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Tosa Inu Dog Breed: History, Training, Care, Diet and Adoption

Tosa Inu Dog Breed: History, Training, Care, Diet and Adoption

Tosa Inu is the Japanese word for the guardian dog. The dog’s name is actually a combination of two verbs: tsu (protect) and osamu (guard). The name Tosa Inu is therefore translated as the “guardian dog of the lord of Tsu.” The Tosa is a large, sturdy dog, with a rounded muzzle and a short, thick coat. The breed is a powerful dog with a lot of stamina, and it is known for its intelligence and alertness. The Tosa Inu is a good watchdog and a good guard dog. It should be friendly with other dogs and people. The Tosa Inu is a dog breed that is native to Japan. They are known as the Japanese Mastiff and are the official national dog of Japan. The Tosa Inu was originally bred to guard and protect Japanese villages. It is believed that Tosa Inu were originally kept in the Nara period (710-794) by the Japanese imperial court. The Tosa Inu was officially recognized as a breed under the direction of the Japanese Kennel Union in 1938.


Tosa Inu is a muscular, strong dog. It has a high nose and often has ears that are erect and upright, with the tips rolled upward. The Tosa Inu has a large body and a short, thick, heavy tail. The mouth is wide and strong. The Tosa Inu has a compact, rounded head with a large, round nose. The back is broad and solid. The shoulders are broad and muscular. The legs are sturdy and powerful. The Tosa Inu is in good health. The tail is always held high and well alert and the ears are erect and alert. The Tosa Inu is alert and interested in what’s going on around them. When the dog is busy, the tail can be tucked. Tosa Inu dogs are extremely intelligent, alert and fast to learn new things. They can learn a lot from the people they live with.

Breed History

The Tosa Inu has a long history in Japan. This dog is believed to have been a combination of dogs brought over to Japan from Korea, dogs bred by the farmers, and dogs bred for hunting and war in the pre-contact era. The dogs were highly valued for their strength, ferocity and protective traits. They had an innate dislike of anything that smelled or was different. The Tosa Inu was bred for generations to defend their masters and their village. The Japanese word tsu means “to protect,” while osamu means “guard” or “guardian.” The Tosa Inu are viewed as guardians to the Japanese Emperor and the common people. They were also a valuable resource in hunting, and their skill at retrieving and keeping kill bags allowed them to provide for their owners with enough food to survive harsh winters.

Training and Care

Training is the key to every successful dog. Tosa Inu dogs are intelligent, trainable and very loyal. There are a few things that will help make the Tosa Inu your best friend: As a child, I was taught that a Tosa Inu is a dog that is never too old for fun and excitement. It is a breed of dog that does not just give you a physical pleasure but is a sense of security. They have a dog door and are extremely easy to clean. You can call them for any reason and they will come running. They are active and fun to watch, as they seem to really enjoy making funny faces and doing silly things. Tosa Inu training and care are similar to that of other breeds like the Poodle, Chow and the Great Dane.

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Health Problems

Although Tosa Inu are not known to have any major health problems, they may have certain health problems that must be observed and monitored, as in any dog breed. The main medical problems of the Tosa Inu are cataracts and skin allergies. Cataracts are a condition that affects both eyes. The Cataracts may affect one or both eyes, but the severity will vary between one or both eyes. Other symptoms of cataracts include blurry vision, difficulty reading, a distortion of colors and blurriness of light. In some cases, the cataracts can occur from genetics or aging. The cataracts are usually accompanied by a brown ring around the lens. The Cataracts that affect one eye can be treated through surgery. The eye is removed or a glass lens is inserted in the eye.

Diet and Nutrition

The diet of Tosa Inu is a combination of high-quality meat and vegetables. However, as the breed became more popular, it was also given more processed foods as well. This means that the diet for a Tosa Inu will differ greatly from a typical purebred breed. In general, they are fed quality commercial dog food. Their natural food consists mainly of vegetables and high-quality meat. Tosa Inu Dog Breeds There are many different varieties of the Tosa Inu Dog Breed. Generally, the dog breeds from northern and western Japan and Kansai regions. The puppies come in many colors and sizes. A Tosa Inu dog can be small and medium in size or even large and muscular. Tosa Inu Dog Breed – Breed History The Tosa Inu Dog breed came about through selective breeding.

Where to Adopt or Buy

Adoptions are encouraged and only limited to licensed veterinarians and other qualified practitioners, who take responsibility for maintaining the health of the dog. They can be adopted in the Denver metro area and surrounding counties. Tosa Inu may not be able to be adopted in rural Colorado and northern Wyoming counties, due to very large populations of the breed.

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