Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

The question is not why they like it, but why do we like it. The real question is why do dogs like squeaky toys. I mean, I think we all know the answer to that one. It’s because dogs are cute. But there’s a whole lot more to it than that. Dogs need to be able to hear. That’s why they have the unique ability to hear some high-frequency sounds that humans can’t. Dogs can detect sounds that are much higher in frequency than we can. Bottom line: Dogs like squeaky toys because they can hear them. Blog Intro 3 Dogs aren’t stupid. Sometimes people think they’re dumb because they’ve been taught that dogs are stupid, but they’re not. Many dogs understand human speech in the same way that humans understand canine behavior. Dogs are a lot like toddlers. They’re curious, they’re impulsive, they’re playful and they’re filled with boundless energy. They’re also very eager to please. In other words, they’re like little kids. To help maintain their attention span, dogs enjoy toys that make noise, like squeaky toys, shaped like their favorite dog treats. The reason dogs enjoy these toys is that they make noise and they’re irresistible in the same way that a puppy is irresistible.

They Just Love Dog Toys That Make Sounds

In a University of Florida study, dogs got 10 minutes to play with a series of toy objects in different colors. When given a choice between the four objects, which one were dogs most likely to want to play with? Green toys were picked by dogs about 52% of the time. Dogs ignored pink toys a whopping 90% of the time. Yellow toys were chosen by dogs 62% of the time. Red toys were picked 64% of the time. Which sound did the dogs associate with the toys that were chosen more than others? POP! PAP! CLUNK! DUH! Research like this one, in addition to studies conducted by Cornell University’s Small Mammal Brain Research Program, reinforces my belief that dogs enjoy noises and toy sounds in the same way that we enjoy music.

Dogs Love To Chew on Squeaky Dog Toys

If you walk around the pet store and you see all kinds of different types of squeaky dog toys, including things that look like pieces of their favorite food (often by the ingredient list), you’re going to see a wide variety of dogs chewing on squeaky toys all day long. That’s because squeaky toys are irresistible to dogs. My dog Shadow has a great squeaky toy that he chews on for hours every day, especially when I’m not home. Another friend of mine, who’s a law enforcement officer, says that his four-year-old chocolate labrador (who is perfect) can tear apart an expensive “man’s” Rolex if he finds it unattended, but the same dog has no interest in a $10 squeaky dog toy if it’s sitting on a nearby shelf. “My dog has many, many toys,” the officer said.

How to Play With Squeaky Dog Toys

There are lots of ways to play with your dog’s squeaky toys. You can choose to play with your dog by yourself. I call this “one on one time”. You can take turns playing with your dog and engaging in some one-on-one time. I call this “go time”. Or you can play with your dog with other people. You can have a small “pack” of humans and dogs to play with together. You can use a human puppy or a dog “chase” game. To play with your dog by yourself, you can sit with your dog facing away from you and touch your fingers to your dog’s side as you gently stroke his/her back. I call this “one on one time”. Or you can reach around your dog and try to grab the toy with your fingers. I call this “go time”. You can throw the toy for your dog to catch in mid-air. I call this “one on one time”.

Safety Tips For Squeaky Dog Toys

Despite what people tell you, this is not a new practice. For hundreds of years, dogs have been stealing squeaky toys from their toys. Here are a few safety tips for you and your pet. If you’re giving a squeaky toy to a puppy, try the first three. If you get a dog who really loves squeaky toys, make sure they don’t leave them outside for someone else to find. If your puppy is the exception to this, make sure you keep a leash on it. Make sure your puppy is supervised. If you’re giving a squeaky toy to a child or an older dog, make sure they’re not playing in a pile of dog toys. Don’t let your dog go in and out of the house while you’re gone. If the dog takes off with the toy, throw it and make sure they keep running. Don’t chase them. Don’t let them play with your pocketbook.

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