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Yorkie Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania: Finding a Healthy, Happy Pup

Yorkie Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania: Finding a Healthy, Happy Pup

The Yorkshire Terrier, affectionately called the Yorkie, is one of the most popular companion dog breeds in the United States.

These small, energetic dogs were originally bred to catch rats in mills in Yorkshire, England.

Today, their compact size, loyalty, and lively personality make them ideal pets for city dwellers and families alike.

For many people interested in adding a Yorkie to their home, purchasing a puppy from a responsible breeder is the preferred route.

Pennsylvania has a number of reputable Yorkie breeders that can help match you with a healthy, well-socialized puppy.

This article provides an in-depth guide to finding, selecting, and preparing for a Yorkie puppy from a Pennsylvania breeder.

Overview of the Yorkshire Terrier Breed

Yorkies typically stand about 8-9 inches tall and weigh 4-7 pounds as adults. They have a long, silky coat that swishes around their compact frame. Yorkies come in a few different colors like black & tan, black & gold, or blue & gold.

These petite pups are known for their spunky, lively temperament. Yorkies are extremely devoted to their families and love being close to their owners. They tend to bond very closely with one person. Yorkies are energetic dogs that enjoy daily walks and playtime. Their small size makes them well-suited for apartment living.

While Yorkies need less exercise than larger breeds, they still require plenty of mental stimulation and interaction with humans. Without proper training and socialization, Yorkies can develop behavioral issues like separation anxiety or excessive barking. With the right care, Yorkies make wonderful companions.

Finding Reputable Yorkie Breeders in Pennsylvania

Finding an ethical, responsible breeder is crucial when bringing home a new Yorkie puppy. Reputable breeders focus on improving the breed by selectively breeding dogs with good temperaments and health. They perform genetic and health testing on breeding dogs and puppies to screen for inherited diseases.

Avoid purchasing Yorkies from pet stores or irresponsible online sellers, as these puppies often come from puppy mills. Puppy mills are commercial breeding facilities that value profits over the wellbeing of dogs. Yorkies from puppy mills are prone to behavioral and health issues.

Here are some recommended Yorkie breeders in Pennsylvania to consider:

Main Line Yorkies (West Chester, PA)

With over 10 years of experience breeding Yorkies, Main Line Yorkies is a trusted Pennsylvania breeder. They breed several litters per year and offer a one-year genetic health guarantee on their puppies. Main Line Yorkies screens all breeding dogs for genetic diseases like portosystemic shunt and retinal dysplasia. Puppies are raised in a clean, enriching environment and handled frequently for proper socialization.

Lancaster Puppies (Reinholds, PA)

Lancaster Puppies works with a network of reputable breeders across Pennsylvania to offer Yorkie puppies for sale. Their breeders are vetted for responsible breeding practices. Yorkie puppies sold through Lancaster Puppies come with a health certificate and health guarantee. They have new litters of Yorkies frequently available.

Cheap Puppies For Sale (Lebanon, PA)

Despite their name, Cheap Puppies for Sale sources Yorkies and other breeds from responsible, quality breeders in Pennsylvania. Their breeders health test parent dogs and raise puppies in a family environment. Cheap Puppies For Sale provides support and education for new Yorkie owners after purchase.

When contacting breeders, ask detailed questions about their breeding practices, health guarantees, and available puppies. Reputable breeders will welcome questions as it shows you’re a serious, informed buyer. Avoid breeders who won’t provide information on lineage, health testing, or breeding facilities.

Yorkie Puppies Currently Available in Pennsylvania

Many breeders in Pennsylvania currently have Yorkie puppies for sale in 2023. Here are some available litters based on searches on and

  • 3 male and 2 female puppies, 8 weeks old, $1500 each, Lancaster County
  • 1 female puppy, 10 weeks old, AKC registered, vet checked, $1200, Harrisburg
  • 2 male puppies, 12 weeks old, home raised, parents 3-4 pounds, $950 each, Bloomsburg
  • 4 female puppies, 6 weeks old, home raised, vaccinated, $1200 each, Butler

Additional sources like also list Yorkie puppies available from individual breeders in Pennsylvania. Prices range from around $800 for puppies without breeding rights to over $2000 for show quality lineage.

Be sure to see the puppy in-person before purchasing if possible. Reputable breeders will welcome pre-arranged visits to meet the puppies and see their facilities. If unable to visit, request recent videos and photos of the actual puppy.

What to Look for in a Yorkie Puppy

When selecting your Yorkie puppy, look for the following positive attributes:


  • Confident, energetic, and social
  • Cuddly and affectionate
  • Not overly shy or aggressive


  • Clean bill of health from veterinarian
  • Up-to-date on vaccinations and deworming
  • Health guarantee from breeder
  • Parents tested for genetic diseases

Physical Attributes

  • Long, silky coat without mats
  • Compact, well-proportioned body
  • Bright, clear eyes
  • Colors like black & tan or blue & gold

A responsible breeder will allow you to interact with puppies and provide detailed health records. Be wary of breeders who won’t let you see the puppy’s parents or living conditions.

Preparing for Your New Yorkie Puppy

Once you’ve found your new furry friend, it’s time to get ready for their arrival at your home! Here are some tips for preparing for your Yorkie puppy:

Puppy-Proof Your Home

Yorkies are curious, energetic puppies that will want to explore their new environment. Remove any small objects or toxic plants they could swallow. Secure loose electrical cords and block access to unsafe areas. Install baby gates at staircases and keep bathroom doors closed.

Gather Supplies

Stock up on puppy food, bowls, collar, leash, toys, bed, crate, potty pads, and grooming supplies. Make sure to get a toothbrush and toothpaste made specifically for dogs.

Find a Veterinarian

Schedule an appointment with a veterinarian for your puppy’s first check-up within a few days of bringing them home. The breeder should provide health records to share with your vet.

Begin Training and Socialization

Enroll in a puppy kindergarten class for basic obedience training and socialization as soon as your puppy has received their vaccinations. Yorkies are smart and can learn quickly with positive reinforcement training.

Make a Lifetime Commitment

Yorkies will live approximately 12-15 years. Be sure your family is ready for a long-term commitment before bringing home your Yorkie puppy. They require consistent care, training, exercise, and companionship over their entire lifespan.

Bringing Home Your Yorkie Puppy

Here’s a quick checklist of supplies and tasks to help your Yorkie puppy feel comfortable those first few days:

  • Set up a small, gated area with food, water, toys, pads, and a crate with comfy blanket
  • Take your puppy outside to potty frequently, praising for going in correct spot
  • Introduce your puppy slowly to other family pets and children
  • Stick to a feeding schedule 3-4 times per day with high-quality puppy food
  • Shower your puppy with affection! Yorkies love attention and being close to their people

With time, patience, and positive reinforcement your new Yorkie will settle into their forever home. These lively, affectionate pups make wonderful companions when acquired from responsible breeders. Do your research and you’ll be rewarded with a healthy, well-adjusted Yorkie puppy that brings years of joy.


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