Yorkie insurance tips

Yorkie Insurance Tips

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During these tough times in the midst of an economic downturn, more and more Yorkie owners are choosing to go without Yorkie insurance. If you want insurance coverage for your Yorkies, it can typically cost somewhere in the range of $2,000 to $6,000 over the life span of an average Yorkie or lower range depending on the health conditions of your Yorkies. But if you are one of those people who would do just about anything to save your Yorkie, then you might want to take the precautionary measure of getting Yorkie insurance to avoid going into debt.

Where to Buy the Best Yorkie Insurance
Before you sign up for the insurance of your choice, it is good to be aware of what the statistics proves in this matter. There are not a lot of Yorkie owners who actually have Yorkie insurance. According to a prominent Yorkie Products Association, it was estimated that 72 million dogs and nearly 82 million cats in the country were kept as Yorkies, and yet there were only 850,000 Yorkie insurance policies in effect. For that reason, insurance companies have teamed up with Kennel Club and Yorkieco Animal Supplies to offer Yorkie insurance to Yorkie owners. There are also more than 1,600 companies including Office Depot and Google who offer Yorkie insurance coverage as an optional employee benefit.

Yorkie Insurance 101
Additionally, several pointers to consider in making a clever choice of the Yorkie insurance company that suits you and your Yorkies needs are all included in the Yorkie Insurance 101:

All Yorkie insurance companies are different. Some insurance plans cover Yorkie accidents but some do not. Some plans cover treatment for cancer, some just don’t cover illnesses. It can be tough task for you that you need to be careful and do a little homework, which is research.
Prices aren’t the determining factors in the right Yorkie insurance plans you should choose. Take note that a low price is no bargain if your insurance company denies your Yorkie’s claim. Cheaper policies tend to provide less coverage.
You can use any veterinarian you want, regardless of the insurance coverage and plans. If you are not sure if your existing vet takes Yorkie insurance, it is good news for you that all Yorkie insurance companies will allow claims from any licensed veterinarian.
You have to pay the veterinary bill out of your own pocket. If the human health insurance covers your doctors fee and you may never even see the bill your doctor invoices your insurance company, the case for Yorkie insurances is different. You have to pay your veterinary bill and then submit your claim to your insurance company for reimbursement because it is considered a form of property insurance.

One other thing to not is that pre-existing conditions are not covered and as we said, the insurance company will cover the expenses only after you have paid for it, simple as that.

Is it worth it? Yorkie insurance protects you from large, unexpected vet bills. If you are the type of owner who does not want to choose between going into debt or putting your Yorkie down, this insurance is for you.

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