Which Dog Breed Lives The Longest and How Much Are They?

One of the indicators for the longest lifespan of a dog is the quality of life provided. Dogs live way more than the average life if you provide them with a quality life. But it is not enough; along with the quality of life, the dog breed is also an essential factor.

You may be amazed to know that larger dog breeds live shorter than smaller dog breeds. Mostly smaller breeds are much less prone to serious illnesses than larger breeds. Among the list of longest dog breeds, you may find quite a number of smaller breeds.



Many dog breeds compete for the longest life span, but we have a winner, the chihuahua. Chihuahuas are known to live the longest life as compared to any other dog breed. They are small dog breeds, and they are not prone to any serious illness or genetic disorder. Many chihuahuas living the longest lives survive past 15 years, along with some who come to the age of 20.

On average, according to Cesar Milan, a chihuahua’s life expectancy is 17 years if provided with a quality life. Besides being a small breed, they need plenty of physical and mental stimulation. You need to provide them with good quality food and an environment free from potential pathogens for a quality life.

They need regular physical and mental exercises to stay healthy and fit. Besides having the longest life span, they are still prone to heart and eye problems. They are probably the smallest breed of dog with a height of 5-8 inches.

But size and breed is not the only factor for determining the life expectancy of a dog. You may find chihuahua a very affectionate dog, especially with children. With affection and good veterinary care, you can increase the life span of a dog significantly.

Chihuahuas are very active, bold, intelligent dogs. They are full of spirit, and therefore you can sense their presence and absence in the home quite efficiently. A loving dog owner is permanently attached to his pet with deep connections.

Thanks to the genetic potential of chihuahuas, you can live a period of almost two decades with your chihuahua. If you have a chihuahua, you need to take care of his diet and nutrition. Along with this, you need to protect your furry buddy from environmental factors. Overall physical hygiene, dental hygiene, regular grooming, and cleaning are essential, along with good veterinary care.



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