Yorkie Poo Dog Breed Information and Facts

A yorkiepoo is a mutt or mixed breed dog hybrid dog, bred for the first time in the United States, by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier and a poodle, or by breeding yorkiepoo to yorkiepoo. It’s known for being one of a few varieties of hypoallergenic dogs. The yorkiepoo is not recognized by any major kennel clubs. The Yorkie-Poo is generally lively and spunky. He has a zest for life and attaches to his family quickly. You’ll soon find yourself inseparable from this lovable pooch. This hybrid breed is affectionate and loves to be with people.

History of the Yorkie Poo

In the 1970’s the Yorkie-Poo was born when a Yorkie mix was bred to a poodle in France and brought to the United States. However, the Yorkie-Poo was not approved by the American Kennel Club until 1987, where they are called a hybrid instead of a mutt. Before their classification the Yorkie-Poo was simply known as a “pooch”. Yorkie Poo Dog Breed Guidelines Before you take on the responsibility of owning this healthy puppy, make sure you find out all you need to know about your new Yorkie Poo. Visit our link to learn more about getting a Yorkie Poo Puppy.

Description of the Yorkie Poo

The coat is long and fine with black patches around the face. He has long floppy ears and a broad head, which is shorter than the body. A yorkie-poo has a cute little black face with white markings, which look like freckles. This breed has just enough fuzz to keep him warm, but not too much. A yorkie-poo is good on a leash, and smart and obedient. He tends to get very excited when you walk into a room, but he calms down quickly. The yorkie-poo has a smaller back end than the English Pointer, due to the poodle/Yorkshire Terrier mix. Breed Categorizations Yorkie Poodles, whether purebred or crossbreed, are affectionate, playful, mischievous, intelligent and social. Yorkie Poodles are more stubborn than other dogs and do not always listen.

Personality of the Yorkie Poo

The personality of the Yorkie Poo is a blend of yorkie and poodle. This pooch is high energy and does well with adult play, but is not a dog that should be left alone all the time. Yorkie poodles tend to be more protective and slightly more neurotic. Yorkie Poo’s do well with other dogs, but will need to be the top dog in the household. He is the perfect example of a do it yourself dog. No backyard? No problem! Not a good fit for: Young children – You can never underestimate the power of a dog or puppy. Young children will have a blast with the yorkiepoo because he’s playful and playful, but as he grows older, children can be a liability. – You can never underestimate the power of a dog or puppy.

Temperament of the Yorkie Poo

The breed has a balanced personality, with a keen intelligence and sparkling eyes. This hybrid breed has been in constant demand in the US and the UK since 2003, when the first yorkiepoo was bred by Chinese in the United States. The yorkiepoo has an affectionate, friendly, people oriented personality. He will be lovable, good natured, and loving. He’s easy to train, enjoys a good game of fetch, enjoys his chew toys, and is not bothered by strangers. He’ll love to cuddle and play with you. He is also confident and loves to give kisses. All Yorkie Poo owners swear by the fact that their Yorkie Poo can be trained to come when called and walk on a leash and, for an active dog, will not tear up anything in sight.

Health Issues of the Yorkie Poo

Yorkie Poo Most Common Health Issues Most Yorkie Poo health issues are related to excessive barking and a lack of exercise. These problems are common to many small and medium breed dogs, but are exacerbated by having a Yorkie as a parent. Common Yorkie Poo Health Problems Excess Bloat The Yorkie Poo’s enlarged larynx or vocal cords sometimes causes breathing issues. Bloat happens when an animal’s digestive system becomes very stretched, resulting in bloating. It is also possible for too much air to be trapped in the abdomen, resulting in breathing issues. The cause of excessive bloat is unknown and not proven to be directly linked to the use of steroids. A Yorkie is prone to excessive bloating in the spring, especially when the temperature warms.

Grooming Needs of the Yorkie Poo

This is a cute, very active, inquisitive and energetic dog. These dogs are very independent and spirited, like they are always in the action. They tend to eat and drink a lot, and need daily walks. Being very energetic, they can sometimes overdo it and need a few hours of quiet time. The fur needs brushing on a monthly basis, usually by one’s owners. It is important that they are kept well hydrated and should be bathed more regularly than their shaggy counterparts. However, they are probably not so apt to roll in the mud or soil. Grooming has to be done with a good amount of effort. The dog’s fur is very soft and is best kept brushing with a regular brush every couple of days, rinsing and drying every time the fur is brushed.

Training Needs of the Yorkie Poo

The Yorkie Poo has a sensitive temperament and is a strong-willed dog. He doesn’t like to be disciplined or taught. A strong owner who is patient and capable will overcome this, however, the breed will never be obedient unless he’s trained. Because the Yorkie Poo doesn’t have much experience, it can be difficult for him to learn basic obedience like sit, lay down, or stay. By the time he’s able to do these things, he’ll have outgrown the puppy stage and will be ready for a mature canine companion. Yorkie Poo Behavior He enjoys taking advantage of every opportunity that he’s given. He’s a little on the impulsive side and will do anything for attention. Just be careful with him in the house and don’t allow him to jump up on furniture.

Exercise Needs of the Yorkie Poo

Yorkie Poodles are active dogs that thrive on regular exercise. They need regular daily walks and hikes, and need to be kept active at least twice a day. Some people require a little more exercise than others. You can get by with once daily walks, but if you’re a marathon runner or an athlete you may need more frequent exercise. Yorkies are always up for a game of fetch or tug of war. They are also fun to dress up in fun costumes. Dogs for More Size and Volume Dogs with longer faces have a greater variety of life events. It is possible that you can mate a smaller dog, such as a Yorkie, to a medium-sized dog, such as a Labrador, for example, to create a larger version. Dogs of Yorkie Poodles Yorkie poodles vary in size from 6 inches to 12 inches.