Yorkie Maltese

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Officially these dogs are called Morkshire Terriers, but everyone agrees that their nickname Morkie fits them much better. As their name implies, these cute dogs are a cross breed between the Yorkshire terrier and Maltese. Considering the cuteness of their breed parents, it’s no wonder why Morkies make one of the most adorable canines out there.

Physical Appearance

When it comes to physical appearance, getting a crossbreed is always unpredictable. Some Morkies might look more like a Maltese, while others may look more like their Yorkie parent.
Morkies have low-shedding, soft fur that comes in brown, black and white colors. They are small dogs that don’t grow higher than 8 inches and they rarely weigh more than 15 pounds.


Morkies are very happy dogs whose temperament is quite calm and easygoing. These dogs are very playful and will easily find a reason to run around. When playing with a Morkie, keep a toy near because these small dogs will always be ready to run and fetch!

Morkshire Terriers are very sociable creatures that get along well with kids of all ages as well as with other pets and small animals. Be careful when playing or walking around with a Morkie, because one wrong step could end up in a bad injury due to their tiny size.

They have quite a sensitive personality too, so it’s common that a Morkie feels anxious because of a storm or loneliness. Therefore, Morkies will need a lot of your time, affection and attention in order to be happy and healthy.


Thanks to their Maltese genes, Morkshire Terriers have a low-shedding coat that grows up to a couple of inches of length. However, their coat requires regular brushing and washing in order to prevent knotting or matting.

Although they aren’t considered as a pure hypoallergenic breed since they shed minimally, people with allergies will probably have mild or even no reaction to Morkies.

Morkies require grooming sessions every few months in order to look their best! If you decided to get you a little Morkshire terrier, you will have to find a good pet groomer that will know how to trim your pet’s fur.


There’s a common belief that Maltese are difficult to potty train. Therefore, a lot of people assume that it might be equally hard to train a Morkie where to pee or where not to pee. However, with a good and consistent approach, potty training your Morkie shouldn’t be an issue.

If you adopt a patient and positive attitude towards training, your little Morkie will pick up a lot of commands and tricks. Of course, if you add some treats to the training process, everything will be much easier.

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