What Kind of Dog is the Monkey Terrier?

Affenpinscher is also known as the Monkey Terrier. I’ve noticed that many people call it the monkey dog, it’s understandable from the short face and how they look. I’ve seen Affenpinschers that were downright ugly but many are cute and they are one of the cooler dog breeds. It is a lively and sociable breed. Its name is derived from its resemblance to a monkey. Its size makes it a good choice for families with young children. However, this terrier is not suitable for families with very small children.

So, what should you expect from the Affenpinscher?

The Affenpinscher’s history is quite interesting. Its origin is in Germany, where it was heavily used as a rat-catcher. While he may have caught the attention of the ladies, the intelligent dog was often a welcome employee. A breeder from Lubeck is credited with the first miniaturization of the breed. It’s best to talk to the breeder’s face to face and socialize with both the puppy and the parents before buying an Affenpinscher puppy.

The Affenpinscher is a curious and playful dog. While the breed is tolerant of children, it can also be demanding and stubborn. To prevent any problems, it is a good idea to train the Affenpinscher in a consistent and patient manner. Affenpinschers are very sensitive and would be best suited to homes without small children. But it’s not impossible for you to spoil your Affenpinscher – he’s a great pet for the right family. As with any dog breed, genetics and parents’ personalities play an integral role in the temperament of the puppy.


Photo by idamkilde on Pixabay


Affenpinschers can be a great addition to a family. They are loyal and devoted, and they make excellent companions. But their naughty nature can also be a problem if you don’t have a home where you can socialize with them and train properly. Affenpinschers can be great watchdogs too. Their alert nature can make them a nuisance in a neighborhood. This type of dog needs lots of socialization to remain properly balanced.

Affenpinschers are highly sociable and can live with other pets if they’re well-socialized. They are generally gentle, and will not attack other dogs, but they can be quite aggressive if treated roughly. If you’re considering adopting an Affenpinscher, consider its size, personality, and temperament. They enjoy walks and a game of fetch with a small ball or stuffed toy.

While it’s a relatively simple breed, it’s important to remember that the Affenpinscher’s needs differ from those of other breeds. As a puppy, it needs daily exercise and playtime. You’ll want to make sure your first trip to the Veterinarian involves a checkup and any vaccinations that are due, plus de-wormings. This will be the first of many trips to your local vet where they will keep your Affenpinscher protected from fleas, ticks, and diseases.