Yorkie Housebreaking Schedule

Yorkie Housebreaking Schedule

A consistent routine is very important for successful housebreaking. Establish a regular schedule as soon as possible after bringing your Yorkie puppy home. When buying a dog, keep in mind that in the beginning, it is a lot of work. Take a week or even two off work, so you can spend some time training your puppy. Also, make sure you have a few hours a day to dedicate for puppy care.

Does your New Yorkie Puppy need a schedule?

Yes. If your puppy knows what to expect, they will learn much faster. How fast? You can housebreak your puppy in just 2 weeks or less.
Yorkie Puppy Schedule that Works

6:00 AM
Getting up. Walk #1. I wake up very early but you might want to sleep a little bit more. Right after waking up, I take Sofia outside and wait for her to do her business. Use a keyword like “go” and praise when done. If your puppy still doesn’t have all the shots done, you can use a puppy pad instead. Be patient. Adult dogs can do everything in just a few minutes, but with puppies, it can take well over 20 minutes.

7:00 AM
Playtime. It’s ok to let your puppy run around for 30 min since it has just gone outside. After that, place it back in the crate with some toys. It might start crying the first time but will get used to “alone time” in a few days.

8:00 AM
Meal #1 and Walk #2. A few minutes after your dog is done eating take it outside for a walk.

9:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Playtime. You can let your dog run around for 30 min and put it back in the crate.

11:00 AM
Walk #3. Your puppy should be ok holding it for 2 hours. Back to the playpen or a crate.

1:00 PM
Meal #2 and Walk #4

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Naptime. Not every puppy will nap but this worked for me. Walk #5 after your puppy wakes up.

6:00 PM
Meal #3 and Walk #6. Stop giving you puppy water a few hours before going to bed, otherwise, you’ll be woken up in the middle of the night.

7:00 PM -10:00 PM
Playtime. Eyes cleaning. Hair brushing. You should brush your dog daily to avoid knots and tangles. Even if your puppy has a short coat, give it a quick brush. This daily routine will get them used to a brush at an early age.

10:00 PM
Walk #7 before going to bed. Place your puppy in the crate.

Yorkie Housebreaking Schedule
Yorkie Housebreaking Schedule

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