Top Grooming Tips for the Teacup Yorkie in 2022

If you’re thinking of putting your Yorkie dog in the show ring or would like to get your teacup Yorkie to look its best, it is vital to use proper clipping techniques and proven grooming techniques for keeping your Yorkie looking show quality.

Yorkie breeders, specifically those active with showing their dog, are the best at preparing their Yorkies to look like they just stepped out of the show ring. Now the average Yorkie owner doesn’t know a puppy cut from a show-quality groom.

New owners need to remember that Yorkshire Terriers will need regular grooming to avoid their coats getting matted and neglected, so beginning early an effective grooming regimen is essential. That’s where these grooming tips will give you a good place to start with your new Yorkshire Terrier puppy or dog.

Most Yorkie breeders cut or form Yorkshire Terriers coats before a show. This improves how the dogs appear, but it is essential to keep within the breed’s standards to clip your coats for shows. Below you will see some steps to creating a show-quality grooming experience for your pet.

Top 7 Grooming Tips for the Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

#1. The most notable trait of the Yorkshire breed is the distinctive coat.
#2. The coat should be shiny, as well as smooth and delicate and smooth.
#3. The coat should be extended to the ground, and it should be straight, not curly or wavy.
#4. The coat can be cut to facilitate movement, and pesky feet could be trimmed to improve appearance.
#5. Hair on the head may be parted on the side and then tied back using two bows or tied with a bow at the center of the head.
#6. The muzzle hair is long and should blend in with the chest hair to make a grand appearance.
#7. The hair on the ear can be cut back to create a neat look.

The Yorkie doesn’t have a furry coat, so there isn’t much shedding. However, it is important to keep the hairs on the face trimmed back to a shorter length. Most owners who are not showing their Yorkies cut their hair to keep it away from the dog’s mouth and eyes and to ensure that the Yorkie looks tidy.

The most commonly used clip for the Yorkshire Terrier, and one which many Yorkie owners and breeders utilize, can be described as the puppy cut. It is essentially an all-over shave, similar to the common summer cut for dog breeds. This cut is ideal for active Yorkie dogs and is the most commonly used clip in Teacup Yorkies. This haircut is best for summer or springtime too.

Another option for the Yorkie is to use the Schnauzer cut, which is a bit more stylish. In this clip, Yorkie groomers and breeders cut the hair around the body. It is cut short while the longer hair on the legs or around the face is cut and shaped but not entirely clipped. This is more stylish and is considered the second most popular style.

The trimming or clipping of the ears and face on the Yorkshire Terrier should be handled with care. Even for tiny Teacup Yorkies having someone else hold your Yorkie is always a great idea. Begin with small amounts of hair removed. You can cut more hair when needed, but too much cutting could result in an unbalanced or uneven appearance. Never use scissors around the eyes, it’s best to use clippers with a guard, #1 or #2 usually does the trick.

Most Yorkie breeders are experienced enough to clip the first time correctly. However, new owners should begin by making minor cuts. Then, they can progress to different styles and clips when they are proficient. Please remember you always have the option of taking them to a professional groomer and letting them do the work. Many have years of experience and have been in business for a long time.

Because Yorkie dogs have their own style for the show ring, having specific knowledge of the breed is essential. That’s why the majority of Yorkie owners have their own professional groomers’ phone numbers saved. If you can’t afford professional grooming, the tips above will help you tremendously. Hope you enjoyed this little article on Yorkie grooming!


Top 7 Grooming Tips for the Teacup Yorkie
Top 7 Grooming Tips for the Teacup Yorkie