Which Breed Of Dog Is The Smartest and How Much Are They?

According to Cesar Milan, pack leaders always want their dogs to be the best in the entire block. The problem is, every pack leader believes his dog is the best. There must be a fixed criterion to measure accurate intelligence or smartness. Every dog has the potential, in general, to obey commands and be trained for specific exercises or activities. As it becomes evident that every dog can be trained, we need to determine the inherent abilities and skills to motivate and command them properly.


Border Collie

After observing a series of tests for checking learning abilities and executing specific tasks, judges have decided that border collie is the smartest breed among dogs. Border collies, initially bred for herding and working, are affectionate dogs who obey commands. They are known to be the dogs who love to cuddle and develop a deep connection with their owner.



When you talk about obedience, herding, working, and smartness, you will find no other dog acquiring all these qualities than border collie. Unlike other dogs, border collies like to work to please their owner. You may find my observations exaggerated, but border collies are an extremely smart breed of dogs.

Let me tell you the criteria that claim that border collies are the smartest breed of dogs. They can cost up to $2000-$3000 for AKC blue blood. Stanley Coren is a scientist who worked to judge the different abilities of dogs. He, along with 199 obedience trial judges, formulated the criteria and ranked world-known breeds of dogs.



The ranking criteria were based on two fundamental observations. The first observation was the number of repetitions a dog needs to learn a specific unknown command. The dog will be ranked higher who learns a specific unknown command in less number of repetitions. The second criteria were based on the success of executing a known command on the first try. Similarly, the dog will be ranked higher whose success rate is higher.


Border Collies Are The Best

Our lovely buddy broke all the records of smartness and ranked at the top. One of the border collies, named Chaser, is famous all around the world for his smartness. He has learned the names of more than 1000 objects. Another border collie, Jumpy, has got his place in the Guinness book of world recording for running 100 meters in less than twenty seconds and for dog skateboarding. I wasn’t exaggerating about this excellent furry buddy; he owns the guts to rule out every other breed.


Photo by annapowa on Pixabay



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