California’s Top 5 Yorkie Shelters and Rescues (2023)

If you’re a dog lover, then you know there’s nothing quite like rescuing a furry friend in need. And luckily, California is home to some great Yorkie rescue organizations and shelters. Here are five of the best Yorkie rescues and shelters in California.

If you love to have a dog, then you would not find a better breed than the Yorkie. The Yorkie or Yorkshire Terrier is a compact toy-size dog breed of no more than seven pounds. This breed has a fantastic personality. Its crowning glory is the silky coat and outgoing personality.

The Yorkie is a brave, bossy, and affectionate breed with the true traits of a terrier. Adopting the Yorkie from a Yorkie rescue will be an excellent decision. If you are searching for the best Yorkie rescues in California, you will find them here.

Yorkie for Rescue in California, Yorkie for Rescue Near Me

Yorkie Rescues near Me in California

Here I have listed the best 5 Yorkie rescues in California. They not only rescue the Yorkie but also take care of them, keep them safe, feed them well and maintain their health until they find a new home for them. The dogs at these Yorkie rescues are friendly and trained. By adopting a dog from these rescues, you not only give the dog a second chance but also find a healthy and well-trained Yorkie.

Yorkies to Rescue Near Me, Yorkies to Rescue in CA

Wren Yorkie Rescue

Wren Yorkie Rescue is a nonprofit animal rescue group officially recognized as 501 (c) (3). The animal rescue group is Oakland based small family in California. Mrs. Wren is the founder of this rescue group. She worked for more than four decades as a dog/cat groomer. She remained involved with animal rescue for many years.

Rescued Yorkie are rescued and given medical treatment, food, rehabilitation services, and rehoming facilities for Yorkie terriers. Wren Yorkie Rescue was established in 1995 and working on a NO-KILL rescue policy.

In addition to providing rescued dogs food and care, the organization also finds a caring and loving home for their Yorkies. You do not need to follow the complex process while adopting the Yorkie. They offer an online application form facility; fill out the Form and meet them in their office. Choose your favorite Yorkie and take it to your home.

Wren Yorkie Rescue Details

Website: Wren Yorkie Rescue

Address/Location: 4400 Keller Ave, #339 Oakland, CA 94605

Phone: (510) 531-5309

Email Address:

Yorkie Rescues in Southern California, Yorkies to Rescue in Southern CA

Vanderpump Dogs

The next best Yorkie rescue we have chosen is the Vanderpump Dogs. It is a certified nonprofit foundation that provides dog and cat rescue services. It is one of the great foundations that operate nationally and internationally. The purpose is to rescue and create a better world for the dogs.

Lisa Venderpump & Ken Todd are the founders of this foundation. The foundation was started in Yulin, China, to stop the barbaric torture practices and the dog meat trade around the Asian region.

John Sessa also joined them to stop Yulin, and they launched a campaign against Yulin. Finally, the movement succeeded, and the dog meat festival not only stops in Yulin but also all around the world.

Dogs are rescued and trained at Vanderpump Dog. This organization also provides rehabilitation services for dogs that are medically neglected. They not only provide medical treatment but also offer them a caring shelter until they find a perfect home for the Yorkie.

Vanderpump Dogs Details

Website: Vanderpump Dog

Address/Location: 8134 WEST THIRD STREET LOS ANGELES, CA 90048


Yorkie Rescues in Orange County, Yorkies to Adopt in Orange County

Animal Friends of the Valley

Animal Friends of the Valley is also one of the best Yorkie rescue firms where you can adopt your companion. The foundation is committed to finding a loving home forever for the dogs.

The foundation is a registered rescue organization for dogs and other pets. Animal friends of the valley are running proactive animal services with a dedication to educating people about the human care of animals.

This organization not only protects the Dogs from suffering but also helps the community to protect against the overpopulation of homeless dogs on the street. You can find your favorite Yorkie by filling out the online application form.

You can also consider their services for training your Yorkie after adaptation. Every dog at Animal Friends of the Valley is well-groomed, safe, neat, and healthy. They also run a program to encourage people to adopt homeless dogs and give them a second chance in a safe shelter.

Animal Friends of the Family Details

Website – Animal Friends of the Family

Address: 33751 Mission Trail Wildomar, CA 92595

Phone: 951-674-0618

Yorkies for Adoption in Los Angeles, Yorkies to Adopt in Los Angeles California

Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center

Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center is a famous animal care foundation working in California to save homeless dogs. They have all breeds of dogs that are ensured to be healthy, clean, and trained. You can adopt Yorkie from Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center as your pet.

The organization is a nonprofit foundation that rescues dogs and accepts dogs from Yorkie owners. Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center offers versatile services such as providing shelter to lost, abandoned, and rejected dogs and pet licensing.

Pet Wellness services include Microchips, vaccination of the surrendering pet, and spaying and neutering. The organization ensures you get a healthy, friendly, and happy Yorkie.

You can also get pet training services for your adopted dogs to make Yorkie friendly and safe for your kids. If you are uncomfortable with the adopted Yorkie, you can surrender it or replace it with another dog.

Deatila Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center

Website: Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center

Address: 11780 Arrow Route, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Phone Number: (909) 466-7387

Email Address:

Yorkie Rescues Near Me, Teacup Yorkie Rescues Near Me

Live Love Animal Rescue

Live Love Animal Rescue is our last choice for you to adopt the Yorkie in California. They have the mission to save and provide shelter to homeless dogs. Dogs are rescued and accepted in all situations. They accept sick dogs and provide them best medical care. Owners who want to surrender their Yorkie are also entertained for free.

They ensure each dog at their center is properly healed and provide a safe shelter with enough food and care. Different rehabilitation and training programs are also offered to make Yorkie and other dogs friendly and safe.

Every dog deals with great care until it finds a permanent loving home for them. Owners with ill dogs can surrender their dogs to the Live Love Animal Rescue center for free medical services. When you recover, you can take back your dog to home.

Before transferring Yorkie’s ownership, they ensure the dog is spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and trained. The organization is working dedicatedly in collaboration with other local rescues.

Live Love Animal Rescue Details

Website: Live Love Animal Rescue

Facebook Page: Facebook Page

Instagram Page: Instagram Page

Yorkie for Adoption Near Me

Final Thoughts for “5 Best Yorkie Rescues in California”

The dog is one of the most loving pets. Among the dog breeds, Yorkie is a beautiful and friendly breed. Having a Yorkie at home will provide you with a lot of fun and friendly pet. But it is better to adopt a pet from the Rescues center because they are trained, vaccinated, and safe.

Yorkies at Rescues are homeless and looking for a permanent home. Adopting a dog from the best Yorkie Rescue center saves you the stress of training the Yorkie. The dog will find a loving home, and you will find a faithful friend for your family. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article about The Five Best Yorkie Rescues and Shelters in California. Best of luck in your search for a new pet!

Yorkshire for Adoption Near Me

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