Why Do Dogs Walk Around In Circles Before They Lay Down?

Why Do Dogs Walk Around In Circles Before They Lay Down?

Dogs are masters of giving us clues about their feelings, and we often miss the message. Okay, so most of us think that dogs are just plain stupid. But that could not be further from the truth. If you’ve ever met a dog, you’ve seen that they have some serious insight into human behavior and display remarkable observational abilities. If that’s the case, then your dog is probably giving you subtle clues about its feelings or moods by circling around before it lays down. The reason dogs circle before they lay down is to create a boundary. It’s a way for them to show ownership and protect their turf.

Why Do Dogs Circle Before They Lay Down?

The first thing to know about this dog behavior is that it’s quite common, and to an extent, it’s a sign of affection. According to researchers who did some research on the topic, 95 percent of dog owners reported that their dog circles before laying down. But just why do dogs circle before they lay down? I’m glad you asked. When a dog gets comfortable or ready to relax, it feels a sensation known as “drop” or a “feedback about the dog’s body posture.” In other words, the dog feels a feeling of lowering its body because of the space around it. That’s why dogs tend to circle in a series of short, outward circles. This downward effect allows them to feel safe and to enter a state of relaxation.

Making a Comfortable Resting Spot

Most dogs naturally circle when they are about to lie down in a room. It’s what they do when they want to feel like they are in charge. Here’s an example of what happens when we don’t let our dogs make the decision to rest or lie down in a particular location: They simply cannot rest until we give the okay. There’s just too much going on in their mind. If we try to put them down in a different location, they will often find themselves bouncing around like a ball. Or they start trying to entice us into “throwing” them somewhere, so they can choose where they want to lay. This behavior makes sense. Why should they have to accept an owner’s decision just because we say so? This is when we have to admit that our dogs truly have more common sense than we do.

Why Do Dogs Walk Around In Circles Before They Lay Down?
Why Do Dogs Walk Around In Circles Before They Lay Down?

Temperature Regulation

We also noticed that our dog, Macy, was turning around in circles before she laid down because she was trying to regulate her body temperature. I guess she thought she had to cover herself up before she laid down. She did this with her tail. She would put it on one side and then the other before laying down. I guess she wanted to kind of keep her one side nice and toasty, if you know what I mean. This is one of those dog behaviors where I thought I’d heard everything before. Licking Our second dog, Missy, was the typical “puller” and would tug on the leash for hours on end. So we decided to teach her a new trick so we wouldn’t get so frustrated with her constant pulling. We told her to “shake” and she became the fastest dog in town!

When Should You Be Concerned?

Okay, so you’ve probably noticed this behavior, but now it might be getting a bit worrying. What do you need to know? Do you need to seek veterinary care? Should you be concerned? How can you fix it? Before we answer these questions, let’s get the truth on this fascinating behavior. So, what’s the truth about circling before laying down? First, some background on this behavior. There’s actually a fascinating, scientific story behind why dogs circle before laying down. An Italian study found that dog-walking can cause dogs to develop a loopy circle habit. What’s the Effect? According to the study, dogs who got less than an hour of exercise during their morning walk developed a loopy habit. When it came time for them to exercise again, they walked a loopy circle again.

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