior was astounding. Sarah noticed significant improvements in his obedience and response to commands. He became more confident, relaxed, and well-behaved both at home and in public. The board and train program not only reinforced Sully’s existing training but also introduced new techniques and strategies that created a solid foundation for his ongoing development.

Table: Sully’s Training Progress

Training Milestone Before Board and Train After Board and Train
Leash Walking Often pulled on the leash Walks calmly on a loose leash
Sit and Stay Inconsistent response Reliably follows commands
Recall Often ignored Comes when called, even in distracting environments
Behavior Around Other Dogs Reacted anxiously and aggressively Improved socialization and positive interactions

Sully’s success story demonstrates the importance of continued training for Yorkshire Terriers. It is essential to regularly reinforce training and provide opportunities for further growth and development. Whether through puppy classes, board and train programs, or ongoing training sessions, investing in a Yorkshire Terrier’s education can lead to remarkable results and a well-behaved companion.

Itzy’s Rescued Husky Transformation

rescued Husky transformation

Itzy, a rescued Husky mix, had several behavioral challenges that needed to be addressed through training. She had a tendency to pull on the leash, frequently ran away, and struggled with recall. These issues made it difficult for Itzy’s owner to take her on walks and enjoy quality time together.

Fortunately, with the help of a training program called Unleashed Potential, Itzy’s transformation began. The training program focused on positive reinforcement techniques to modify her behavior and build a stronger bond between Itzy and her owner. Through consistent training sessions and guidance, Itzy made significant progress in overcoming her challenges.

Over time, Itzy learned to walk calmly on a leash, respond promptly to recall commands, and stay close to her owner during outdoor activities. The training program also addressed her tendency to chase after squirrels and other distractions, teaching her to focus her energy on more appropriate behaviors.

The transformation in Itzy’s behavior has been remarkable. She is now a well-behaved and obedient dog, bringing joy and happiness to her owner’s life. The success story of Itzy’s rescued Husky transformation serves as a testament to the effectiveness of proper training and the potential for positive change in every dog.

Hound Dog Unleashed: Off-Leash Success

A rescued hound dog faced challenges in off-leash reliability due to his strong focus on scents. Unleashed Potential K9 Training came to the rescue, showcasing the effectiveness of their training methods. Through their specialized approach, the hound dog achieved remarkable success in off-leash training, responding promptly to recall commands while still indulging in his natural instinct for scents.

The training program started by building a strong foundation of obedience skills in controlled environments. The hound dog learned to respond to basic commands such as sit, stay, and come. Gradually, the training sessions progressed to more challenging scenarios, introducing distractions to simulate real-life situations. This helped the dog develop the necessary focus and self-control required for off-leash reliability.

The trainers at Unleashed Potential K9 Training employed a balanced training approach, combining positive reinforcement with correction-based techniques. This approach ensured that the hound dog understood both the rewards and consequences of his actions, leading to faster and more reliable training results. The trainers also utilized scent-based games and exercises to channel the dog’s natural instincts in a controlled manner, further reinforcing his training progress.

Training Success Metrics

To measure the hound dog’s progress, Unleashed Potential K9 Training utilized various metrics, including recall accuracy, response time to commands, and overall reliability in off-leash situations. These metrics provided insights into the dog’s training journey and helped the trainers tailor the program to address specific challenges.

Results and Lessons Learned

After consistent training and guidance, the hound dog demonstrated impressive off-leash reliability. He responded promptly and consistently to recall commands even in the presence of distractions, showcasing his improved focus and self-control. The success of this training program highlights the importance of understanding a dog’s natural instincts and finding constructive outlets for them.

Metric Pre-training Post-training
Recall Accuracy 50% 95%
Response Time to Commands 3 seconds 1 second
Off-leash Reliability Low High

The hound dog’s success story serves as a testament to the transformative power of proper training and understanding a dog’s unique instincts. By leveraging the expertise of skilled trainers and employing a balanced training approach, dogs can overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

Ina the Energetic GSP: Reaching Full Potential

Ina, a German shorthaired pointer, was known for her boundless energy and playful nature. However, her lack of focus and obedience hindered her progress in training. Determined to unlock Ina’s full potential, her owner sought out professional guidance and embarked on a training journey that would transform Ina into a disciplined and highly skilled dog.

The training program focused on various aspects of obedience, including recall, leash manners, and basic commands. Through consistent training sessions and positive reinforcement techniques, Ina gradually began to show remarkable improvements. Her owner was thrilled to witness Ina’s newfound focus and ability to follow commands with precision.

As Ina’s training progressed, her energy and enthusiasm became assets rather than hindrances. Her natural athleticism and intelligence were channeled into advanced training exercises, such as agility and scent work. Ina thrived in these areas, surpassing expectations and showcasing her innate abilities.

Training Highlights:

  • Ina mastered off-leash recall, responding promptly and reliably to her owner’s command.
  • She excelled in scent work, displaying exceptional skills in tracking and search tasks.
  • Ina’s obedience skills reached a level where she could perform complex commands with precision and consistency.

Ina’s transformation from an energetic GSP with limited focus to a disciplined and highly trainable dog was a testament to the power of specialized training. With dedication, patience, and the right guidance, any dog can reach their full potential, regardless of their initial challenges or energetic nature.

German shorthaired pointer reaching full potential

Training Milestone Achievement
Off-Leash Recall Mastered prompt and reliable response to recall command
Scent Work Displayed exceptional skills in tracking and search tasks
Obedience Skills Performed complex commands with precision and consistency


The top 10 Yorkshire Terrier training success stories showcased in this article are a testament to the incredible achievements these small but mighty dogs are capable of. From obedience training to specialized endeavors such as hunting and off-leash reliability, these stories serve as inspiring examples for anyone looking to train their own Yorkshire Terrier.

Each success story highlights the determination and dedication of both the dogs and their owners in achieving training goals. Whether it’s Remy’s transformation from a goofy puppy to an obedient dog or Duke’s first-place triumph in hunting dog retrieve trials, these Yorkshire Terriers have proven that with the right training program, anything is possible.

It’s important to recognize that training is a continuous process, as demonstrated by Sully’s return to training success. The board and train program breathed new life into Sully’s training journey, emphasizing the importance of ongoing training and reinforcing the bond between owner and dog.

Even rescued dogs like Itzy and hound dogs struggling with off-leash reliability can undergo transformative journeys with the right training approach. The remarkable progress they have made in leash manners, recall, and behavior is a testament to the effectiveness of professional training methods.

These Yorkshire Terrier training success stories are more than just stories; they are inspiring dog training achievements that demonstrate the potential of these lovable dogs. Whether you’re looking to train your Yorkshire Terrier in basic obedience or delve into specialized training, these success stories provide motivation and encouragement to embark on a training journey with your own furry companion.


What are the top 10 Yorkshire Terrier training success stories?

The top 10 Yorkshire Terrier training success stories showcase the impressive achievements of these small, feisty dogs and provide inspiration for anyone looking to train their own Yorkshire Terrier.

What is Remy’s training success story?

Remy, an 8-month-old Yorkshire Terrier from San Clemente, California, underwent a remarkable transformation through training. With the assistance of a training program, Remy became a well-trained and obedient dog, ensuring his safety and his owner’s peace of mind.

What is Duke’s training success story?

Duke, an 18-month-old Hungarian wire-haired Vizsla, achieved remarkable success in hunting dog training. With the guidance of the Dog Training Genesis program, Duke not only acquired basic obedience skills but also excelled in hunting dog retrieve trials, earning a first-place victory.

What is Sully’s training success story?

Sully, a 2.5-year-old Yorkie, received training through puppy classes initially but experienced regression over time. With the help of a board and train program, Sully’s training was revitalized, highlighting the importance of continued training for Yorkies.

What is Itzy’s training success story?

Itzy, a rescued Husky mix, overcame behavioral challenges such as leash pulling, running away, and lack of recall through training with Unleashed Potential. She underwent a transformative journey and became a well-behaved and obedient dog with vast improvements in her behavior.

What is the hound dog’s training success story?

A rescued hound dog struggling with off-leash reliability due to a strong focus on scents achieved success in off-leash training with Unleashed Potential K9 Training. The dog responded promptly to recall commands while still indulging in its natural instinct for scents.

What is Ina’s training success story?

Ina, a German shorthaired pointer with boundless energy but lack of focus and obedience, underwent training to unlock her full potential. Through training efforts, she became more obedient and focused, enabling her to thrive in training and reach higher levels of obedience.

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