Yorkie Maltese Mix Dog Breed History, Description, Personality, Health, Grooming, Exercise and Training

A designer breed which is a cross between a Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier. The coat of the Morkie is a beautiful blend of its genetics, being soft and slightly longer. Morkies are also very low-shedding and have hair, not fur, so they’re hypoallergenic. They became popular in the US around 20 years ago. The Morkie was first bred in the 1990s and they originated from the United States. Because the Morkie is so small, he does best with adults and older children. The Maltese-Yorkie mixed breed dog is called a MORKIE.

History of the Yorkie Maltese Mix

The Maltese Terrier has long been considered one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. It was a favorite in 18th and 19th century Europe and America, and they were owned by royalty. The Maltese became very popular in the late 1800s and by the turn of the century the name has spread to England, and soon after, the United States. The Maltese Terrier is one of the smallest dog breeds, with average weight of about 5-8 lbs. The Maltese Yorkie mix dog was created by cross-breeding the Maltese Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier to create a dog that was hypoallergenic and more compact than the original breed. They were bred to look a little like the Yorkie or the Maltese, but had the longer hair and coats of the Yorkshire Terrier. After only a few generations, the Morkie was created.

Description of the Yorkie Maltese Mix

Temperament Morkie’s are very friendly and they like to get attention. They tend to get along with other dogs. Height and Weight The average Morkie is between 5.5 and 7.5 inches tall and 10 to 13 pounds in weight. Colors and coat patterns Morkie’s have chocolate and white coats. Chocolate Morkies are more common than white ones. Other Morkie’s do not shed as much as the standard Maltese. They will probably shed less than the Shih Tzu. Health Morkie Maltese have a low risk of hip dysplasia and degenerative disc disease. Fetal Structure They have no shoulder height. Risk of over-exuberant play. Health Problems Morkie Maltese do not have the usual health problems of a small dog. Morkie Maltese Information The Maltese Yorkie Maltese mix dog is a new cross breed.

Personality of the Yorkie Maltese Mix

A curious and affectionate dog with a great sense of humor. He likes being around people and children. He loves to play with balls. He can be a little cautious with new people, but once he gets to know them, he will be playful and will follow them around. Trademarks There are no officially known trademarked markings, but most Morkies have a white front left foot which is called the “puppy cut.” Their biggest trademark is their white markings. There are several other minor differences, like their ears, tails, and neck colors. Recommended Spay/Neuter Services The Morkie is a super rare and very desirable type of dog. If you’re thinking of getting one, and have not spayed or neutered your dog yet, do so as soon as possible!

Temperament of the Yorkie Maltese Mix

Yorkie Maltese Mix Dog Breeds are definitely on the playful side. Because they are Maltese, they love to play. If you own this type of dog, your energy level will go up when you have an active dog. If you’re having an “on the go” kind of day and you’re going from one place to the other, you don’t want a yappy dog who’s always chasing your feet. The Maltese Morkie mix is good for apartment living. Since they don’t bark much, they won’t bother neighbors. The Maltese Morkie mix also won’t be afraid to go off-leash. They will be at ease on a leash and won’t make a nuisance of themselves. Some Maltese Morkies can be destructive to furniture and can cause damage to carpets. This will depend on the individual dog and if they were raised in an environment where they were taught not to chew.

Health Issues of the Yorkie Maltese Mix

One health issue that you must watch out for in Yorkie Maltese mix is allergic reactions. Unfortunately, some Yorkie Maltese mix dogs get allergies from contact with their breeder’s hair. Although some Yorkie Maltese mix dogs never get allergic reactions, others do. Young Yorkie Maltese Mix puppies can get asthma, eczema, and allergies as young as eight weeks old. It is especially prevalent in older Yorkie Maltese Mix dogs that are at least six to eight months old. This allergy can take several months to a year to get completely treated. In addition, Yorkie Maltese mix dogs can also get allergies to fleas and ticks. These are both treats that live on a Maltese. The Maltese is very tick-prone.

Grooming Needs of the Yorkie Maltese Mix

The Yorkie Maltese Mix has many different looks and no one is really sure which look is the most popular. It does not seem to have many specific grooming needs. Grooming brushes should not be used. The Yorkie Maltese Mix loves to jump up on furniture and chairs. If the Morkie has an accident, it’s easier for him to clean himself up on a plush chair than on a rough, plastic one. Also, once the Morkie’s hair is long, the brush may be used, but only when grooming his legs, belly, or feet. If you want to groom his head, use the brush only as a second option to get the job done. A few little hair strips or a comb are fine for his ears. Grooming supplies or products that are made from synthetic hair such as shampoos and conditioners are not recommended for the Yorkie Maltese Mix.

Training Needs of the Yorkie Maltese Mix

Yorkie Maltese Mix Dogs is a very smart dog. They enjoy learning and exploring new things. Yorkies are also very good at obeying commands and are a very smart breed. Because Yorkies are short-haired, they can easily get cold. Yorkies can easily get wet and cold. However, they also have a bit of an excitable nature which can make them difficult to control in wet or cold weather. Most Yorkie Maltese Mix breeders make sure that their Yorkie Maltese Mix breeders are well-trained to keep their dogs under control. Yorkies are known for being fast-moving little dogs. Because of their speed, they are recommended to be kept in homes with a fenced-in backyard or other large space where they can run around.

Exercise Needs of the Yorkie Maltese Mix

The Morkie Maltese Mix breed is a happy and energetic breed. The Maltese Maltese is an energetic breed that loves to run and play. He’ll love going out for walks and if you’re a fitness fanatic, this is an ideal breed for you. This small dog will need moderate exercise. If you’re a stay at home owner, you can give him extra exercise by walking him at least twice a day, if not three times a day. You should avoid giving him too much exercise, as it can lead to burnout. Make sure you walk your Morkie on a leash, as this breed doesn’t understand leash training. Health Concerns of the Yorkie Maltese Mix Even though Morkies are easy-going dogs, it’s a good idea to make sure they get annual checkups and vaccinations. The most common problem is just needing to gain weight.