Yorkie Pomeranian Mix History, Description, Personality, Health, Grooming, Exercise and Training

The Yorkie-Pom is known by many names including “Porkie” and “Yoranian” (yep, if the names are almost offensively cute). The Yorkie-Pom is a 50/50 mix of a purebred Pomeranian and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. This type of crossbreeds is known as first generation hybrid (and the parents are always two different purebreds in this case). The Yorkie-Pom breed is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Pomeranian which are two dogs that are similar in temperament.

History of the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

The name Yorkie Pomeranian is actually a combination of the Yorkie and the Pomeranian, two different breed names. The Yorkie, is a small terrier breed originally bred to keep rabbits out of garden sheds. The Pomeranian is an old breed that was bred for guarding property. The Yorkie-Pom became popular in the mid 1980’s and is a popular Yorkie type of crossbreed. Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Personality Most Yorkie Pomeranians are pretty laid back. They’re smart and they’re almost always the first to come and greet you. Yorkie-Pom’s are very clean and easy going dogs. They may need some extra grooming, but in general they’re pretty good. They tend to bark a bit more than regular Yorkie’s but Yorkie-Pom’s are not known for being overly energetic or mischievous.

Description of the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

Appearance of the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix The Yorkie-Pom is small in size. They can weigh anywhere between 8-10 pounds. The Yorkie-Pom’s face is always covered with fur which is a sign of a healthy dog. The Yorkie-Pom has longish hair that tends to be brown in color. They have small ears that resemble those of a Yorkshire Terrier and have long hair that covers their neck. They have a small tail and are similar in appearance to the Yorkshire Terrier. The Yorkie-Pom has an appealing habit of sitting on the tips of their front legs. Health of the Yorkie-Pom Mix Yorkie-Pom’s hair is very soft. It is likely that this type of dog has long hair because this allows the dog to sweat out excess hair.

Personality of the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

The Yorkie-Pom has a large but well proportioned body. The Yorkie Pomeranian Mix is large enough to still be called a toy dog. The Yorkie-Pom is a friendly, docile dog that is usually good with children. The Yorkie-Pom has a strong independent personality, and some even refer to them as a “toy dog”. Some Yorkie-Poms like other toy dogs and love to play, but others don’t like other toys. Since there is a mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Pomeranian, they are usually the best sized dog to control those who are fearful or tend to be jumpers. Health of the Yorkie-Pom The Yorkie-Pom is a healthy dog breed, since the two breeds are closely related. The Yorkie-Pom has very few health problems. Yorkie Poms are quite intelligent, and they are well behaved.

Temperament of the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

The Yorkie Pomeranian Mix is generally a good-natured dog with a sweet disposition. This breed of dog tends to show signs of an intelligent temperament since they can learn and easily understand the simplest commands. This breed of dog is excellent at living in a home and in constant contact with their owners. Because of their tendency for easy training, this dog can be train easily. The Yorkie Pomeranian Mix is also a friendly dog. They love to be around their owners and seek contact when they are unhappy. They also prefer to cuddle up close and are good with other dogs as well. Because of their small stature, Yorkie Pomeranian Mix dogs do not necessarily need as much exercise as other breeds of dog.

Health Issues of the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

First generation hybrids can develop several health problems. Hyperactive behavior: Yorkies-Pom’s are strong and love to play, so the adult Yorkies are likely to enjoy chasing balls, squeaky toys, and jumping on furniture. Pomeranians-Poms are friendly and generally quiet, but can easily turn the other way if they feel slighted. Dog breeds are usually genetically predisposed to one thing or the other, and the offspring can become just as much like one or the other breed as a single parent. There is also a chance that they will simply be less responsive to each other than a purebred dog would be. If you have a Yorkie-Pom puppy, be sure to have his “alignment” checked.

Grooming Needs of the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

The Grooming needs of this type of mix vary based on the look and the size of the Yorkie-Pom. Because Yorkies have such small heads, they can have longer coats, which can make them look like they have a softer coat. Size Size varies from Yorkie to Yorkie. If you have a Pomeranian mix or if you have a Yorkie, you will want to make sure you are getting the size of the Yorkie-Pom you need. The Yorkie-Pom comes in many different sizes. The Yorkie-Pom is the same size as a Yorkie and Yorkie pups. The Yorkie-Pom could also come in half sizes as seen below: Don’t forget to measure your Yorkie-Pom to make sure you get the size you want. Buttons The Yorkie-Pom doesn’t have the same button style as a Yorkie.

Training Needs of the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

Yorkies are notorious for their “yips.” They are fast, love to play, get excited, and are eager to please. Sometimes, a yip turns into a bark. And sometimes, a bark turns into a yip. Many dogs learn to stop barking because they have stopped playing or jumping. Yip barkers aren’t very intelligent and the “bad” yip bark gets even worse as they get older. Yips are annoying and won’t get you too far in life. Dogs that yip a lot tend to lose the respect of their owners. To be honest, you are better off avoiding the yip in the first place if you have kids. But, just because you have kids, doesn’t mean you don’t want your dog to have an active life. All dogs should be walked on a regular basis, but you might need to walk a little faster if your Yorkie has a yip bark.

Exercise Needs of the Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

This little pommy needs some exercise as his body is working hard to keep up with his cute yet small body. He should not be over-exercised as this could cause hip problems. He should only be exercised for 5-10 minutes at a time before his body tires out. He also needs a way to relieve himself of natural gas when he is feeling a bit uncomfortable. He should only do it when it is soft, not go outside on a carpet or carpeted floor.